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Ramp up recurring revenue with Shopify Subscriptions

Let customers subscribe to your products.

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A miniature shopping cart filled with a recurring coffee bean subscription, sits prominently in front of a calendar and vivid collage background.

As a business owner, you’re always looking for new ways to turn one-time shoppers into repeat customers.

Why not let shoppers sign up to buy things on an ongoing basis? Not only do you get a boost in reliable revenue, but customers can rest easy knowing they'll never run out of the products they love.

Shopify Subscriptions is great for: businesses with simple subscription needs who are wanting to sell products on a recurring basis (think coffee beans or cleaning products).

Stylized interface selecting the frequency and percentage off of a subscription plan.
Simple setup

Only want to offer subscriptions on certain products? Decide exactly which products customers can subscribe to as you set up your subscription plan in your Shopify admin.

Interface where a customer can choose between a one-time purchase or a discounted price if they subscribe.
The choice is theirs

Let customers decide if it's a one-time purchase or a repeat buy. You can even offer discounts for subscriptions and let them choose their ideal delivery frequency.

Four calendar icons each depicting a skip, cancel, edit action, finishing in a successful weekly subscription.
Make it manageable

Give customers the flexibility to skip, pause, or cancel their subscription orders. They can also update their payment and shipping details—all within their account.

Good to know

Subscriptions can contribute up to 56% more revenue per customer.


Get reliable revenue with a subscription box business

Shopify Subscriptions

Rinse and repeat.

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