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Price: Free – $99.00 / month More info
  • Stormize is not "a dashboard" solution, it's designed as a marketing weapon.
  • Helps you priorize actions for your shop.
  • No code, no Google analytics, business focused only.

  • Stormize is not another «analytics dashboard» solution, it has been designed as a marketing assistant.

  • We started from scratch to engineer what we think is the simplest, most efficient E-commerce marketing tool. Lightning fast understanding and decision making is our obsession

  • It is not a Google Analytics-based solution: Stormize custom technology is focused on business growth from single products, precise insights, through crucial social media and ad campaigns statistics.

We did Stormize because reporting became boring.

Boring because metrics are presented in a passive, static, single way fashion.
Isolated from any context, they do not tell the real story.
Your metrics are interrelated …We display them that way and they just tell you more.

We did stormize because metrics alone are wrong.

Truth doesn't lie in isolated facts.
Data must be appreciated in its global environment.
Stormize confronts and compare your stats in an unprecedented dynamical way.

We did stormize because metrics are hard to read

Yes, they are!
The more powerful the solution, the more you need a readable picture.
We engineered Stormize because there's a craving for tools helping to summarize and prioritize action.

We worked to make metrics assessment smart and elegant.
You will be assisted with hints, tips, warnings about your stats, site performances, social media telltales.

Stormize is focused on real-life, key elements of E-commerce optimisation only.

  1. Installation is all automated and quick as two mouse clicks.

  2. You won' t see a single line of code, nor will you need google analytics.

  3. Your data stays -your- property, it is not feeding far-away monsters and stays inaccessible.

Stormize not only measures, it gives.

Truth is largely an intricated affair, and stats are no exception, so we made tools to confront them all.

Actively manipulate data, squeeze the juice.

We provide you with ecommerce oriented key metrics:
site performance flows, SEO, SEA, acquisition stakeout, mailing, ROI, social networks feedbacks, organic referral, sources, devices, stats ranking, kinks finder.
They all compare and show, dynamically.

Customized reports, endless business echoes

Doubt the hype ?
Get a 360 tour and make your own opinion.
Stormize is free and full-featured for your first 10,000 visitors per month.

give us your feedback, we are customer and service minded, quick at getting back and have a hunger for making our tool better and better.

Stormize, efforts to takes reporting from flat to fat.

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Free – $99.00 / month

All features are included in the Free plan and cover up to 10 000 visitor per month.
If you have more that 10 000 visitors per month you may want to upgrade to the Premium plan.
Support per e-mail is included in both plans.


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