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1. Juli 2021

Great app from a functionality standpoint. Just the support experience is something that I've never experienced in other apps. They will ask for your money for any type of small customization. My other third-party app is willing to reach out to this app's dev and trying to solving issues, while Globo's support refuses to help unless we pay them. This is insane. I am already on their pro plan and this is the how their support treats their customers.

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29. Februar 2020

I removed the app but the add to cart button was broken. I was only removing it to test out what it's like to use the site without a sticky add to cart but my product page HTML was broken after I uninstalled the code.

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30. Januar 2020

This app is really bad and doesn't let you edit anything, just go paid at this point its really useless.

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16. Januar 2020

Disappointed & Angry! The app ruined my store by deleting some of the pages from the site. While the standard response would be that the app does not use pages, but I'm not the first one to get this issue. Check other reviews.

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Globo hat geantwortet 16. Januar 2020

We are here to help you if there is any issue. Please, I just need a message form you for the issue so I can help you to fix it.

10. November 2019

Keep away from this App!!! It automatically deleted my Terms & Conditions page. I never write reviews but this is unacceptable. Would have given 0 stars if possible

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Globo hat geantwortet 13. November 2019

Hi there,

The app doesn't manage your page. We don't create/update/delete any page on your store. Please check your shop activity log.
I think you was wrong with other app.

By the way, we have tried to reach you on email, but don't hear from you.


18. September 2019

The "BUY NOW" button doesnt even works!! Urgghh! Please fix it =(( ................................................

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28. Juli 2019

Instale la aplicación para probarla, no me agradó, la eliminé de mi tienda y me sigue apareciendo, no me gusta y no tengo ninguna otra aplicación instalada en mi tienda, sin embargo me sigue apareciendo, espero me ayuden a solucionar el problema, gracias

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Globo hat geantwortet 28. Juli 2019

Hi There,

I'm sorry for your problem. We are working on next update for fixing the bugs. By the time, please give me admin access to email So we can help you to fix the problem. We need access to Apps, Themes.


16. Juli 2019

I downloaded this app for a minute and quickly attempted to uninstall because it doesn't show product variants on mobile. After removing it from my store the sticky cart still shows up on my product page and is in full effect. I have no idea how to get this off and it's probably slowing down my page loading times.

So please help me actually remove the app from my store and I'll update this review.


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Globo hat geantwortet 17. Juli 2019

Hi there,

I'm sorry for your experience.
We don't have large space on mobile. So after your customer click to "Buy Now", the variants will be appeared.
To fully uninstall, Please give me admin access to
or do following the document:

11. Juli 2019

Do not use this, you cannot delete it from your site and your checkout is looking like crap with thas app.

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Globo hat geantwortet 16. Juli 2019

Hi There,

I'm sorry for your experience. Could you please give me more information about the problem. We didn't get the similar report from other users.
If it is a bug, we will fix it immediately.


20. Juni 2019

Même désinstallé les module de l'app restes. Je ne trouve même pas ce fameux code dans mon thème, une perte d'argent de mon côté.

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