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1. November 2023

It is fabulous to use this application. I was facing some issue in displaying sticky add to cart and they fixed it within 48 hours, the response time was also good.

Quick Fit
4 tage mit der App
26. September 2019

App muito bom, ainda estou fazendo mais testes, mas ainda deixa a desejar na dinâmica das funções.
5 monate mit der App
6. Februar 2019

Love the concept and can see the benefits to other sites. Didn’t like it that it covered the navigation button on a mobile.

4 monate mit der App
27. August 2019

App ótimo, aumenta bastante as conversões e facilita pro cliente ir para o checkout. Recomendo!!! :D

Emperor Store
4 monate mit der App
Globo hat geantwortet 27. August 2019

Obrigado pela sua análise! Felicidades por mais vendas;) Emma

29. September 2019


Loja Dantas
Etwa 2 monate mit der App
2. Juli 2019

I still didn't use it I just got too many requests of adding a review, so I'm adding it right now ..

The Elegance of nature
Etwa ein monat mit der App
27. Juni 2019

Hasta ahora la app esta funcionando bien. No tengo ninguna queja. Buen trabajo al equipo que desarrollo esta gran app.

yhuna shop
Dominikanische Republik
19 tage mit der App
7. März 2019

es muy buena pero no alcanza a ser excelente, debería tener opciones para páginas en español, de todas maneras está muy bien.

Tienda Divina Mujer
16 tage mit der App
Globo hat geantwortet 7. März 2019

thank for your review. I know now the app isn't perfect. But we are going to release version 2.0. It will be MUCH BETTER with more features. I'm sorry because we don't speak Spanish. We can't support the language. Hope you enjoy with the app.

2. April 2019

The app is good, and it's free. If there is an option to show the sticky bar only after customers scroll pass the normal add to cart button, it would be great.

Pet Trend
8 tage mit der App
Bearbeitet am 4. Januar 2019

This app is great, but the biggest downfall to it is if your website is orange-color based the discounted price looks very in-congruent and there is no option to change the color so I'm going to have to find another app. Thank you none the less.

Hidden Gadget
Vereinigte Staaten
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