Streetify Address Verification

Streetify Address Verification

by Shopinet

Verify shipping addresses. On-time delivery. Happy customers.

3.6 of 5 stars(13 reviews)

Save time

Order fulfillment. No more manual address reviews. Shipping: Ship once, not twice. Customer support: Reduce time spent on delivery issues

Increase customer satisfaction

Auto-complete, making check-out quicker. Customizable address error messages. Faster delivery with accurate, postal-formatted address.

Save money

Eliminating double-shipping expenses. Setting local shipping zones by zip code. Assigning orders residential & commercial shipping rates.

About Streetify Address Verification


Shipping address errors cost ecommerce businesses a significant amount of time and money.

Incorrect information or non-standard address formatting can result in undeliverable-as-addresses (UAA) packages that are either returned to merchants, delayed in reaching customers or lost in transit. All of which results in double shipping costs on returned packages and valuable time lost.

Check out our FAQs for cost estimates from DHL, UPS and USPS and other information. Then, we’d love to know: can you afford not to GET STEETIFY?

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Postal data from 240+ countries

With majority of validations for shipments to Australia, Canada, Germany, South Africa, U.K., and U.S.

Verify automatically or manually

Verify for accuracy and correct postal formatting, before and after orders are submitted. Validation is compatible with Shopify point of sale (POS) as well as manually entered draft or phone orders.

Postal format

Auto-format and auto-correct addresses to postal standard, before or after order submission. For certain countries, re-format address field placement at checkout, postal code first, with option to autocomplete region by postal code.



Convert more customers by making check-out easier. Reduce keystrokes and typing effort with geo-coding-based address autocomplete.

Customize pop-ups and emails

Notify customers during and/or after check-out if there are errors, missing information or formatting issues. Mobile-friendly interface for online shoppers.

Automated emails

Request customers update address information on potentially undeliverable orders.


Translate pop-up messages and emails into any language. Verify customers' addresses in Latin and non-Latin characters. Customize which Latin characters are accepted.


Tag orders

View verification results and address types on each order and on verification dashboard. Tags include high-rise, military base, P.O. box, etc.

Control costs

Residential and commercial tags classify addresses help reduce shipping rates with accurate labels.

Hold orders

Receive email notifications about orders with unverified addresses. Use Shopify workflow to hold orders until addresses are updated and verified.


Local delivery zones

Allow or restrict delivery to specified post codes.

P.O. boxes

Prohibit delivery, if not compatible with your store's shipping policy.

Postal format

Ensure on-time and accurate delivery by using postal service standards, such as ZIP+4 in the U.S.


In return, you'll gain revenue, loyal customers, free time and peace of mind.

Integrates with

  • Shopify Plus,
  • Shopify POS,
  • USPS,
  • Canada Post,
  • Royal Mail,
  • Australia Post

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Free to install

$0.03 per address lookup (USPS and global) after 7 day trial

Overall rating
3.6 of 5 stars
Based on 13 reviews

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Most recent reviews

Joya Shop USA

I have contacted you many times, there is an issue with the app, but you do not answer. Could yo please contact us?

Siete Foods Wholesale

Can't install the code using the instructions provided and all attempts to reach customer service have gone unresponded to.


Simply the worst support I've encountered (i.e there is none!) Had installation issues and despite several requests for help/support got none. Uninstalled.