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Streetify Address Verification

Streetify Address Verification

Developed by Shopinet

7 reviews
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  • Manage order fulfillment and shipping error risks, increasing customer satisfaction, net revenue and productivity.
  • Save on shipping costs: ship once not twice, and apply the right shipping rates for address type.
  • Spend less time handling customers order issues and delayed, returned or lost packages.


Can your e-commerce store afford not to get Streetify?


Postal data from 240+ countries

With majority of validations for shipments to Australia, Canada, Germany, South Africa, U.K., and U.S.

Verify automatically or manually

Verify for accuracy and correct postal formatting, before and after orders are submitted. Validation is compatible with Shopify point of sale (POS) as well as manually entered draft or phone orders.

Postal format

Auto-format and auto-correct addresses to postal standard, before or after order submission. For certain countries, re-format address field placement at checkout, postal code first, with option to autocomplete region by postal code.



Convert more customers by making check-out easier. Reduce keystrokes and typing effort with geo-coding-based address autocomplete.

Customize pop-ups and emails

Notify customers during and/or after check-out if there are errors, missing information or formatting issues. Mobile-friendly interface for online shoppers.

Automated emails

Request customers update address information on potentially undeliverable orders.


Translate pop-up messages and emails into any language. Verify customers' addresses in Latin and non-Latin characters. Customize which Latin characters are accepted.


Tag orders

View verification results and address types on each order and on verification dashboard. Tags include high-rise, military base, P.O. box, etc.

Control costs

Residential and commercial tags classify addresses help reduce shipping rates with accurate labels.

Hold orders

Receive email notifications about orders with unverified addresses. Use Shopify workflow to hold orders until addresses are updated and verified.


Local delivery zone

Allow or restrict delivery to specified post codes.

P.O. boxes

Prohibit delivery, if not compatible with your store's shipping policy.

Postal format

Ensure on-time and accurate delivery by using postal service standards, such as ZIP+4 in the U.S.

★★★★★ Reviews of Streetify's beta version: SmartStreet

Blueturquoise posted on Dec 24, 2017

Streetsmart is a very good app for all the new startups to verify the shipping addresses of the customers before processing the orders. It serves the purpose of confirmation of address of the customers to make it doubly sure the product doesn't return back due to address problems. Hence I recommend this app to all startups. Good Day!


Acawso posted on Nov 8, 2017

This does exactly what need!!! This fixes most addresses with the user during checkout. Updates them to the post office standards. And flags addresses that are suspect for us to follow up on.

It even does auto suggest for users during checkout. Amazing user experience.


Artistically Invited posted on May 28, 2017

I really like this app. The predictive address feature is so professional looking. The address verification is a must have. No more Google research when you know an address the customer provided is wrong. This really helps. I highly recommend this app for shops that want to look more professional. Thank you so much!!


Eastern Space posted on May 24, 2017

Validate addresses and stay on a budget! Very affordable address validation too (lowest I could find and frankly, so cheap it might as well be free) and it has already saved money by catching bad addresses/mistakes/typos from customers.

To battle shipping errors and lost packages, this app is a MUST HAVE if you ship volume. Keep up the great work-


Organic Excellence posted on Feb 15, 2017

OMG We LOVE this app! It saves us a lot of time. In the past we would manually verify addresses at the USPS website to avoid an incorrect shipment, now it is done for us automatically! Saves a lot of time and error. It is very good at adding the extra 4 digit zips, standardizing format (ie. Lane to Ln, Road to Rd, etc.) and if the address is not found - then it will display an message and send an email to let us know! Then we can contact the customer for address verification. Best of all it is seemless in the eyes of the customer, it all happens on our end not theirs so there is nothing they have to click or choose or review - it just happens. Thank you SmartStreet!!! Oh yeah - I would also mention, we have a LOT of apps, some of them very complex in Liquid Coding changes and I am VERY hesitant to download anything for a fear of it not working with other coding that we have (as the last thing I would want is for coding to be messed up!) We have not had any issues with this app interfering with any other coding. A++++++


In return, you'll gain revenue, loyal customers, free time and peace of mind.

Streetify Address Verification reviews

7 reviews
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The support to install it was very good
Seems to work so far.


This is the only addy verifiy app you need. I have tested them all! Trust me and this is the only one that actually verifies if USPS delivers. If you don't believe be check this test address that I know USPS does not deliver to: 1535 Pine Ave
Tahoe City, CA, 96145. if you have the draft orders checked on you won't get fake/test checkout info for your precious mailing lists.
I have one suggestion for them to allow the blocking of the most high risk frieght forwarders 97230,92683,10469,11212,33198,33178,33166,33195,33122,33126
You can do this yourself by putting those zips in box "Restricted delivery areas" and adding We do not ship to freight forwarders in box "Pop-up message". we have lost thousands due to fraud scammers in Miami on our Home & Garden website https://wroughtironhaven.com but no more!!


Very useful app. And Michael was very professional


I am sure it is a great app for people that are allowed to use it. If you do not have Shopify Plus, you can not use this app. They should really put this in their description before you choose to install and waste your time setting it up. I sent a message to their support if there was anywhere else I could put their code, since I do not have a checkout.liquid and received no response.


Very useful for us! We like that it notifies the customer right away if the address cannot be verified so we can make any changes to their address before the items ship.


This app has helped us reduce our shipping costs by eliminating user error and subsequent returns


I'm Thuong, an online store owner, a web developer and the creator of Streetify. I developed Streetify to solve costly problems I had with returned shipments and unhappy customers. Too many times to count, I've had to pay twice to ship the same order. And needless to say, customers are never happy about delays.

In 2017, I launched an earlier version of Streetify on Shopify, called SmartStreet. With customer feedback and requests, I developed Streetify, an improved and more flexible version.

Streetify works for me, and I'm glad to be able to share it with other ecomerce entrepreneurs.

Hope your business benefits from Streetify as much as mine has. Reviews and requests for new features are always welcomed!

From $0.00 / month

US$0.03 per address lookup, USPS or international postal service

Install without any contract or commitment. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

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