Streetify Address Verification

Streetify Address Verification

by Shopinet

Verify shipping addresses. On-time delivery. Happy customers.

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8 reviews

That's Trend'e

Great App to have added to my Store and support was awesome in helping me with getting it set up. Thanks you for such a great App!


Very useful for my Website and the support is very helpful if there are problems. I can easily restrict the list of pincode/postal code for delivery options.


The support to install it was very good
Seems to work so far.

Wrought Iron Haven

This is the only addy verifiy app you need. I have tested them all! Trust me and this is the only one that actually verifies if USPS delivers. If you don't believe be check this test address that I know USPS does not deliver to: 1535 Pine Ave
Tahoe City, CA, 96145. if you have the draft orders checked on you won't get fake/test checkout info for your precious mailing lists.
I have one suggestion for them to allow the blocking of the most high risk frieght forwarders 97230,92683,10469,11212,33198,33178,33166,33195,33122,33126
You can do this yourself by putting those zips in box "Restricted delivery areas" and adding We do not ship to freight forwarders in box "Pop-up message". we have lost thousands due to fraud scammers in Miami on our Home & Garden website but no more!!

Elegance Link

Very useful app. And Michael was very professional

Harlow Grey

Very useful for us! We like that it notifies the customer right away if the address cannot be verified so we can make any changes to their address before the items ship.


This app has helped us reduce our shipping costs by eliminating user error and subsequent returns

Usb Holic

I'm Thuong, an online store owner, a web developer and the creator of Streetify. I developed Streetify to solve costly problems I had with returned shipments and unhappy customers. Too many times to count, I've had to pay twice to ship the same order. And needless to say, customers are never happy about delays.

In 2017, I launched an earlier version of Streetify on Shopify, called SmartStreet. With customer feedback and requests, I developed Streetify, an improved and more flexible version.

Streetify works for me, and I'm glad to be able to share it with other ecomerce entrepreneurs.

Hope your business benefits from Streetify as much as mine has. Reviews and requests for new features are always welcomed!