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Student Discount

Student Discount

Developed by ID Services

11 reviews
Price: $19.99 – $49.99 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Go viral with 23 million active buyers
  • 100% instant verification (US + UK only)
  • Protect your offer with unique discount codes

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Why offer a student discount?

Companies like Apple, Amazon Prime, Verizon and Sam's Club offer student discounts because it helps the community—but it also helps the pocketbook. Students account for more online spending than previous generations combined.

  • 23 million students account for $417B/year in online sales

  • 55% of students say a discount should be posted prominently on a website

How does it work?

For the customer:

  • Integrated website popup verifies status

  • Receives discount code they can use in your store

For the shop owner:

  • Install the app

  • Copy & paste some HTML to your theme

Works great with our other discount apps

Student Discount reviews

11 reviews
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We're very pleased with the app and with the support we've received upon having questions. Unlike the reviewer below we did not find the pricing confusing (it's stated in the "pricing" section above). It's crucial to connect with your audience, and this app helps us do exactly that.


Pricing structure is very vague - it's based on volume but no information is included as to the pricing for each tier. I emailed the company to understand what my monthly payment would be and they replied back that if I needed to ask, then I couldn't afford it. Not only did they choose to insult a potential customer, but the fact that they would not disclose their pricing structure is very questionable.


I like how the app just makes them verify one time and then don't need to do it again, makes it easy for repeat customers! It didn't used to be that way but we've seen this app come a long way since we started using it. We are in the apparel space and find many of our customers to be Students.


We used the Military discount app for a long time and were very pleased with the results. We decided to also try the Student app and the burst of sales we had right after announcing it make this app well worth it.


Makes giving a discount to students very easy. My only request would be that it would allow for giving discounts to U.K. uni's too, but most of our customers are in the U.S. so it's still been great for us.


Very easy to install! And looks clean.


I had a few questions on the service. The response was really quick (like 10 minutes), and the HTML was very straightforward so I did not need help adding all three discounts to my store, thought they offered in their first reply. I have already seen sales come through using the discount codes.


I know the financial struggles of post-education, and I'm happy to provide a discount to those currently enrolled. I never knew there were so many students, which is great for repeat business.


We use all 3 apps and couldn't be happier with them and what it's done for our CR. There's a reason "big" companies do this and it's because it works! Plus, I feel good about giving a discount to people who protect us, as well as students trying to better their lives.

Installation is easy if you know HTML. If you don't know HTML (I'm a beginner) they'll give you a hand getting setup. You can tell these guys know the business inside/out and my experience has been no different. Thanks for the help and the boost in customer loyalty - it's a major marketing tool.


Amazing customer service! We plan to add this to 2 stores and the staff at ID Services is incredibly helpful and friendly. We needed some help with the HTML during installation and they did it for us, free of charge!

$19.99 – $49.99 / month

Pricing is based on your Shopify plan and includes unlimited usage.
Shopify: $19.99
Shopify Plus: $49.99

7 days

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