Easy Student Discounts

Easy Student Discounts

door Full Fat Commerce

Quickly and easily verify students from 204 countries

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Encourage student conversion with custom discount codes.


All verification is safe, secure, and reliable.


Student email verification allows for quick and intuitive discount generation.

Over Easy Student Discounts

Student Discounts makes it easy for students and store owners alike to enjoy the benefits of student discounts - now serving students in 204 countries!

How It Works

Student Discounts allows students from 204 countries to verify their student status quickly and easily using one-step email verification for instant discounts.

Students will land on the student discount page or see it via a homepage content block. Clicking the “Get Discount” button enables a popup for verifying student status.

Students choose their entry and enter their valid university email address. The student receives an email with a link back to your website where they receive their single-use discount code which they can either copy manually, or click a link to apply automatically to their purchase.

Store owners can utilise the app’s admin panel for changing settings such as discount limits, page displays, and any related content.

Store owners can also view statistics about the number of discounts generated, number of orders made using student discount codes, and revenue from these sales alone.

Key Features

  • Easy to install and compatible with any theme, automatically matching your font and button styles.
  • Decide you don’t like it? No worries; uninstallation is easy as well, with no need to clean up your theme manually.
  • The Easy Student Discounts app comes with highly customisable features at every level, from display to discount settings.


  • Choose which countries you allow student discounts from
  • Discount Settings: minimum price, minimum quantity, discount type (percentage/fixed price), value (percentage/amount), expiration timeframe, code limits, code prefix, and verification status expiry
  • Page Settings: layout, title, content, button, and image
  • Success Page Settings: icon, title, and content
  • Error Page Settings: icon, title, content, and retry button

Countries Available

  • UK
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Turkey
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Greece
  • Netherlands
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Iceland
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Mexico
  • and 185 more

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Meest recente recensies

The Ragged Priest

This app is amazing - we currently only use this for Student Discounts which are only available in the UK for now however with other countries being added in the coming weeks I could not be happier. The pricing structure is reasonable and it eliminates the need to contact big agencies for huge sums of money that do the same thing. The team are very supportive and I receive regular email updates telling me about new things being introduced. I can definitely say this is one of the best apps I've downloaded for a very long time. 5 Stars.