Styla CMS

Styla CMS

開發者:Space 48

The suite to create pages and embed shoppable content

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Add shoppable content to pages

The easiest way to equip your store with rich and conversion driving content

Create great content quickly

No Code empowerment of your marketing team, without needing to code a single line.

Drag & drop no code editor

Unique shoppable magazine looks for inspirational content journeys

有關 Styla CMS

Styla is the only German add-on page builder technology and therefore GDPR compliant, German speaking and as close as possible to any European business.

With the STYLA frontend focused CMS, marketers can create and update various types of pages such as the homepage, landing-, campaign- and brand-pages or just shoppable inspirational sections. Internal teams can also enrich existing product detail- or category-overview pages with a few clicks and without touching a line of code, just by themselves.

STYLA's CMS capabilities and drag and drop architecture allow brands to realise projects faster - that results in fast content production and a general agile approach to ecommerce.

Achieve more in less time Deliver conversion-driven and SEO-focused iconic experiences that blend content and commerce seamlessly.

No hassle & no code Regain control of your content and build personalised, branded experiences in minutes with our drag-and-drop editor.



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1.0 5 顆星


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TesisPRO - por Víctor Mosqueda

La app directamente no hace nada. Te pide autorizar el manejo de la página home desde la app, y al hacerlo borra toda tu edición previa de dicha página, sin ofrecer opción para editarla desde su app. Además, no tienen atención al cliente, ni una sección de FAQ o un tutorial. En esencia es una app que no hace nada.