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Style Matcher

Style Matcher

Developed by StyleScript

Price: From $39.00 / month More info
  • Helps your customers to find and buy what they are really looking for by offering them a personal style filter. Increasing conversion up to 2%
  • Gives you personal consumer insight, recognition and prediction.
  • Besides a personal style filter for your customers, they will be immediately rewarded with a high end personal style profile, that you can review and analyse within your dashboard.

Style Matcher reinvents the personal shopping experience by offering your customers the personal style filter.

With the Style Matcher API, we help to solve the paradox of choice for your customers. For customers it is difficult to find what they are really looking for. With this API, we help your customers to discover products and brands that are relevant to them, by offering them a personal style filter.

How it works

  1. Your customers start with the Style Survey, customized with your logo, where we are asking them to show us what they like and who they are, based on their style preferences, values and characters.

  2. In the meantime, we will analyse, translate en enrich your products (via product feed) with high level attributes that can be matched with the customer data input.

  3. When your customers finish the Style Survey they will immediate receive a high level personal style report and can click on the personal collection button, to see their matching products (curated content)on your platform.

  4. The matching algorithm only sends back matching items, but the customer can decide for themself whether to see the whole collection or only the curated collection based on their style preferences.

  5. Besides the possibility of offering your customers a personal style filter, which helps them in the buying proces, you will also have enriched customer insights and emailadresses, that will help you in your further customer engagement proces.

Dashboard Customer Insights

Via your Shopify account you will always have access to a dashboard with enriched customers insights, the number of Style Surveys taken via your platform, the style, value and character preferences of your customers and an email adress. An enriched visual and textual description of your customers in general is available via the dashboard.

Ideas for Using

Acquiring valuable customer insights is just the first step in your customer engagement proces. For further specific client information or advise how to use this knowledge for better customer engagement please contact us at support@stylescript.com and we are happy to help you along.

Some Ideas for Using:

  1. Content Matching by adapting your navigation to the client proces.

  2. Questionnaire can be used as a first step in the "Curated Shopping".

  3. Buying tool, what do my customers really want to see in my shop?

  4. Personalised approach and communication per target group.

  5. Personalised content for Newsletters
  6. Conditions/Restrictions

    Only interesting for webshops with more than 250-300 products available in the shop.
    Products specially interesting in Fashion & Lifestyle categories, or products that can be defined in a certain style.

    Monthly fee of 39$, with a maximum of 500 tagged items per year. Additional tagging of items can be done upon request.

    Important Notes

    Our StyleScript Matcher is specifically interesting for webshop/websites operating in Fashion & Lifestyle. Besides getting better customer insights,it can also help you in a buying proces, because you know who your customers are, and what they like.

    Please contact us for customization of the style survey.

    Own MyStyle.StyleScript.com Account

    Besides a direct personal report, your customers get a free personal account on mystyle.stylescript.com. where they can always retrieve their results.

    Additional Features

    Style Script also offers the Style Survey API seperately, without the matching part, this Style Survey API can also be found within the Shopify App store. You will not get the personal filter with matching items, but the Style Survey, and dashboard are the same.

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From $39.00 / month

Price from $39 per month, for a maximum of 500 product upload per year.
More product tagging available upon request.

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