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  • Improve customer confidence with size, fit, and style guidance
  • Increase sales and decrease returns
  • Grow your customer base by enabling your customers to shop for their friends

StyleKey brings the experience of personal shopping to your clothes store.

StyleKey lets your customers take the guesswork out of clothes shopping by providing them with fit information and giving them access to instant feedback and advice from their friends on items they want to purchase.

Shoppers will be able to sign into the app that sits on your storefront and it will then serve as their personal shopping assistant. StyleKey guides your customers through your inventory, identifying the items most suited to their profile, and lets them know how they will fit so that they can shop with confidence.

Make shopping social again

The app serves as a portal to your customers’ personal network so that they may reach out to friends for feedback on potential purchases. The confidence they receive when shopping also extends to when they shop for their friends because StyleKey provides your customers with fit tips tailored to whomever they choose to shop for.

Everyone wins

    Increase customers’ confidence in their apparel purchases through:
  1. Fit and style guidance when shopping for themselves and their friends

  2. The ability to ask their friends for feedback on items before buying

    Installing StyleKey doesn’t just help the customer; you’ll benefit from:
  1. Improved conversion rates and increased sales

  2. Decreased cart abandonment

  3. Reduced returns
  4. How it works

    When you install StyleKey, a new dashboard will appear in your store’s admin and a widget will be placed on your storefront. The dashboard is where you provide a little more information about your products. Some information is necessary (item gender and category) and some is optional (measurements), but by providing that extra information, you can give your customers a lot more confidence in their shopping. After entering it, StyleKey’s fashion consultants will assess your inventory so that the app can recommend the right items to the right people.

    The widget is what enables your customers to access StyleKey’s features when shopping. Shoppers simply use the free profile they create at www.StyleKey.com to log into the widget where they’ll be presented with item recommendations for themselves and their friends, fit tips, and the ability to get their friends’ opinions on their purchases. Studies show that personalization and social recommendations can lift sales by over 30%!

    What’s more, StyleKey will help drive traffic to your store! When our thousands of users search for stores, yours will come up if you carry items that match that shopper’s style. That’s free hyper-targeted marketing!

    To find out more about how the app works, download our user guide here.

    As more and more online stores look for creative ways to offer a personalized shopping experience, StyleKey will do the work for you and keep your customers happy, engaged and coming back for more. Install StyleKey and start giving your customers an incomparable experience today!

    For a quick preview, check out StyleKey on our demo store.

StyleKey reviews (2)


Not happy at all. I couldn't even use the app because it was unresponsive and cost me time I could have used making up a manual size sheet. Somebody really needs to pay attention to these apps.


I own a clothing web site this is a great app to have for my customer and myself!
Hopefully it will reduce returns or exchanges due to size issue.
Thank you!


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