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31 de dezembro de 2022

Do not use subliminator. Orders are taking forever and promised refunds don't get paid. Here are 5 reasons why you should not use Subliminator:
1) Since they upgraded their app mid December they are dropping the ball significantly. I have 3 orders from 22 days ago still not being processed for production. Also, who updates their app in the middle of the busiest season. Clearly not very smart.
2) To make it worst, I got lied to by their customer service team for days on end and never got a clear answer what is going on. They always say that they will contact the factory but they never follow-up or provide an update.
3) I just happened to see an announcement on their Facebook page that there are now 4-7 extra days of delays. No email was send out so you could only find out by going to their Facebook page. You would think that this was important during the peak holiday season.
4) They promised me a refund on the worst delayed orders but I still have to receive that. They keep telling me that they will refund but no money has been received 10 days after being promised. I refunded all my customers already so I am negative on these transactions.
5) Customer service is absolutely clueless and offer no help so do not bother asking them anything.

Starcove Fashion
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Subliminator deixou uma resposta 23 de março de 2023

Hi there!

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on your recent experience with Subliminator. We genuinely apologize for any inconvenience you've faced, and as a long-standing customer, we appreciate your loyalty and candid feedback. It seems that during the good times, our dynamic duo of you and Subliminator were too busy making magic happen to stop and pen a review. But now, let's tackle those concerns of yours with some wit and wisdom:

1 - Our app update timing may have resembled a fruitcake during the holidays: unexpected and perhaps not entirely welcome. We promise to plan future updates with the finesse of a perfectly timed holiday toast.

2 - We're sorry if our customer service team left you feeling like a detective on a wild goose chase. We'll sharpen our communication skills and strive to be more like Sherlock Holmes—minus the pipe, of course.

3 - We slipped up on announcing delays through more direct channels. Next time, we'll make sure the news reaches you faster than a reindeer on a sugar rush.

4 - Ah, the elusive refund—caught in the grasp of an intermediary bank. While we can't control their processing time, we'll work on our end to ensure future refunds are as swift and smooth as Santa sliding down a chimney.

5 - We hear you on the customer service front, and we'll polish our skills to provide support that shines brighter than the star on top of the tree.

In all seriousness, we do apologize for any inconvenience you experienced, and we are committed to learning from this situation. Your feedback helps us grow and improve our services. Should you have any further concerns or inquiries, please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly.

Warm regards,


12 de dezembro de 2022

Great community! Even better quality! Very helpful and responsive support department. No issues to speak of.

The Underground Bus Line
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Subliminator deixou uma resposta 23 de março de 2023

Hello there!

A huge thanks for your rave review! It's music to our ears that our community, quality, and support have hit all the right notes.

We promise to keep this rollercoaster of awesome service thrilling, and if you need us, we're just a hop, skip, and a witty remark away.

Best regards,


28 de novembro de 2022

I'm pretty new to using POD and have been using Subliminator for a few months now. Their customer service has been very fast and helpful with getting back to me with any questions, and my first few orders have gone smoothly. I will definitely continue to work with them!

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Subliminator deixou uma resposta 23 de março de 2023

Hey there,

Thanks for the awesome review! We're thrilled to be your trusty sidekick in this Print-on-Demand adventure. Our customer service team is always ready to jump into action, faster than a caffeinated kangaroo!

Looking forward to many smooth orders and laughter-filled collaborations. Let's keep the good times rolling!

Best regards,


28 de novembro de 2022

Using Subliminator has been a great experience over several different stores over the years. The products are priced well so we can maintain our margins, while still providing quality products to customers. One of the best things about Subliminator is that there is essentially 24/7/365 support, we generally can get a reply back in less than 5 minutes at anytime of the day if we have an issue. Most other POD apps make you wait 24 hours, and sometimes longer, which just doesn't work in a high volume & high priority environment. I would strongly recommend giving Subliminator a shot. The owner is extremely involved in the Facebook group, constantly helping sellers and answering questions to people who are thinking about hopping onboard. With a growing product catalog, options for express shipping, 24/7 customer support, and an owner that actually cares, you can not go wrong in my opinion. I've sold 10s of thousands of Subliminator products, and I have a very extensive review page with over 21,000 reviews from customers expressing their happiness with their orders.

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Subliminator deixou uma resposta 23 de março de 2023

Hey there,

Wowza! We're basking in the glow of your fantastic review, feeling like the belle of the ball at the Print-on-Demand party!

It's an absolute pleasure to support your multiple stores throughout the years. We're here for you 24/7, faster than a superhero in spandex! Our mission? To keep your margins healthy and your customers delighted.

Thank you for appreciating our ever-growing product catalog, express shipping, and hands-on approach. It's an honor to be the wind beneath your wings as you soar to new heights in sales and reviews!

Keep on being amazing, and we'll be here to catch you if you ever need a hand (or a witty comeback).

Best regards,


27 de novembro de 2022

I use subliminator for one year now with over 100 orders until now and I have to say is the best app for my business. I use others too, but the price, quality of products, mock-ups they provide, and of course the support until now is the best that I have experienced out there.

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Subliminator deixou uma resposta 23 de março de 2023

Hey there],

Thanks for your glowing review—it's like we just won the Subliminator Oscars for Best App, Best Prices, and Best Support! And the crowd goes wild! 🏆

With over 100 orders under our belt, we're thrilled to be the Print-on-Demand partner that brings the sparkle to your business. Here's to many more top-quality orders, snazzy mock-ups, and good times together.

Stay fabulous, and remember, we're just a quick chat away if you ever need assistance.

Best regards,


27 de novembro de 2022

I've been using Subliminator for nearly 5 years now. Their product quality is superb -- arguably the best in the business -- and their customer service is easily the best of any POD platform. Their range of products keeps getting bigger, their pricing is very competitive, and after selling literally THOUSANDS of products through them, I have no plans to go elsewhere. HIGHLY recommended if you're new OR experienced with Print On Demand.

Fictional Corporations
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Subliminator deixou uma resposta 23 de março de 2023

Hi there,

Your review's got us feeling like the life of the POD party—confetti, balloons, and all! 🎉

Five years of Subliminator magic, thousands of products, and countless happy customers. You know what they say: time flies when you're having a blast with the best in the biz!

Here's to more amazing years, belly laughs, and Print-on-Demand adventures together. Buckle up, we're just getting started!

Best regards,


26 de novembro de 2022

Terrible customer service! Please don't use this app, shipping times are terrible as well. Try Printify instead.

2nd A Apparel
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Subliminator deixou uma resposta 27 de novembro de 2022

Hi there!

Thank you for your review. Upon further investigation with our support team I found out that:

1. You reached out to our support team asking for help with your Shopify store shipping profiles, after which a team member redirected you to contact Shopify support, as shipping profiles are related to your store settings, and not Subliminator

2. You installed the app 2 weeks ago, and have NOT placed any orders so far.

So while we're not entirely sure why you would leave us such a dishonest review, we do wish you a successful ecommerce journey. And if you change your mind along the way, you're more than welcome to try us out the next time.

Data de edição: 28 de novembro de 2022

I have actually added and deleted app a few times. I finally added it and started to plan out some designs and ideas, when I ran into a technical issue I just couldn't fix. Knowing it was a late Sunday afternoon I didn't expect a reply but within 10 mins I had a reply and within 30 mins my issue was fixed.. I have not ordered any samples yet or anything but plan to in near future. Customer service was great though! I was reading some other reviews people please take them with a grain of salt, most of them are NOT Subliminator's fault, what I am reading from most is the lack of understanding by the user. Great app and I recommend using express shipping! Give it a try for yourself! UPDATE: Over a Month Later and their Customer service is still super fast and wonderful! So looking forward to working with Subliminator in 2023!

Gfts N Stuff
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Tempo gasto no app: 2 meses
Subliminator deixou uma resposta 23 de março de 2023

Hello there,

Thank you for your lovely review! We're delighted that our app keeps winning you over and that our customer service team was able to swoop in and save the day—even on a late Sunday afternoon.

We're excited for you to try out our products and services. Here's to a fantastic 2023 filled with creativity, speedy shipping, and a delightful partnership!

Best regards,


Data de edição: 11 de outubro de 2022

I first want to say the sample I received was excellently sewn and of great quality, outside color issues not due to the image file I uploaded and rgb to cmyk colors but their background color options they give customers to use in customization. I dislike giving bad reviews, but I believe in helping others avoid complications and especially upset customers who expect one thing but receive a totally different other. It is important for the mockups companies provide to reflect as accurately as possible the finished product to a slight degree of error. I provided pictures and even video to detail to the rep what the issue was. The following is my conversation with one of the reps which I feel gave run around responses and then at one point admitting they know of the issue and saying a fix was in the works for future products: Hello, I hope this message finds you well. I ordered a sample from you guys and I loved the quality, but the color was remarkably different than the mockup and shipping was long. Not sure if its faster with express. I have a order i just paid for TFCH1112 from Shopify ( for a customer and I would love if it was true to color on this and future orders. That is an issue that can make or break future orders and growing my business. Again I loved the quality but i need for the colors i pick in your mockup designer to be as true to color as possible please I beg. kindly the mockup produced the colors correctly the product that came is as follows (image) Please for order TFCH1112 and future orders please I beg be true to colors in mockups please.
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You’ll get replies here and in your email:
Our usual reply time under 10 minutes
Hello Tieasha. Thank you for contacting Subliminator support Can you please let me know the SBL number of this order please? Thank you
sku# SBHDJGF-287379-L-L
my newest order that I am begging to be more true to color on is SBL2667070 ***S
Hello Tieasha,
Thank you,
All designs created and uploaded are in the **RGB** color format. Our software automatically converts the **RGB** file to a **CMYK** file, as that's the format that the printing is done in.
The best practice to see if certain colors change a lot is to convert your **RGB** file to **CMYK** in Adobe Photoshop, and analyse if there are some major color differences. After which you can make adjustments to your print colors if needed. yea thank you however on my first order I used your color picker SBL7796139 i pick the colors from (image) ***S
Please also note that the fabric affect the color:
ok thank you so how do we know what colors we are choosing and how they will look?
if we are using colors from the color picker on your website ***S
Please try photoshop, RGB is the default color profile in RGB color space and we require sRGB to be uploaded. The final version of your print file should be saved in the sRGB color profile because sRGB has a wider, more vibrant color range compared to CMYK. This is to generate good mockups. However, our printers work with a CMYK color space which is why the sRGB will be converted to CMYK during printing. To know if the sRGB file will convert to the correct colors that you want, it's best to test it yourself first and convert the image to CMYK and see how that looks in Photoshop. Dark colors change drastically when converted to CMYK. We're currently working on setting a standard for CMYK and will also start allowing sellers to upload CMYK design files. ok but it wasnt a file that i used
it was (image)
on your website i used the print area background color chooser on your website ***S
Hello Tieasha,
I see order SBL7796139 DELIVERED06 August 2022 yes that is the order where i used the print area background color picker on your website
the print file only was the heart portion
i used the print area background color picker for all other areas sleeve pants back hood etc; ***S
Sorry im not sure i understand your question please, can you explain? how can i be sure of the colors im picking from i used the colors from (image)
which show as
in the mockups show hot pink and a purple but printed as
(image) the heart in the picture is the print file i used that was fine and true to color but the sleeves pants and back colors i chose from show totally different ***S
We are planning to make color swatches available to you. But we are not sure when this will be available yet as we are still focusing on bettering the app so we can provide more quality services to you. For now, I hope you can continue to use the photoshop swatches or any other method which can be helpful. so if i choose a color from (image) there is no way to accurately reflect to my customer that it will be the color that arrives to them that i show in the mockup
picked from your (image) *** S
Please read this article:
I will get more info regarding this and get back to you ASAP ok Thank you bc it's not a file issue
more specifically i chose these two colors (image) from your (image) and in mockup show as (image) but print like (image) just to clarify what worries me and will probably cause refund issues ***S
I see. Please let me check about that and i will get back to you ASAP
Sincerely thank you much ***S
You are welcome
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October 11 ***S
Hello Tieasha,
Hope you are well,
Regarding the color difference, we can't guarantee print colors since RGB is uploaded, and then on our end the RGB is then again converted to CMYK according to a color profile we use. In such cases it's best to test yourself first and convert the image to CMYK and see how that looks in Photoshop. Some colors change drastically when converted to CMYK. Please also be advised that the fabric of the product can also affect the print colors. For more information, please check here: Sincerely so even using subliminators background color picker those colors will not show correctly for some fabrics so the mockups are useless
Again my concern is not the image file I upload there seems to be no problem there but the problem is subliminators background color picker and the fabrics you use not being able to accurately display the colors chose from (image) according to your article
Fabric composition:
20% Cotton / 75% Polyester / 5% Spandex
The smooth and tight knit surface allows for any print to come out really vibrant and detailed. Because of the knit of the fabric we don't recommend using dark solid colors such as black on this fabric. Because this fabric as cotton, the surface can show some tiny lighter areas on the fabric surfaces. Colorful designs work best with this fabric. The inside of the fabric is brushed and has a nice soft touch to it.
iit actually looks like someone chose (image) instead of the (image) that i chose from your (image) *** S
Hello Tieasha,
The base fabric is always white. So you control the print and colors that go onto the garment. So the background colors you choose in our editor are NOT fabric colors, but simply print colors.
Hope this helped there was no issue with base color or base fabric color
and yes i chose the colors i wanted your mockup correctly displayed the colors i chose but when subliminator printed it completely different colors were used
if i controlled the colors chose why did i get a product completely different from what I chose
and again remember we are using not a file but your background color options
and your own article says light colors print vibrant
and i chose (image) which the mockup accurately reflected as above
but someone in your factory produced (image) again I love the quality but this is not the colors I chose that you provided through (image) ***S
Unfortunately we can't guarantee print colors since RGB is uploaded, and then on our end the RGB is then again converted to CMYK according to a color profile we use. it was not a print file i uploaded
i chose the colors from your background color choices
it was not a file I uploaded
i would understand then if it was a file i uploaded but it was not a file i uploaded
it was not a image file that had issues
it was subliminators background color options
like in this picture below (image) not a file so you are saying that the background color options shown on your own website that are given to customers to use to customize their products are not cmyk
so why have rgb colors choices on your website ***S
Our app only accepts images in SRGB format, not CMYK. sRGB is the default color profile in RGB color space and we require sRGB to be uploaded. The final version of your print file should be saved in the sRGB color profile because sRGB has a wider, more vibrant color range compared to CMYK. This is to generate good mockups. However, our printers work with a CMYK color space which is why the sRGB will be converted to CMYK during printing. To know if the sRGB file will convert to the correct colors that you want, it's best to test it yourself first and convert the image to CMYK and see how that looks in Photoshop. Dark colors change drastically when converted to CMYK. it is not a file i used
im not referring to the file i used but, i dont think you understand I will make a video You need to use Photoshop to practice, is it the best way,
But using the colors directly is not best option i will make a video
you keep referring to a file again my concern is not a file image or image file i will show in video to help you better understand ***S
I understand you are suing the colors directly, but the issue is that the colors can never be guaranteed, specially dark colors, we are working on a big update on our app where this issue will be solved,
Thnak you
watch video it is not a file and if you know this is an issue why not compensate your customers who bring this to your attention or compain
instead you blame files or give round around answers
placing fault on your customers
We always advise to use photoshop to practice colors ***S
We suggest to design in RGB and to do a final check when it's finished by switching it to CMYK to see if certain colors are affected a lot. If all is ok, then you upload RGB into our editor.
As we print in CMYK, so it depends on the conversion that happens during RGB to CMYK. Certain colors are more affected than others in this case. Some colors come out pretty much the same, others can look slightly different. so you are saying dont use your ***S
You can use our as well, but this would be the best practice i will leave review in Shopify app store informing others of these issues you already have quite a few negative reviews ***Siham profile
Please let me check this with our team, i will inform them i will change review upon youranswer ***Please let me check the order you have placed
Please wait until i check this with our team first
11:55 am
Siham profile
Would that be okay?
Just now.

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Subliminator deixou uma resposta 20 de outubro de 2022

Hi there!

Thank you for your thorough review. I've checked this with our support team to get a better understanding on the matter, and I think the confusion here was that one of our support members suggested a "fix". There is no fix. And it comes down to understanding how printing on physical products works in general.

As you always design in RGB on your computer, but printing is done in CMYK. This means that some color differences will always occur. It's impossible to reflect this correct on Mockups, since these are in RGB, while the printing is done in CMYK. Hence why we always recommend our users to order a sample for themselves to make sure certain colors (especially if you're trying to replicate neon, which can't be done) come out as they should.

Our "fix" for this, which our support member was referring to, is that we are working on letting our merchants order a big piece of fabric with most colors printed on them. This will allow you to choose a printed color, and use the RGB color values that are stated with that printed color, so that you can use those colors in your design. This way you know beforehand how the printed color looks before using it in your designs that you're uploading.

I would say the communication on this part could have been handled a little better on our end, but it does not mean that we were at fault here. Color conversions from RGB to CMYK will always differ a little, and in a few cases a lot. This is general with any print-on-demand provider, not just with us. As designing is always done in RGB, and printing is always done in CMYK.

I hope this explanation helps you a bit, and hopefully it can result in a better rating of our company. As ratings are extremely important to us, as new merchants will mostly resort to reading the "bad" about a company. Because I think you can agree with me that most merchants will only bother to leave a review on a company if they had a bad experience. If this experience is good, most won't take the time to leave a review.

All the best this Q4 with the Holiday season sales!

7 de outubro de 2022

Had an absolute order disaster with Printify, so we tried Subliminator. Everything comes directly from China - which we didn't like, but we were in a pinch and were severely limited in suppliers. We talked to Subliminator EXTENSIVELY before order a few thousand dollars worth of product. Subliminator said that they absolutely would have no problem meeting the deadline for the products. It turns out, they were lying. They are actually on "holiday" and can't meet the deadline. But, they're really sorry - NEXT time they'll meet the deadline. I've dealt with China for decades. There is ALWAYS habitual lying. Unfortunately, Subliminator just proved that theory right once again. We're actively looking for American companies that don't purposefully lie to get a sale. Maybe if people just stop doing business with people who lie, they will go out of business and find something they're good at.

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Tempo gasto no app: 13 dias
Subliminator deixou uma resposta 20 de outubro de 2022

Hi there!

I'm sorry to hear about your experience.

I checked into this for you, and according to our data, even with our small (planned) holiday, this order was still fulfilled and delivered within the timeframe estimates that were discussed with you?

Order placed: September 24
Order delivered: October 17

And while you might have had past bad experiences, lying is not part of our business.

So I'm not entirely sure what went wrong here to deserve a 1-star review from you, but I do hope the products were up to the quality you were expecting.