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NPN Lifestyle.

There was a very serious error with a client of mine in the production of a product model, the delivery of products purchased by this client also delayed 25 days.
The order came completely different from the layout made in the software they present.
End of story I lost an excellent customer who bought a lot at my online store.

Developer reply

January 15, 2021

Hey NPN Lifestyle,

I'm sorry to hear about the issue. I looked a bit into this, and from what I can tell, 2 hoodies in that order didn't come out as expected. Our support has followed up with you by the time of writing this review, and I believe it has been resolved. You've recreated those 2 products, and the cuffs print looks to be correct now, and the reshipment order for this will be handled and shipped by us asap.

I hope this gives you the impression on how we handle orders. No business is perfect, and mistakes can happen. As long as you know that we will always take care of our merchants if the mistake is on our end.

So I hope you can reconsider the 1-star review, and even if you think it's fair, we still appreciate your feedback and we will keep improving upon our services.

Murk Gaming

This 1 star rating would be a 0 if possible, I have contacted support about missing product that was tracked to the US, and DHL delivered to a "facility" but no response after waiting days for a response, they leave you no phone number for contacting customer service or anything to make orders correct. if you want a successful business journey where you can rely on your partners don't partner with them. Horrible experience and urgently looking to change who I go through.

Developer reply

July 20, 2020

Hi Garett,

I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Although I'm not familiar with the support issue in question, I've just checked the pending orders that you have and I can see that you've had 2 orders with us of which 1 was delivered, and of which 1 is still in the USA to be delivered.

If the issue is regarding the order that still needs to be delivered (as tracking shows it's arrived at the DHL partner facility) you have to understand that shipping times can vary per area/destination within the USA due to the pandemic. Your second order was indeed delivered faster than your first, which related to the fact that certain areas are simply slower right now with local delivery. This part is beyond our control, and there is nothing we can do to speed up this process.

Of course, we do offer the ability to upgrade your orders to express shipping which will result in a much faster and more reliable speed. This has proven to be an effective choice of shipping during this COVID-19 pandemic.

In the defence of our support team: We have to get in touch with DHL to find out about a status of a package that's in the USA, and we don't always get a direct response on this. Which then results in a delayed response to you as our customer. From experience with a status that says "arrived at partner facility" on the tracking, it will get delivered in due time. DHL Ecommerce is one of the best shipping partners to have for regular shipping, and even they have hurdles to overcome during these challenging times.

So I hope you can reconsider a 1-star (or 0-star as you mentioned) review on us as company, while the world is currently experiencing major logistical challenges that go beyond our control. As this does in no way reflect the services of our company, the quality of our products, or the shipping speed we have in normal circumstances.


Very disappointed with the shipping service. I have placed about 133 orders since April 27 and only 12 of them have arrived to my clients. It's been over 50 days and I still have more than half of the orders stationed in China. My clients are very upset. Good products, but the shipping service is very bad, even with the situation of the COVID-19.

Developer reply

June 24, 2020

Hi there,

Sorry to hear about the issues you're having with shipping. I've just reviewed your orders, and you have indeed quite some orders that still need to be delivered. Although a big chunk is showing arrival at the destination country.

In general the average time from order to delivery to the USA at this moment, even with the pandemic, is around 20-25 calendar days, which you can also see back in the orders that were delivered. However, if you look at your orders, you'll see that all the orders that are taking longer than usual are going to Puerto Rico. We really can not control the shipping speed for these remote islands. And even outside of the pandemic, shipping to Puerto Rico can be very slow. So you can only imagine what it's going to be like during this COVID-19 pandemic. We always use the best shipping companies to provide the fastest shipping possible, which in this case is DHL ecommerce. I'm pretty confident that you will get the same delivery speed with any other print-on-demand company that is shipping orders to Puerto Rico. It's not an excuse, but just the reality of selling to Puerto Rico as there are no faster shipping lines available I'm afraid.

We hope you can understand and consider this in your review of us as a company. A 1-star review does not reflect our services and quality of products we provide, and in this case it is really beyond our control to provide a better shipping speed to Puerto Rico, so I hope you can reconsider your rating of us as a company.

Either way thank you for your honest review.

Major Clothing Co.

They barely shipped an order after 29 days. They claim production takes 2-7 business days and did not cite COVID as an issue on their site or during our brief email conversation ( which they stopped replying to).

I have not gotten my products but will update IF I get what I paid for a month ago.

Willing to change review if contacted and fixed. But right now I wouldn't recommend this app, especially if you are serious about your business.

Developer reply

May 18, 2020


Thank you for your review. I've had a quick look up and I can find 1 order from your store which was indeed shipped a bit later than our usual production times. From what I can see is that production time took 13 calendar days, so a little longer than the timing we state, but it was shipped on the 11th of May. So the info of your order not being shipped after 29 days is incorrect, especially considering the order came in at April 27, and today is May 19.

So since this is your first order with us, you might have missed that it has been already fulfilled. You can find the tracking information inside Subliminator > Orders > Click on the order.

The lack of follow up on your email is most likely because we have been switching our customer service software since last week, so that has been a transitioning period. If you could reach out to support again I'm sure they will get back to you in a timely manner.

The only reason I can think of right now as to why production took a few days longer than it should have is that we recently ran out of our "fashion" fabric, and our fabric supplier delayed the restock, which delayed orders in that period that were using that fabric. Which I agree, we should have communicated better, so I'm sorry about that.

Regarding delays in shipping, which is currently a worldwide problem with ALL shipping companies because of COVID-19, we did send out newsletters as well as posted about it in our Facebook group (please join if you haven't yet, as we update it very frequently).

I hope this explains things a bit better, and hopefully it can change your opinion about us as a company. As the 1-star review is definitely not a reflection of how we do business or how we treat our customers.

**UPDATE: It looks like this order was already delivered on May 28, which makes it 30 calendar days from order to delivery during a worldwide pandemic. Which isn't that bad. We hope you like the products and can reconsider your 1-star review :)


This is very disappointing i love the app and all the products they have, they have the best mock up generator. but the shipping is so slow i don't think its worth it. i place an order on the 19 of Nov and up to today its December 17 i still haven't received it. i just check the tracking number and it said that i wont get it until the 21st of December hopefully. I was excited for my customers to buy this products from my store but after 7 orders i just stopped putting out ads about the products from here. my customers are not happy and that is something that i don't want as a store owner since i'm trying to grow a business here. I will just wait until my orders are being delivered and i will uninstall this apps. Until this issue is fixed

Developer reply

December 17, 2019

Hi there,

Sorry to hear about your experience. I've had a quick look at your orders, and your first order took indeed much longer to get delivered than usual. On average from order to delivery outside of the peak season expect a turn-around time of 2 weeks. However the speed of delivery during November and December slows down a bit, and varies a lot per location. No excuse, but the harsh reality of everybody ordering for the holidays and shipping companies running at full capacity.

I do see that the other orders are moving much faster than your own order, so these should be delivered soon. The same applies to your order, as it's already with the delivery service.

I do advice to set the right expectations for your customers during Q4 (Whether you're using us or another company). Because things can take a bit longer on the delivery side. And for USA orders you also have the option to upgrade your orders to FedEx shipping, which delivers in 2-3 days max. If you don't know how, please send our support a message on

I'll keep an eye out on the progress of these remaining orders, and hopefully you can give us another chance.

Stock Show Boutique

First and foremost, production partners are a reflection of my business. If I can not count on them to provide a quality product, great support, and fast production, they don't deserve my business.

My second order had a "paperwork" issue in transit. It shipped November 4th. Today is November 24th, and that package is still MIA (a month after the initial order) with no movement in tracking. Customer support is apologetic and nothing more. It should have been a top priority, re-print, and expedited shipping. I can't even get them to offer a partial refund. If my customer support were as bad as theirs, I'd be out of business.

No matter how good the quality of their products are, I do not recommend them. I am glad I found out before I was really in the thick of holiday orders and making apologies/refunds for their poor customer service.

** Updated 12/3 after company response, all details below regarding every order and my personal experience **

My customer still has not received their order from October 26. Tracking shows en route. I was notified right away and I did request another solution which was not granted (a reprint and new shipment for a single item). I was told waiting on the package would've been faster. I believe my customer would have their item in hand by now had that been the response and this review would not even be up here.

I was only given a refund after leaving this review. A partial refund was requested on my behalf twice in email with support and both times ignored. I was also asked to revise my review by the company.

This review is based on 6 total orders, all the details are below:

Order #1 placed 10/18 - delivered 11/2
Order #2 placed 10/26 - refund was granted after two requests and after my negative review on 12/3. I was also told the customer would still get the item which was delivered 12/10.
Order #3 placed 11/8 - delivered 11/27
Order #4 placed 11/17 - delivered 11/26 (I paid expedited shipping)
Order #5 placed 11/19 - shipped 12/2 - still in transit 12/11
Order #6 placed 11/21 - shipped 12/2 - still in transit 12/11

Developer reply

December 3, 2019

Sorry to hear about your bad experience, which was related to only 1 single order. And yes, that single order had an issue which was beyond our control that was related to a clearance issue on the airport of our shipping company.

However, we did notify our customer affected by this the minute we were notified by our shipping partner. And if anybody would have wanted a refund on that specific shipment instead we also did that. With the product still being delivered, just not within our time estimates.

So by now you've received a refund on that order, as we never keep our customers hanging like that. Although your review suggests otherwise.

And when I look at the history of your other orders, both regular orders as well as those that were upgraded to express shipping, these were all received well within our time estimates.

We hope you can forgive this single mistake which unfortunately was beyond our control, and hope we can keep doing business together in the near future.

** Updating 12/3 after client response **
If I'm not mistaken that order has been refunded and you have refunded your customer as well? The update we've received from our shipping company regarding the clearance issue was that it would be delivered within the next 7 days.

And yes a message was sent to you in regards to your review being so out of proportion and so harsh. Because your review is based on a single order. The other orders, which are far more than this single order, have had no issue. Because the reality is that most only take the time to leave a review when something bad happens, never when something good happens.

We wish you all the best with your business. :)

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Based on the last review, I'm deleting this app without even looking at it. China needs to wake up and realize that they can't shut down for that long just because of the Chinese New Year and still expect to do business with the rest of the world.

Developer reply

April 23, 2019

Thank you for your review. Based on the last review, we've just left a reply there. To sum it up: We never closed for 6 weeks as the previous review mentioned. We only closed for 2 weeks, and got rid of our backlog of orders in the first week after that. And we are expecting to decrease this closing time even more so for the next year. Give us another chance :)

LTM Endeavors Gifts

If you want long ship times to customer and a support team that only tells you they will forward issues to production and never hear anything else back, or that a replacement product will be produced and shipped on 12/13/18 and on 01/22/19 you and the customer are still waiting for confirmation, use this app.
Print on Demand is not supposed to have issues like these!!
STAY AWAY! RUN NOW! Save yourself a bunch of headaches and refund fees.

Developer reply

April 23, 2019

Thank you for your review. Although it wasn't all doom and gloom, we did have some backend issues getting reshipments out in time. Since then we've made some major changes in our workflow and backend, where reshipments are handled smoothly and you see them as new orders inside the Subliminator app. Give us a second chance. :)


I recently downloaded this app and it doesn't work. Every tab I clicked sent me to a white page that says, "Authentication error occurring." I tried uninstalling and adding the app six times but nothing. I also contacted them through email and Facebook regarding the issue and I never received a response. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL.

Developer reply

April 23, 2019

To our knowledge you sent an email on December 9th 2018, we replied email on the same day with a suggestion what to do. The next day you replied that it worked. We'd appreciate a higher rating than 1 star for this ;)


This appr was very bad, it print and ship in China, it usually take 1 month or over for delivery to customer, i felt very bad when worked with my customers. If you do dropship or POD, you will be regret when used this app