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Sell high quality cut & sew print-on-demand products

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With a broad selection of all-over print products, you can really create unique and eye-catching products for your customers.


Sell your created products on your Shopify e-commerce store, with automatic order syncing and fulfillment for all your products.


Our team of experts will manufacture your products, quality check them and ship them to your customers with your branding.

Über Subliminator

  • NO UPFRONT COSTS - With our print-on-demand you have zero startup costs or inventory.

  • FULLY AUTOMATED - All your orders with us are automatically synced, shipped to your customers and we even add the tracking numbers.

  • NO MINIMUM QUANTITY — We manufacture products starting as low as 1 unit. So if you're just starting out or a seasoned seller we got you covered!

  • FREE DESIGN CATALOG — Get instant access to a 100+ FREE premium designs in our design catalog. Kickstart your print-on-demand journey by publishing products with only a few clicks!

Product Offering

  • Basketball Jersey Rib - AOP
  • Basketball Short Rib - AOP
  • Car Seat Cover - AOP
  • One-Piece Swimsuit - AOP
  • Swim Trunks Men - AOP
  • Short Sleeve Button Down Shirt - AOP
  • Plus Size Legging - AOP
  • Microfleece Cloak - AOP
  • Sports Bra - AOP
  • Unisex Tank Top - AOP
  • Flowy Racerback Tank Top - AOP
  • Premium Microfleece Blanket - AOP
  • Fashion Face Mask - AOP
  • Jigsaw Puzzle - AOP
  • Baseball Jersey - AOP
  • Microfleece Ziphoodie - AOP
  • Dog Zip-Up Hoodie - AOP
  • Mesh Pocket Legging - AOP
  • Kids Hoodie - AOP
  • Snug Hoodie - AOP
  • Tumbler - AOP
  • Hoodie - AOP
  • Zip-Up Hoodie - AOP
  • Sweatshirt - AOP
  • Jogger - AOP
  • Longline Hoodie - AOP
  • Legging - AOP
  • Yoga Legging - AOP
  • T-shirt - AOP
  • Pocket T-shirt - AOP
  • Hooded Blanket - AOP
  • Freeform Beach Towel - AOP

How does Subliminator work

Every order a customer places from your store which was created with the Subliminator App is automatically synced with us. We will then automatically process, print, cut, sew and ship it to your customer. We'll even notify your customers with the tracking details for their order.

Why choose Subliminator

Because we manufacture our products in our factory in China we are able to provide you with the lowest product cost available while maintaining the highest quality possible compared to our European and American competitors.

We are also constantly looking to expand our product offering by making sure we give you the highest profits possible on each of our products without compromising on quality.

And when it comes to shipping we are second to none! Our regular shipping orders are shipped using DHL Ecommerce. And for the USA & Canada we also have the option to upgrade it with DHL Express shipping, which is only 2-3 days shipping in total! This will build trust with your customers and allow you to build up an actual brand that can be trusted for its quality and service.

You decide your profit

We charge you the bare minimum to cover the cost of production and the product. Then you set your end price, and what's left is your profit. Your end price will depend on what you and your customers think is fair.




Externe Gebühren können anfallen. Diese Gebühren werden vom externen Anbieter in Rechnung gestellt und erscheinen nicht auf deiner Shopify-Rechnung.


4.1 von 5 Sternen

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Aktuellste Rezensionen

abstrakt identity

I was looking for all-over print hoodies and joggers and have stumbled upon Subliminator and never looked anywhere else! The print quality is superb, the colors are vibrant, the textures are very well defined and sharp, no slacking whatsoever! The fabric is thick and the quality of the fashion hoodie and fashion joggers is beyond my expectations, I was blown away with the softness on the inside, just feels amazing to wear the jogger-hoodie combo. The stitching looks very professional and up to a standard. The user interface itself is very user-friendly and easy to use! For all-over print, don't even look anywhere else, you won't regret going with the Subliminator!


Product of very low quality considering their prices (in CAD). They custom every order/pieces with expectations to receive quality. Instead your material is cheap and not well stained. The material is cleary white before you change its colour but by doing that parts of the material looks faded and it is pulled due to bad stitching. You see the white A LOT !! Im very unhappy with your results and your apparel. I will not be using your website moving forward. I ordered dog clothing and matching sweater but not worth the quality and definitely not the price.

Antwort des Entwicklers

12. April 2021


Thank you for your review. Sorry to hear you weren't satisfied with your samples. From your feedback it seems it is your first time working with sublimation printed products?

With sublimation the base fabric is ALWAYS white. This will be the same with every other vendor you will use. On that white fabric is where the print gets sublimated.

About the fabric being pulled, I'm not entirely sure what you mean. But if you haven't, make sure you reach out to our support team. If it was a quality issue, we can definitely refund or resend it, as that's our policy.

Additionally, depending on the fabric you chose (we have "Athletic" and "Fashion" fabrics), the outcome can be a bit different with colors. If you used mainly solid colors, we always advice to use the "Athletic" fabric over the "Fashion" fabric, because of the fabric characteristics.

I hope you can give us another try, and perhaps the above feedback can be helpful for you. If not, we understand. Either way I'll wish you the best on your business.

Stylized Cosmetology

No complaints! Easy to use, great fulfillment process. Great community of users, and management. The quality is worth the price.