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6. Oktober 2023

Using Subscribfy has made a big difference for us. It helped us acquire a new range of customers by giving them something extra when they shop at Gene New York. The Subscribfy team is very solid; they helped us with integration stuff and also gave us useful tips for our VIP program. Thanks to Elena for getting us set up!

Gene New York
Vereinigte Staaten
7 monate mit der App
5. September 2023

Very easy onboarding and great adoption rate at checkout so far. We're already seeing a positive impact on returning rate and profitability after 2 months.

Their dev team has been responsive and helpful. The analytics section is also well-designed and directly actionable.

Irresistible Me
Vereinigte Staaten
6 monate mit der App
1. September 2023

This is a great app! The team at Subscribfy are incredibly responsive and ready to help with installation, questions and app customisations. Since installing a month ago, we've already had 5 members join which is fantastic. We wish they had better options in terms of offering free shipping for specific products / specific countries, however hopefully this can be something they integrate in future. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend this app to anyone!

Vereinigtes Königreich
Etwa 2 monate mit der App
22. Februar 2023

It has been a great experience. The team works fast and the support is unlike any other app. A great solution.

11 monate mit der App
Subscribfy hat geantwortet 22. Februar 2023

Thank you very much for your kind words. You know you can reach out to us in case you need anything.

7. Februar 2023

Better than Recharge. Retention went up by 40% and LTV by 100% after only 4 month!
This apps allowed me to create a membership with the flexibility for my customer to shop whenever they want as they are getting store credit in exchange of the monthly subscription.
The support helped me set up everything the way I wanted! Thank you !!

Nail Reserve
Vereinigte Staaten
4 monate mit der App
Subscribfy hat geantwortet 7. Februar 2023

Thank you for your review.

24. März 2023

The collaboration with Subscribfy was not only efficient, but also very pleasant. They were communicative and responsive throughout the development process, which gave us confidence in the quality of the application.

Speaking of quality, I must say that the application performs exceptionally well. We have encountered no issues or bugs, and the functionality is intuitive and easy to use. It is clear that the developers put a lot of thought and care into designing the user interface.

Overall, We are thoroughly impressed with both the collaboration with the developers and the quality of the application. I am confident that anyone looking for a reliable and user-friendly application would be well-served by choosing this one.


Dossier Perfumes
Vereinigte Staaten
4 monate mit der App
23. April 2023

The quality of the app it is not only reflected in its functionality, but also in its services. Super fast and reliable support! It is a great revenue tool!
2 monate mit der App
6. Juni 2023

I was looking for a subscription service for my website. I came across this app and have gotten white glove service from start to end, as well as after set up with follow up questions. I highly recommend this app if you’re looking to increase your sales with a subscription service.

Transcend Cosmetics
Vereinigte Staaten
11 tage mit der App