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Subscriptions by ReCharge

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Basil Me

The customer service aligned with this integration, HORRIBLE so far. NOT personable AT ALL, and not very knowledgable either. We've been trying to 'activate' our account for going on THREE weeks. Numerous customers reaching out due to 'declined cards', payments not being processed to our bank accounts.

Preschool Kids Online

The company responded rather quickly by email, although the explanations and tutorials that they always gave was not useable because it was missing key steps. I only had their product for less than a day. BUT, I'm not able to use it because the instructions are written for people that already know ReCharge's app. Which that is not the case for me. So missing parts of the instructions makes the biggest deal to me. I can not even use the program because I can not figure it out and key parts of the instructions are missing.

The customer service was rather fast response by email. I really wanted this app to work

Brew Bomb Cold Brew Equipment

The app was extremely difficult to set up and integrate with Shopify. And the support is 24 hour email so to resolve the simplest issue takes days. If you want chat support that costs $99 per month.. Think the whole thing is a setup.. make it as difficult as possible to use, and then charge $99 per month to help you make it work.


The 5 Star Reviews on this is total bullshit.
1) You can't Track FB Pixel or Google Pixel to Conversion.
2) Customer Service is crap - keep getting a new guy involved and recommend hyperlinks that don't solve any problems
3) They take absolutely no ownership in anything and can't fix any problems.

The 5 stars on this is complete bogus

Buddha Pants®

We have a problem and support will not answer! This is not acceptable. They take two days to answer and charge more for premium support.


Read this review!

This app is VERY slow and the backend and customer facing UI are both absolutely terrible to work with.

Any changes to subscriptions take forever to process in the backend -- so if you have a subscription business where customers will be subscribed to many items, prepare to waste a lot of time staring at the screen waiting for this app to process it.

The same is true for the customer UI -- it also doesn't provide a way for customers to actually see the total of their upcoming subscriptions so if you have taxes, shipping, discounts applied, etc. they have no visibility into this and it causes a lot of customer service.

They also require you to pay a premium for different levels of customer service, including paying a premium to access the API which is needed for most customization.

Not sure how this app has made it as far as it has. If you have a small hobby business then it's probably a good solution for you but it completely misses the mark on being useful at scale due to it's slow, slow interface and the need to customize the customer interface for it to be usable.


Very bad support team.
Mailed them 7 days ago and still didn't get any response.
Do not use this if your store is Live.

United Monograms

I dowloaded the app and instantly my entire site stopped working and I lost a few thousands dollars in sales while is scrambled to figure out the problem. The support team was slow and refused to call me and didn't help at all. Luckily I was able to activate an old theme but it was a huge fiasco for my company. Be VERY careful with this app. If they screw you they wont help you

The Lift Box

- Don't bother creating discount codes for email campaigns because Recharge won't track them. When we emailed support they said it was a glitch and they were working on it...that was beginning of July.

Be sure to check the "apply discount" in your current subscribers portal. We've had Recharge toggle it off 4 times in the last two weeks...Their response "clear your cache." Their responses are laughable at this point. We've cleared our cache and the issue continues. Extremely unethical business practices by Recharge. Luckily Shopify is coming out with its own subscription option. As much as I want to always champion businesses, I can't with recharge and I hope Shopify leads Recharge to be phased out. It's been nothing but issues over the past three years.


The issues below have yet to be resolved. Recharge Pro, $300 + $.20 PER TRANSACTION. The basic plan is $39.99 and $.5 per transaction. This is obnoxious per transaction fee. They will tell you it's due to all the advanced features but come on now. The support is subpar and the bugs throughout recharge don't justify you taking 19 cents of EVERY DOLLAR EARNED.

Please do your research prior to onboarding recharge. It's fine for small stores but for large volume stores like ours, it's a mess.

Well, Recharge is still a mess. If it's not one thing it's another. They're more apt to blame Shopify and you as the store owner attempt to reach out to Shopify for info they can get as a developer. Unfortunately, there aren't many other options and Recharge knows this. So they honestly are in no rush to fix their app that's full of bugs and issues.

1. Discount codes still don't always work. Here are two examples. First, we sent out a code via our email list and it showed 0 uses, although there were over 50. This still hasn't updated and that was almost two months ago. Second, if a potential subscriber adds a free shipping discount code in the "apply code" section on the address page it will show $0.00, instead of the discounted shipping. This leads potential subscribers to believe the code doesn't work. The code will show up AFTER a potential subscriber clicks continue to the next page to enter their payment info. We are a high volume story, 6 figures, so we get several emails a day asking us why the code isn't working. Rather than find a solution, Recharge just says it needs Shopify to calculate rates. I can understand this but why have a code say $0? It's your app Recharge so maybe it's time to take a little accountability.

Recharge has to be one of the worst apps on Shopify. Don't be fooled by the number of reviews and stores that use them. There are CONSTANT errors with their systems.

Example 1: they have a "beta" test for snapshot reports. This is where you see how many subscribers you have, sales, etc. They can't get that right so the info is always incorrect and they tell you to download a spreadsheet. I shouldn't have to do that to see basic insights.

Example 2: I'm not able to access the recharge app on my iPhone X. Are you kidding me? One of the most popular phones in the world and it's not compatible. This was reported to recharge on Sept 13, 2019. Here was their response (this issue has yet to be resolved nor have I received any further emails about an ETA: "I'm sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I heard back from our development team, and the issue lies in the way the app is opened by Shopify - we've observed that the issue relates to the fact that the app is open in an iFrame, so our development team has been investigating ways of turning the iFrame off. While this is on their backlog, I'm afraid we don't have an ETA for a definitive fix yet."

Example 3, discount codes will randomly not work (yes they've been set up and tested correctly). We have to find out from potential subscribers through IG or email that they aren't working. Good luck getting a timely response from Recharge.

Example 4, you can get expedited customer service...FOR ALMOST $200 EXTRA A MONTH. So you want me to pay more to get in contact with you when your app is a disaster?

Example 5: Your subscribers will be randomly charged (and sometimes not at all without prompting the recharge staff) throughout the day you choose rather than all at once. Why they don't do batch charging like other companies is beyond me.

I have no idea why Shopify doesn't create its own app. We'll be 100% looking for another provider after recharge failing us for the last 3 years. (I'll continue to update this review as the problems continue to stack up).

Scratch Supply Co.

Stay away.

In the past few months we've had labels failing to generate, and customers who prepay for multi-month subscriptions charged in full every month. As you can imagine, we're extremely concerned with the way this makes us look to our customers. (to be clear: it makes it look like we're committing fraud.) We're missing 4/5 of our shipping labels for this month, two days after they should have been generated, which means our box is going out late in December.

In previous months, when we contacted tech support about missing shipping labels, they requested access to our store... then never signed in. The problem persisted. I've been manually creating labels for a handful of customers every month, which is not why I pay for an app.

Tech support is difficult to contact, with long gaps between communications even with immediate response to their emails, and there's no way to contact them EXCEPT email. Their solution to the repeat charging problem was ineffective, meaning that it happened multiple months in a row.

At this point using ReCharge is actively detrimental to our business. Fortunately, there are alternatives. I recommend you explore those.