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18 de enero de 2023

We migrated to Shopify from WC in the last 30 days. We could not figure out how to move our active memberships. Submitted a ticket for support. 11 days later received a response to that ticket. By then we’d already taken other action. Very disappointing.
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Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 2 meses
30 de noviembre de 2022

This app didnt work on our site - i contact support and i had no response for a month. Not good enough when you are paying or a app.

Happy Valley Honey
Nueva Zelanda
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 3 meses
22 de septiembre de 2022

Basically, the most important feature that is paying for the subscriptions does not work. If you add it to the chart it works, but if your clients choose to use the pay button they get an error. And they expect us to pay a developer in order to fix this. For us is like false advertising, since the app basically does not work properly.

Carving Social Club
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: Más de 3 años
15 de agosto de 2022

This app is not user-friendly at all. You have to click a lot of buttons to get what you want. And I agree that many of their customer service don't understand their product at all. They simply provide links and ask you to read their instruciton.

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Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: Casi 6 años
5 de marzo de 2022

I like this app and it does what I need it to for offering reoccurring subscriptions. All is good on that front. My issue is billing. The billing isn't transparent or fixed, as it should be with a monthly billing cycle. Recharge "holds" the bill as pending, then bills every two or three months. So I'll be charged for a month, then the bill will be marked as pending and I won't be charged the next month, then they release the bill and I'm charged for 2 or 3 months at one time. I have never been able to get a clear explanation on how billing works exactly. I am charged the same amount every month, it is fixed, but when I reach out to customer service they tell me that the billing is variable and that's why I am charged multiple months at once. No one can give me a clear answer as to what I will be charged or WHEN. Even the breakdown in the app only shows the total charges, it isn't itemized so no one knows. This is getting ridiculous. I don't have many subscriptions yet so this will probably be the best time for me to switch over to another app. I feel that 6 months was ample tine for them to figure this out.

Hour X Hour Bath Co
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Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: Alrededor de 1 año
Fecha de modificación: 4 de febrero de 2022

We have been using Recharge for over 2 years now. First of all and sadly, I guess this is still one of the better options out there. However, this app comes with some major UX issues which makes managing an subscription on the storefront such a pain for your customers. I reported this issues several times to the customer support but they don't seem to care: Issue #1: Editing subscriptions. If you sell multiple products like we do, your customers will create an subscription order consisting of several products. So far so good. Recharge will create an order in Shopify. However, here comes the tricky part. If a customer wants to edit his existing subscription, he has to edit EACH one of the products separately. Meaning, when a customer ordered 10 products he and wants to change next charge date, frequency or even cancel he will have to do that 10 times! Just think about it. They placed ONE order initially when they started their subscription (meaning they got all products delivered at the same time) but have to edit each product separately from then on. Makes no sense. We get complaints about this almost every day! You as a store owner can bulk edit all products but why can't the customer?! This is such a UX disaster. Please, Recharge. Make bulk editing possible on the storefront! 2/ Sold out products. If you have products that are out of stock occasionally, the real mess begins! This will basically freeze the complete subscription of the customer until the customers either deletes the product from their subscription OR the product is back in stock. The customer can basically do nothing with his subscription when there is an out of stock product. Usually, there is an option to skip deliveries for the customer. Sounds like the perfect option in this case, right? Nah. Customer can't do that when a product is out of stock because pretty much all functions are dead at that point. They can't even add new products to their subscription because one out of stock product. They will only get a default error message without even telling them what the issue is. And the best part: Even when they remove the out of stock product from their subscription the error message will still pop-up until Recharge retries the charge! You can set up how often Recharge should retry the charge in the settings. However, it is limited to 8 retries and then the subscription shuts down completely. This is why I have set up a retry every 4 days so that the subscription doesn't shut down after 8 days already. So even though the customer has already removed the out of stock product and solved the issue by himself he will still see the error message for 4 days (or whatever you have set up) and will have to wait until the retry. What happens in those cases? They will contact our customer support that our UX sucks and that they want to cancel everything. Why can't recharge retry at least everytime a subscription has been edited? This is an EASY trigger! Customers removes product (trigger), recharge retries, order goes through. Problem solved. I really hope Recharge is going to read this review and will do something about it. I know at least 10 store owners that have the exact same issues that I have. I really wish Recharge will be the app that it could be! Those issues would be real easy to solve but would have such a big positive impact on UX.

Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: Más de 2 años
21 de septiembre de 2021

Support is very hit or miss. Was very responsive when trying to bring us on and get us installed, then just completely stopped responding once they started getting money from us. App is not user friendly if you have a lot of items in your store (1000+). A lot of the stuff you need to do in bulk you can only do at a max 100 products at a time (i.e, updating product subscription settings).

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Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 3 meses
6 de septiembre de 2021

I never write reviews but I feel like I have to, in this case, as a warning to potential users. I wanted ReCharge to work. I've used others in this space and found them lacking. With the number of features ReCharge claims to have it felt like a no-brainer. Instead, to date, I've run into the following issues, causing us to lose revenue and customers: - ReCharge doesn't understand sales tax and sometimes doesn't collect it properly, leading to lost revenue, or over-charging customers. They don't have a solution besides radio silence in their emails.
- ReCharge doesn't understand the easily-attainable-from-Shopify shipping rates and will sometimes not collect shipping charges, leading to lost revenue. They don't have a solution besides to just don't collecting shipping charges or charge based on weight, not price. (No one told them that's a terrible recommendation, obviously.)
- ReCharge's integration doesn't work with OS 2.0 themes, full stop, regardless of what they tell you. (It's not like it hasn't been in the works for a while.)
- ReCharge made a change to their shipping component, causing my customers recurring orders to silently error out and not fulfill. This caused at least one of my customers to cancel, resulting in lost revenue. (I received no indication there was a problem, and ReCharge sent my customer a notification email that their order was shipping soon.) If you're not noticing a trend, here, it's this: with the hundreds of millions of dollars they've received in funding, their tool appears to be built like they had zero funding and had to create it in a weekend. I wish I could leave them because I don't trust them with my business or my customers, however, the competition is outright worse. I don't know where all of these 5-star reviews are coming from. They appear fake. I haven't had a single month in the last half-year where there I didn't run into an issue with ReCharge, and after speaking with colleagues in the e-commerce space, they all had similar views and opinions. Even after all that, I still managed to give them two stars. Like I said, their feature set is great when it works, but that's where it ends. Their support team is subpar and has no interest in seeing a problem through to a solution. Their documentation is scattered and inaccurate. You'll be fine if you don't do anything remotely complicated or ever need help. I wish I could go back in time and never sign up with them. I have customers I can't migrate away from their platform, at all, so I'll always be stuck to them unless I want to lose even more revenue. Maybe it's worth it.

Kenmore Coffee Company
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Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: Más de 1 año
Fecha de modificación: 27 de abril de 2022

We use the app since 9 months and run close to $100k per month over it. Technical support is very good. However, very disappointed with the way Recharge handles key account management. We have contacted account exec several times. No / hardly no answer. We complained. No answer. We requested change of account exec. No answer.

Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: Más de 1 año
2 de mayo de 2021

I wished this worked but because of glitches it has caused my business great losses. Glitchy glitchy glitchy.

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Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 11 meses