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Womple Studios

If you're only using ReCharge for the most basic of subscription needs, it is probably fine. But, heaven forbid you have to deal with their customer service. Nice enough people, but often it feels like they don't even read your question before referring you to some article that doesn't address it. I've been dealing with the same problem for nearly 2 months now, costing me countless hours of my own time and throwing fulfillment into disarray. So far, ReCharge has made the problem worse on multiple occasions by suggesting they've fixed everything, only for me to realize a week later that they didn't actually do anything.

Sail to Trail WineWorks


Working again, but evidently its a "theme issue" (I'm using Parallax. Hardly a weird theme). I really dislike it when programmers blame the OTHER program for their problems. You need to fix the issue rather than blame it on a third party. Especially when that third party is commonly used. (It's like when someone blames an issue on the fact that I'm using Chrome as my browser.).
At any rate, it seems that any tiny change to my site causes ReCharge to flake, at which point they need to fix it. So I'm keeping my review at 2 stars until it's at least stable.

Update 8/28:

So it's back to not working. I was also given a POC at the company that told me he'd be responsive as my customer service contact. So far, it's the same. Going back to one star and postulating that this is a scam rather than a functioning app.

Update 8/23:

So ReCharge got back to me and was very apologetic about the entire episode. It would have been more convincing if that correspondence had occurred prior TO my review below. But they have since done everything they can to make it right, so I'll give credit where it's due.

As of today, everything seems to be running smoothly. So I'm changing my review to 3 stars. If things continue to go well or if issues are responded to effectively and quickly in a few months or so, I'll bump it up to 4. Stay tuned.
AVOID. ReCharge is a SCAM.

Loaded this onto my website for my wine club. It linked up correctly and seemed fine.
Suddenly, club transactions stopped occurring. I reached out to CS and got Nikola.
Nikola agreed that it wasn't a good situation, but looked into it. Then his response (after I needed to ping him) was that people may not have been signing up for club the right way. HUH? I can't stand when software providers blame things on user error. This is supposed to be a simple transaction. How can someone "sign up incorrectly"?
I informed him that it was working fine at one point, and that the Club transaction pages used to have the ReCharge symbol on them, but that now it was gone.
Again he went radio silent and I needed to "ping him" to get a response. He did some digging, and realized something significant changed and he was "escalating it".
Once again, Nikola has gone off-grid. The problem in unresolved, and nobody from "Customer Service" is responding. Several days ago I warned Nikola that we were getting into "Uninstall and leave scathing review" territory.
Then yesterday, I said we were into "Leave a review that ReCharge is a scam and report it to Shopify" territory.

Still no response.

So here goes: From what I've seen, ReCharge not only doesn't work, but is a SCAM. They will take your money and hang you out to dry. Do NOT use them as a repetitive payment provider.

Intrepidity Scents

I like the idea of it, but it is so hard to get something to show up in my store. I thought it would show automatically but I keep having to go back in to the system and attempt to manually do it and it doesn't work.

Drama Llama Shop

There are too many glitches with this app. Might be good for hobbyists but sucks for real businesses.

2. Our subscription has a 2 month minimum. But even though we have our cancellation settings set to only store admin access. customers have been able to cancel their subscriptions. ( this is 100% on recharge side.)

3. The app is too slowwww.... takes so long to load if you have any signification amount of subscriptions.and there is a lot of down time.. (should be an separate app not in shopify admin panel)

NA. Some orders don't go through recharge checkout. So we have a bunch of people getting free products without recharge saving their info. The setting are right its just a glitch. ( This was actually a problem with another app we have. Not the fault of recharge)

Rainforest Coffee Co.

I downloaded this app for subscription orders, which it handles decently, but needs work. For one, it doesn't allow custom pricing (only a % discount, which ends up making weird pricing that looks like a cheap discount store. It also doesn't have an order bump / add more items to cart (which it says it does, but you have to buy other apps to make this work) and doesn't seem to notify/email customers about upcoming orders, and if they would like it paused or shipped sooner, or if they would like to add any other items which is very important part for the business (i.e. order bump / add to cart which it advertises but apparently this is only for api) and they want to charge a ridiculous amount for support in setting it up. Overall, they are charging more than a monthly subscription on Shopify and they don't really deliver the integrations they claim or even help with the integrations and UX/UI that you want for your customers


We've been using ReCharge for the last year and a half and it does what it needs to do. Beyond that, it really falls short in a number of ways.

External Checkout: All of your customers will be redirected to an outside checkout portal so capturing abandoned carts is impossible unless you want to pay for one of their "partner apps". We've been paying upwards of $200/month for ReCharge due to how much volume we do with them so to pay another $500+/month for an abandoned cart app (not kidding, look at the pricing for Carthook) is less than ideal.

Address Change: If a customer changes their address by logging into their account in Shopify it DOES NOT change within Re-Charge. When you are dealing with as many memberships as we do, this became a MASSIVE issue. The time and effort it takes to double-check any address changes before shipping lead to many of our subscription products going to the wrong address and cost us a significant amount of money/lost customers.

Like I stated earlier, it does basic subscriptions but there are some serious flaws with this app.

Chalet Nursery

It does most things right and is easy to manage, but there seem to be a lot of bugs. For example, right now we cannot fulfill any of our ReCharge generated orders. They're just piling up. Tough to manage. Looking for other options now.

Get Leche

We attempted to use this app - and had problems with the installation process. Apparently the format we use with Shopify is such that a manual installation on their end was necessary. Which would have been great had we gotten a message to that effect. Instead we spent hours trying to troubleshoot the problem and figuring out if it had to do with having to set up another stripe payment system to work with Shopify - and not getting an answer to our questions (because they only work via e-mail). When they did get around to installing their app, they messed up the installation, so that when a potential customer was on our site, if they selected the subscription selection it made the pricing and the info for a one-time purchase disappear -you could no longer see anything on the site, and when you clicked the little button that had no information next to it - the one-time purchase information would reappear, but the icon and the information for the subscription selection would disappear. It's been just - kind of a bummer and a sinkhole of time has been spent on this app.

OP2 Labs- ProT GOLD Liquid Protein

When you read the description you have one perspective, when you install its not the same. A few things they do not tell you. This may be a good solution if you have a custom developer but not out of the box integrated as they make it seem.

1) You can only use one subscription schedule, such as daily, weekly or monthly. I use Weekly and Monthly with Bold.

2) This solution requires that you DUPLICATE all your products thereby creating a dedicated item for your subscription - Bold does not!

3) Support is OK at best. They only provide support over email. I was migrating from an existing solution and as such, they claim to offer migration support. I filled out a form, was never contacted and had to inquire a few times about this before someone responded. When I finally got someone from migration, they sent instructions. They never provided any guidance or recommendations considering I came from another solution.

4) Also, this is NOT as integrated as claimed. It is basically a bolt on a standalone solution. Landing pages, etc are added on to the site versus the integrated solution you get BOLD.

5) Also they are very limited in the payment processors they support, only two options. Stripe is terrible and we use paypal but in order to use them, you have to have Braintree which has much higher interest rates than paypal even though they are a PayPal company. It benefits a company to ensure ALL your payment processing is done through one company.

It surprises after reading this solution how my perspective was this was going to be an awesome solution. Not the case!


When the app works it is great. We liked it so much that we implemented it into our second Shopify store. But it is have become very unstable and unreliable. We are no longer to take new subscription orders over the phone because we either 1) have no access to our ReCharge account or 2) the ReCharge customer list from the wrong store appears. The only work-around we have is to close all browsers and restart our computers. If you have a lot of customer orders this App will not work for you.

Customers are unable to edit or cancel their subscriptions from their accounts on any browswer or mobile device. We have to manually do this for them.

Support is very friendly & responsive but they give us the same excuses as to why their product doesn't work and do not follow through on promises to fix these major issues.

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