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Subscriptions by ReCharge

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Alpha Coffee

We thought based on the reviews that this would be the ticket as we had used another subscription app previously and did not like it. The functionality is good but customers seem to have difficulties logging into their accounts and changing their recurring orders so we end up having to do a ton of CS work on their behalf. Frustrating to only have email as a way to correspond with Recharge CS - would even be willing to pay to talk to someone to get issues resolved rapidly. Instead it usually turns into a dozen emails back and forth trying to explain problems and getting the wrong responses. Am considering a new app again. Frustrating because this one had promise.


Your email support is excellent and extremely helpful but its email and it takes time. It's beyond me that you don't have phone support.

Iconic Protein

Recharge is a decent app. I would actually give 3.5 stars, but that's not an option.

- relatively user friendly
- offers most of the functionality you would expect in a subscription: cancel, swap items, change recurring order interval, etc.
- great customer support that is very quick to respond (do wish they had a phone # to call)

- doesn't offer customers ability to pause
- checkout flow does not like to work with other apps
- does not have a dynamic cart/checkout, so if you change your price recharge doesn't update automatically (you have to go resync your pending subscriptions or ask recharge to do for you)
- does not work with dynamic pricing (i.e. if you have tiered pricing or bulk discounts)
- glitchy at times; doesn't always show product images; some pages won't show all the different options unless you click out and click back in, making it very difficult to find what should be easy solutions

La Cabra Coffee Roasters

Have been using this app for a year now, and while the customer service is outstanding and the overall performance is great for the app's key functions, it still needs some functionality to be build in before it will be perfect.


Great support! Would love to give 5 but, the app has some basic features like searching by customer name/email/country missing.


ReCharge installs their own check-out page that supersedes the Shopify one. That means, unfortunately, that shopify order value coupons such as "get 15% off if you spend more than $ 30" no longer work. ReCharge does not offer the logic to replicate these discounts on their check-out page, which for me is a deal breaker.

Driwash Solutions

I had to remove it. Customers were selecting the subscription option, when in fact they didn't want it as a recurring/subscription. Installation was good. Charging via Stripe was not foolproof (but that's stripes problem, not recharge).

The Vintage Beard Company

The app functions as promised. We acquired a little over 40 subscribers on average in just a few months. It turned out though, most of these just wanted the initial discount for signing up and then just wanted to cancel. It would be nice if this app had a function to allow customers to pay full price on the initial order and receive discounts on future orders. This would help entice more serious subscribers opposed to those just looking for a quick discount. All in all the app functions well, but we found giving a discount for subscribing was the only way to get subscribers, so we don't really see a need to offer subscriptions without any discount, so we will likely be removing the app since 95% of subscribers just want to take advantage of the discount. We'd recommend trying it if you think you can make it work for your business, as the app and company seem to be legitimate. I gave it 3 out of 5 stars because of the admin headache dealing with multiple daily customers pretending they never signed up wanting to cancel, and lack of more detailed functions in the app.