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Support team is good and attentive but it isn't totally smooth sailing as far as integration goes. It caused a lot of issues with check out / integration that actually made our mobile site not work the day we launched.

Beer Hug Subscriptions

EDITED from 1 star to 3 stars.

The issue I originally had was caused by bad code at my end, not the app. My bad. However, while the customer service was good after I escalated the issue with a 1 star rating, it took more than a week for someone to be able to genuinely help me out. During that week I had a lot of promises that someone was working on it, but no one actually was. In summary, The app is great, and service was good after an escalation but my experience indicates that unless you're paying for the premium service you may get deprioritized.


Things were going awesome until I opened up a new region to sell in. The app didn't update the shipping region settings from Shopiy so customers in the new region I opened can't actually buy from me. This in itself is a very fixable issue - these things happen when working with tech. My issue, however, has been the way in which my problems has been solved, or in this case hasn't been solved. For a number of days now I have been told 'development is working on it', but over a week since I alerted Recharge to this problem and it is still not fixed and I have been given no indication of when it will be fixed or what I need to do to get it fixed faster. I've advised I am happy to pay more for premium service, or engage my own developers, but there is no response to helping me actually solve the problem apart from being told it's 'being worked on'. The problem is likely to be a very simple fix, so I can only assume I'm a long way down a queue of jobs waiting to be worked on. The issue for me is I have done PR in my new region so I am getting traffic and people trying to buy from me - it's embarrassing and costly not being able to serve them, but also not being able to tell them when it will be fixed. My expectation is that I am given a timeline or the ability to fix myself, but neither of these have been offered after multiple rounds of discussions. I've (literally) pleaded with the service reps to help me, but no result. Incredibly disappointed.

Northstar Bison

We just launched our site upgrade almost 4 months ago and still learning the ropes for this app. I would like another round of training as we have encountered numerous scenarios that have caused issues for our customers.

I like the user friendliness of it and intend to stay with it but just need better communication or filters to prevent certain scenarios from happening and causing error messages.

Herb & Root | Luxurious Perfume Oils, Bath Oils, and Massage Oils

I've been using this app for a while. It's pretty easy to use. Only issue is support is slow (email and usually takes a while to get a response). Also, when they don't answer your question the first time, the back-and-forth can make a simple issue turn into a weeklong ordeal.

Soapnut Republic

It works & easy to use. But SLOW support. In 6 months, it broke 3 times. Takes weeks+ to solve any issue.


Customer service was super helpful. Great team of support. Thanks for your support and help in getting setup!


Recharge is very good and the customer support is perfect, but after the onboarding process they stopped answering my emails. I need urgent the API Token to customize my workflows and I need to fix the bug of the Instagram browser (is hiding the subscribe button). It's been more than 15 days without any answer.

Kaimana Jerky

As soon as we set this up, we had customers sign up for subscriptions. HOWEVER, this app does not play nicely with others. We added a slider checkout and days later realized no one could buy a subscription box because Recharge needs to redirect to their own checkout page, not the Shopify checkout. OK, we fixed that problem. Then weeks later, we made a tweak within the Recharge app that changed checkout so that the first option was one time purchase not subscribe and save. Now, NO items could be added to cart. Trying to figure out what went wrong now and just had to vent about how irritating this app is.

Alpha Coffee

We thought based on the reviews that this would be the ticket as we had used another subscription app previously and did not like it. The functionality is good but customers seem to have difficulties logging into their accounts and changing their recurring orders so we end up having to do a ton of CS work on their behalf. Frustrating to only have email as a way to correspond with Recharge CS - would even be willing to pay to talk to someone to get issues resolved rapidly. Instead it usually turns into a dozen emails back and forth trying to explain problems and getting the wrong responses. Am considering a new app again. Frustrating because this one had promise.


Your email support is excellent and extremely helpful but its email and it takes time. It's beyond me that you don't have phone support.

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