ReCharge Subscriptions

ReCharge Subscriptions

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Seamlessly scale your subscription business

Enable growth

Make buying easy. Enable customers to manage their own subscriptions, increasing customer engagement & lifetime value, while reducing churn.

Roll out subscriptions faster

With quick deployment and turnkey solutions, ReCharge can be set-up in minutes and integrates with your existing ecommerce tools.

Grow & scale repeat business

Turn your business into a sustainable, recurring revenue machine, then make data-driven decisions based on the analytics dashboard to scale.

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ReCharge empowers growing businesses by making purchases easy for their customers. With ReCharge, you can build a reliable revenue stream by simplifying the management of subscription and recurring payments.


Manage your subscription business within ReCharge’s powerful merchant portal all while enabling your customers to fully manage their subscriptions directly from your store.

Quickly enable subscription offers

Set up in minutes, then connect to your existing tech.

  • Roll out subscriptions with Shopify Payments in minutes
  • Leverage our powerful API to scale your subscription business
  • Integrate with top applications

Increase lifetime value & customer engagement

Create a better subscription experience for shoppers while increasing your revenue.

  • Let customers manage their own subscriptions via a customer portal
  • Grow AOV through upsells like adding one-time products
  • Keep everyone in the loop with automatic notifications

Reduce customer churn

Create brand loyalty by meeting your customers where they are.

  • Let shoppers skip or reschedule deliveries on the ReCharge portal or by text message
  • Allow shoppers to swap products
  • Improve payment conversions with automatic retries and dunning

Build custom workflows

Use the ReCharge APIs to automate your business and incentivize shoppers.

  • Use powerful APIs to get any job done and customize your subscription offering
  • Build automated workflows to grow your business

Measure performance & optimize your business

Gain actionable insights that help you meet your customer’s needs.

  • Get insights into revenue, customers, and subscriptions
  • Understand your customers like never before
  • Track product performance in real time


We connect the world through seamless payments and empower thousands of merchants to grow their subscription businesses.

Now more than ever, subscription services are a huge part of peoples’ daily lives. Thousands of subscription businesses have been started in recent years, making it one of the fastest growing categories in commerce. We believe payments is a key lynchpin that makes these companies successful by facilitating significant increases in revenue and customer engagement.


  • Klaviyo,
  • Gorgias,
  • Yotpo,
  • Shipstation,
  • Loyalty Lion,
  • Attentive







料金 60日間の無料体験





1% + 5¢ per transaction

  • Subscription Billing
  • Order Management
  • Merchant Tools
  • Payment Management



1% + 19¢ per transaction

  • Subscription Billing
  • Order Management
  • Enhanced Customer Portal
  • Merchant Tools
  • Payment Management
  • Enhanced Analytics

* すべての料金は米ドルで請求されます。 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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App was really easy to set up and integrate with our store. I'm currently using the free plan but it's working well out of the gate. We've had a few subscriptions processed already and it's a seamless experience. That said, as an FYI we've run into 2 issues because of our unique store setup: 1) No ability to have the subscription purchase price reflect different currencies (our site uses a currency selector). Subscription are priced based off of the main currency. ReCharge says the only way to avoid this issue is to have duplicate sites showing different currencies. 2) For our products we have a dropdown where the customer can choose to buy 1 or 2 of the same item. When a customer buys 2, there's a 10% discount. For our subscription we offer a 15% discount. When a customer selects to buy 2 items, the 2-item subscription cost is discounted off of the already discounted 2 items cost, so effectively there's a double discount. Wish it could be discounted off of a regular price or we could disable subscription option for the 2-item purchase.

Douglas Coffee

This app is great! We love all the functionality it gives us. From special flows and integrations to mail integration. Works great. Our CX rep Gordon C. is money. So much knowledge about shopify, and how to make our store the best experience for our customers!!


We are happy overall. The primary pain point is the lack of integration with Shopify checkout, but we understand that is in process.