Subscription & Recurring Pay

Subscription & Recurring Pay

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Subscriptions recurring payment. Default Checkout compatible

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Subscriptions on any demands

Grow business letting users buy subscriptions alongside with regular products. Motivate new purchases offering trials and discounts

Generate Stable Cash Flow

Build long-term relationships with your customers. Save time with automatic recurring billing & subscriptions management

Easy & Seamlessly with Shopify

Work seamlessly with Shopify Checkout. Easy Set Up with no theme code modification.

Über Subscription & Recurring Pay

*IMPORTANT NOTE*: You must use Shopify Payment as your payment gateway to use our app

Subscriptions based model is trending now

Every retailer dreams of an infinite revenue stream, but shoppers are used to buying occasionally.

Subscription ecommerce is a business model in which customers make regular payments to receive products or services at recurring intervals.

With the help of Subscription Revenue Stream type, will help you:

  • Build long-term relationships with customers: build rich conversational relationships with customers. Merchants can tailor messaging, recommendations and ads to each subscriber, providing a personal, memorable experience.
  • Lowering customer acquisition expenses: keep your subscribers happy; this type of model ensures a consistent revenue source from repeat customers.
  • Lower retention spend: Subscribers who are committed to regular payments are less likely to churn, which means you don’t have to eat away at your budget with retention marketing
  • Better profits and costs forecasting: accurately and reliably predict your business’ revenue stream when the business environment is always fluctuating. Store Owners can easily make decisions
  • Continuously gather feedback from customers
  • Motivate new customers by offering discounts

Our Subscriptions & Recurring Pay Benefits:

  • Provide users with a safe way to pay online with Shopify Native Checkout. You do not need to use 3rd party payment gateway.
  • Turn one-time sales into recurring purchases. You can turn your shop to Subscription-Based or just a few products tailor to your business-need
  • Offer both subscriptions and one-time purchases. So, your customers can purchase mixed cart checkout with one-time and recurring products in one transaction
  • Let your customer choose a suitable subscription plan when purchasing sub-product
  • Store owners can create as many subscription group and plans as your need
  • Customers can access the Customer Portal through Shopify Native Login
  • Control Customers' Permission on Enable/Cancel/Pause/Skip/Cancel,... a subscription
  • Show link customer portal after checkout
  • Send email notifications to customers. You also can edit the email templates tailoring to your business concepts
  • NO Coding Skills needed. Our installation process is automatic in any case, including changing the themes. You just need to come to our app again.
  • NO Leftover If you need to uninstall our app
  • Carefully testing with Shopify Themes and less chance to conflict with others. If happening, our technical team will check and fix it very fast

Feel free to test our demo with password: 1

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Starter Plan


  • 0% Transaction Fees
  • 1 Subscription Groups
  • Unlimited Subscription orders
  • Customer Portal
  • Email Notifications
  • Supports all theme

Pro Plan


  • 0% Transaction Fees
  • 3 Subscription Groups
  • All Starter Features
  • VIP Support

Advanced Plan


  • 0% Transaction Fees
  • 3 Subscription Groups
  • Pro Features
  • One-by-one support

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