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14 de mayo de 2024

Not compatible with new integration. Reached out to support and they told me to contact Shopify. Probably still works fine with Shop Pay but don't recommend for anyone using

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Appstle Inc. respondió 15 de mayo de 2024

Dear Merchant,

This is Ria, co-founder of Appstle. I want to clarify that as a native Shopify app, our payments and associated gateways purely and 100% stem from Shopify. As in, we work only with payment methods that Shopify integrates with.

As for, Shopify's still supports it. However, recently, introduced a new version, which doesn't yet integrate with Shopify for subscriptions and recurring payments. Unfortunately, this is a direct limitation on the payment gateway side and as a Shopify native subscription application, it is out of our scope. We are continuously monitoring the payment gateway updates from Shopify and once it is available for the new version, we will be automatically supporting it.

Please see these documents from Shopify for further clarification:

If you have any other concerns, feel free to reach out to us at

Fecha de modificación: 10 de octubre de 2023

**Latest Update** Well the lead dev/co-founder has been very difficult to communicate with. But these guys have made their analytics section 10x's better since I spoke up. So I need to give credit where credit is due. They deserve it. But we are also having trouble with email's not being sent....a bunch of our customers aren't getting appstle's emails and sure enough the tests are returning errors....they have no solution for it. Its a very buggy application, and the devs don't like to admit ANY fault and can be difficult to deal with. Their reviews are fake....check the other 1 star reviews to see the real situation, here. I really hope we can find a way to move off the app before we get to big.

The absolute worst analytics section i've ever seen. English isn't the first language of their UI devs so the definitions of the features make no sense at all.... and they clearly have no experience running subscription models - they are missing every crucial piece of data that we need - its seriously the worst analytics section i've seen in 8 shows nothing of use and is missing everything we need.

It doesn't even show a real churn rate...its a different calculation that no one would ever use or need. It doesn't show total revenue generated. And it doesn't show any approval rates. I'm telling you guys.....its like these people have ZERO experience with the subscription model. I am beyond frustrated because we built our entire store into this thing.

The support is fast and that's the only reason this isn't a 1 star.

The widget on the site breaks all the time and every time we list a new product, we have to ask their devs to fix their widget....and they NEVER do it right the first time and we have to point out their mistakes over and over and over - this has happened 3 times now and each time they promise to fix it.... and of course, they do nothing.

This app is so disappointing. Unless they fix their analytics, there is no way for us to scale on this. It really sucks.

Organics Ocean
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Appstle Inc. respondió 4 de septiembre de 2023


This is Hemant, the co-founder and CTO of Appstle. I am an ex-Apple Siri Staff Engineer and one of my focus areas was analytics.

Sharing what I mentioned on our call, our analytics definition and formulas adhere to common parlance, as well and other app benchmarks. If we change the metric formula per your request alone, it will affect our 20,000+ other merchants.
We still added a new and unique metric based on your store’s needs and preferred input variables, and unfortunately, beyond that, we will not able to change the label of our existing metric.

As regards the widget, our investigation showed that your store was using 2 different templates for 2 different products. Our team was not privy to this critical information and hence we configured widget based on just one template.

Let us know if we can help you in any other way. Feel free to reach out to

Fecha de modificación: 28 de diciembre de 2023

UPDATE 12/28/23: A few weeks ago, a code change was rolled out and broke so many things in our configuration. We are now dealing with mess after mess after mess. Every day something new is broken. These developers roll out code changes without taking into account and testing what will happen to existing configurations. At this point, we are going to have to find another subscription app. So upset we spent so much time building out this app.

UPDATE: Have been live for over a month and have been very pleased so far. The team is always quick to help us with any issues we run into and our customers have been very happy with the customer portal compared to our previous subscription app. It took a bit to get it fully configured how we wanted it to and understand all of the settings. But now that we are up and running, 5 stars.

UPDATE: One of the Appstle developers got on a video call with me and it was determined that another app in my theme was causing this to happen and not Appstle. Updating my review from 3 stars to 4 because we are still working on some bugs with the Build A Box feature, but they are always very responsive and the app has a lot of potential if we can just get it all configured the way we need for our use case.

There is no doubt that for the price, this app has the most amount of features for subscriptions. Lots of different ways you can configure it. However a big warning here…we have this app turned off and have had 3 customers forced into a subscription without signing up for one. While this is only about 2% of our orders during the timeframe, these customers were livid and thought we were scamming them. The customer support team is always quick to respond, but after a week on this particular issue they determined that my screenshot that I showed them of it happening (yes, I was able to recreate it myself) was a “misunderstanding” and nothing is wrong. In my testing I have determined that the only fool proof way is duplicating products to have one product be in the Build A Box and the original product be the one-time product. Otherwise you run the risk of customers getting forced into a subscription without choosing one. And if you have the app turned off in your theme, that means nothing…beware that there is a chance customers will be forced into a subscription even when you have it turned off.

Frozen Garden
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Appstle Inc. respondió 15 de enero de 2024

Dear Merchant,

This is Ria, the co-founder of Appstle. I sincerely apologize for your less than stellar experience with Appstle. We understand that code changes brought to either add new features, or to comply with Shopify updates can affect setup. Since the time of the review, we have come up with a way to make sure no code changes affect merchants’ existing configurations. This has been vigorously tested across scenarios, and all existing Appstle Subscriptions setup in a store will remain intact.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me anytime at or if you have any other questions. We are available 24x7x365.

24 de julio de 2023

The app itself seems great. The service and support is not.
When going through the migration process we dealt with OVER 15 DIFFERENT PEOPLE via an email string that could wrap around the earth, and it became very confusing and frustrating. Emails were ignored when I was asking for things to be confirmed and one, they would just not respond. It took far longer to set up than anticipated and the process was not communicated well at all.
They made our system live, before we had even configured (or knew we had to configure) the shipping settings. That to me was an absolute NO - and should never have happened. They then advised that having more than 1 option for a shipping profile was not possible, so we had to change our entire shipping structure to suit this system.
I've since asked for information on a button within the app and how long a link lasts before expiring on our customers.. and have been told to ask shopify (even though they could understand the answer to advise THEIR customer, they choose not to, and send me to ask shopify after waiting 1 hour for a reply on chat from them).
The service is not where it needs to be at all. We trust people with our customers and our businesses and livelihoods... and so if we continue to have issues like this, Appstle will be removed and we won't use it.

Nueva Zelanda
Alrededor de 1 mes usando la aplicación
Appstle Inc. respondió 26 de julio de 2023

I am the CTO of Appstle. I am sorry you had less than stellar experience with us. Regarding your recent issue about payment link expiration, it was brought to our attention for the first time. Hence we weren't aware of the expiration time. It has been asked by other Shopify app partner members as well in the community.

As for the response delays I am trying to get to the bottom of the issue. At Appstle, we take customer support very seriously and strive to provide hands-on 24x7 support - 365 days. I will ensure the hiccups you saw in the past won't happen again. I apologize again for the inconvenience.

3 de febrero de 2024

I wanted to migrate from my current rewards program to Appstle as it includes more features, such as point expiration and VIP program for. a much lower price. Unfortunately, the backend of this app is very time consuming and complicated. The wording and options were confusing. You also can't preview anything you are doing. The migration was very manual, and I started feeling very uneasy about removing my current program as I was not very confident in this one. I reached out to support several times, and although they were responsible, I really received not much help in the migration, although they keep stating to chat with them for a smooth migration with a specialized team. My recommendation would be to have a dedicated person to hands-on migrate you (copy your current program), and get you going right away.

MOD&SOUL - Contemporary Women's Clothing
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9 minutos usando la aplicación
Appstle Inc. respondió 6 de febrero de 2024


This is Ria, the co-founder of Appstle. We sincerely apologize for the less than stellar experience you had with our app. It looks like there might be some confusion regarding the app you meant to leave the review for, but regardless, we understand that navigating a new platform can present challenges, especially during the initial setup phase.

We are continuously working to improve the user interface and are simplifying the configuration process to make things more intuitive for our users. Your feedback is invaluable in guiding these enhancements.

Regarding the migration process, we apologize for any inconvenience you experienced. While our migrations team aims to provide comprehensive assistance, it seems there may have been a gap in effectively addressing your concerns. We have re-evaluated our migrations process for Appstle Loyalty post your feedback, and have made it more hands on now. We want to extend an INVITATION TO SCHEDULE A CALL with our Migrations team lead, to further discuss your migration needs and assist you in configuring your loyalty program per your needs. You should have received an email from them.

You can also reach out to our support team at anytime. Our support team is available 24x7x365 and will be taking your request on priority.

20 de febrero de 2023

Was interested in the app with all the reviews but when I scheduled a demo nobody showed up and nobody contacted me. Not interested in trying an app that does not offer good service.

Kalamazoo Candle Company
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Appstle Inc. respondió 20 de febrero de 2023

Dear Merchant,

This is Ria, the co-founder of Appstle. We sincerely apologize for missing the demo call. There was a Calendly mix-up and the event went into a wrong category. Our Merchant Success Manager has reached out to you to re-schedule the call, at your convenience. Looking forward to hearing back from you.


20 de noviembre de 2022

Great price but I’ve been waiting over a week for their developers to move only 2 subscribers from bold to appstle and no response or resolution. This is my second time making the request so I’m still paying bold while waiting for appstle to do something they claim is super quick and easy.

Spotlight Body
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4 meses usando la aplicación
Appstle Inc. respondió 10 de enero de 2024


Thankyou for the feedback. We apologize for the delay caused in migrations. Since, the migration process involves data which is required from the previous app, we could not move subscribers to Appstle until all data was in place. Also, to make things faster and more hands on, since the time of the review, we have brought in a dedicated migrations team to work with merchants every step of the way.

We hope that you are enjoying your experience with Appstle Subscriptions. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at if you need any other assistance. We are available 24x7x365.

Fecha de modificación: 1 de agosto de 2022

I've decided to update my review after some time using the app. The app is fine, and more or less does what I need it to, but I'm having a lot of trouble with the customer service. Response times are extremely slow, and the answers they provide are usually very vague and not helpful. I can definitely attest that the level of support has diminished since starting with this app. Currently, I have many subscriptions that are scheduled to process, but are not processing a their scheduled time. The response I received to this issue was "they are in the queue, please give it more time." Even after asking to elaborate, I could not get a more straightforward answer. Support I've received in the past has eventually lead to a solution, though it's usually not exactly what I've been seeking. There are a lot of limitations within subscription settings that don't make sense, and the way much of the user interface is translated into English is difficult to understand. Overall, not pleased with the user-friendliness of the app. --- original review --- Kehanvi was a huge help today. Initially I had a problem with theme integration, which was a simple fix. That led into some more specific questions about my subscription offerings, and I was able to figure out exactly what I needed. Thank you! So far it seems like Appstle is going to work great for our business. There is a little bit of a learning curve setting it up, but it has a very customizable experience. Looking forward to launching our first subscription.

Chickadees Wooden Toys
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3 meses usando la aplicación
Appstle Inc. respondió 19 de mayo de 2022


This is Ria, the co-founder of Appstle. We apologize for the less than stellar experience with our customer service. Since the time of the review, we have beefed up our Merchant Support team, to ensure we have strong 24x7x365 support from a highly technical team, across time zones.

We hope all your issues are sorted now, and that you are having a smooth journey with Appstle Subscriptions. Please do not hesitate to reach out to if you have any other questions. We are available 24x7x365.

27 de marzo de 2023

From what I understood from two different help representatives you cannot view how your subscriptions options will look on a draft in anyway, and you have to test the widget on your live store. To me, that feels unprofessional, I like being able to see and experiment with something in a test environment before publishing it on live products. This may not be a deal breaker to everyone, they recommend testing it by putting the live product up for a few seconds to look at it and then take it down right away. I feel like that is a silly workaround for what should be a default feature.

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Appstle Inc. respondió 28 de marzo de 2023

This is Hemant, the cofounder and CTO of Appstle. The feature you mentioned is based on a new Shopify update. It is currently in development at Appstle, and should be live in 2 days.

5 de enero de 2023

downloaded this to have a look about. ended up not using it. I unistalled it and its left files and crap everwhere. poor coding

Rocksolid Audio
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28 días usando la aplicación
Appstle Inc. respondió 5 de enero de 2023

Dear Merchant,

We apologize that you had a less than stellar experience with our app. Those files are added to load our subscription widget faster on your store. Whenever there is an uninstallation, Shopify automatically removes our code block from your theme files. Those files are not referenced anywhere else.

Hence, it would be helpful for us to get more insights into the problem you have mentioned. Please let us know if you are available for a call. If the problem was caused by Appstle, we would be more than happy to fix it for you, and consult on any other questions you may have.