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21 novembre 2023

I cannot recommend the app. I recently asked for support to set up a shipping profile so customers from a specific country would get free shipping when subscribing to a product, and customers from other countries would still need to pay shipping. What happened? The App has a serious flaw and customers outside these countries that are meant to receive free shipping were not able to check-out at all anymore. I have lost sales due to this app and when raising this to their customer service - their attitude towards the issue was absolutely unacceptable. Instead of being curious to understand the issue they basically blamed me for their flawed app. I cannot recommend this app and surprised they have so many positive reviews.

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26 septembre 2023

Bug after bug after bug!!! This app is poorly made. I've used it over a year now and every 2 weeks there is a serious bug that needs to be fixed. The ONLY reason I have not switched apps is because they have no way of migrating the subscription data to a new app, so we need to leave the app installed for our older subscriptions. DO NOT USE THIS APP, SAVE YOURSELF THE HEADACHE!!!

Yes Melanin
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Appstle Inc. a répondu 27 septembre 2023


We have checked out the issue thoroughly on our end with our developers, and according to the investigation, we believe something has changed in your theme, and it intermittently loaded our script twice, which caused the widget to show up twice on the product. We have made updated our code now, and things are working fine.
We've emailed you about the fix as well. Could you please confirm if the issue is fixed on your end? Please feel free to reach out if you need any other assistance, and we will be more than happy to help.

Since Appstle, similar to any other software, is a tool embedded in your store site, any change to your store (theme update or installation of other apps) may sometimes result in overriding or conflicting code. If that happens, please either involve your developers immediately to correct the conflicting codes, or reach out to us. Our support team is highly technical and will be able to fix it immediately.

27 août 2023

Had to remove the app, installed it for about 1 hour, try to fix a shipping issue (the product was for $0 of shipping in shopify, but the app added a shipping cost of $12 for no reason). Impossible to reach anyone from the US or Canada via customer service, all coming from India. Their english was really bad, and not only did they not solve the issue, but made everything worse. There's so many apps for subscription our there, do yourself a service a choose another. At least you might have a shot at minimally good customer service, and not too many is

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Appstle Inc. a répondu 29 août 2023

Hello. This is Ria, the co-founder of Appstle. I went through your chats with the team. As our Merchant Success Engineer as well as her Manager mentioned in the chats and the custom video guide that she made for your store, your shipping rate was coming from your Shopify shipping profile itself. In fact, that’s why the one-time purchase shipping price and subscription shipping price was exactly the same. Since your one time purchase shipping was $12, for order values below a certain threshold, the same applied to subscriptions too. Let me assure you that no other Shopify native or Shopify compatible subscription app would be able to help you here, unless the shipping profile is created on the app side (which the Manager explained in the video she made).
I went over the loom my teammate shared and it was very well-explanatory. And no, shipping on checkout page is not calculated based on IP address. It’s based on the shipping address you enter.
As for the location of the team, we are a California based company HQed in Menlo Park. We provide 24x7 support for merchants by having support team across geographies and timezones. Since, your ticket came in at 8 PM PST (outside work hours in the California), it was handled by our team in Asia. I personally did not see any communication or language issues in your chat or video, as our entire team across geographies are native English speakers.
Please dont hesitate to reach out to us at if you have any other questions.In fact, I am sharing it here so that others can decide it on their own. And no, shipping on checkout page is not calculated based on IP address. It’s based on the shipping address you enter.

18 août 2023

I really am so confused as to how this app has so many reviews. I switched over from recharge to Appstle thinking I could save a few bucks but this app has lost me thousands of dollars. Their platform is outdated and very limited. They also failed to transfer over 100 of my recharge customers and their customer support doesn't seem to care. The customer portal for my customers also doesn't connect and is very limited. You are also unable to set up influencers on a free box without a card on file or jumping through major hoops and it can not be reoccurring. If you sell a monthly subscription box, do NOT GET THIS APP!!! STAY AWAY!! If you sell single products on a subscription then this app should work fine.

But it's been a massive headache, they failed to take my recharge transfer seriously and I have been losing money every month with constant errors to my customers that were transferred and not transferred correctly and even simple things and users not being able to login to their portal to update their shipping address.

STAY AWAY! Not worth saving money. These reviews have to be fake. Their customer support is all outsourced from India.

Chasin' Unicorns
5 mois d’utilisation de l’application
25 août 2023

don't recommend and customer service is pretty clueless. I installed the app and it wasn't working, the radio buttons were NOT showing up on the product page, so a user could not check what frequency they wanted, and couldn't add it to their cart. I messaged customer service, and the first person said that the shopify theme was overriding the radio buttons and would look into it. Two hours later, no thing, then i messaged again and a new person came on. They had the audacity to tell me it wasn't their app widget and they couldn't do anything about it. They don't even know what their own widget looks like. I showed them proof again it was definitely theirs (it was the only subscription app I had installed, was a new store). Again they said the same thing, it's not their app widget, and they couldn't help. Wow! pretty bad customer service.

Mr. Black
Environ 5 heures d’utilisation de l’application
Appstle Inc. a répondu 26 août 2023

Dear Merchant,

We apologize for the inconvenience you faced with our app. As explained in the loom videos, the issue you encountered with the radio buttons was related to the widget that was being rendered from your own theme. I am glad we were able to align and get that sorted eventually. We are super glad to have you continue with us!

We should have been faster with the support, and I sincerely regret the experience you received from the first representative. We have put them back on training, to ensure we don’t have any gaps in our service and to meet the high bar we have set for ourselves.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or concerns.

13 mars 2023

My company has been using this app since September 2022. In that time, our experience has been awful. Do not be fooled by the many 5 star reviews. We went with this app because of the "excellent reviews".

Here are the reasons why you shouldn't go with this app:
The support team is completely uneducated on the app and could not help me with any issues I brought up from the start. We switched from WooCommerece to Shopify and Appstle promised that we could transfer our previous subscriptions over. The process was on-going even after launching our Shopify site. The support team kept telling us different things and promising a quick turn around, none of which happened.

Additionally, the company behind the app is incredibly dishonest about what the app can do and how much it costs. And to make matters worse, the company frequently makes changes to the app without any warning. These changes often break the app, leaving users like myself frustrated and unable to operate our businesses effectively. It's incredibly frustrating to have to constantly worry about whether or not the app will work the way it's supposed to.

They recently changed what customization you have control of based on what tier you pay for without telling us. So our widget broke and lost all of our branding. When I contacted support, they asked if we had made any changes to the widget and they didn't understand what "branding" is. I had to dig around the app to discover that they had made this change. Now they want us to pay 3 times what we are currently paying them on a monthly basis.

Lastly, the app has a horrid UI/UX design. The layout is confusing and difficult to navigate, and the overall user experience is not enjoyable. It feels like the developers put little thought into making the app user-friendly, which is unacceptable given the high cost of the subscription.

Overall, I would not recommend this app to anyone. It's not worth the headache and hassle that comes with it. These are just a few issues we have had over the last 6 months, the list is a lot longer. Save your money and look for a better option elsewhere.

CLN&DRTY Natural Skincare
7 mois d’utilisation de l’application
Appstle Inc. a répondu 13 mars 2023

Dear Merchant,

I am the co-founder of Appstle. I am sorry to hear that your experience with us hasn’t been great. I went through your tickets. Addressing the main one, in Shopify, whenever a product is deleted/recreated or a variant is updated, a new variant ID will be created. Hence the variants from your old contracts will not be present on Shopify. It will need to be updated. This would be true on any other app as well. However, we do have automation triggers for that at Appstle.

On the Migration front, we were restricted by the data we got - as in, it had missing pieces that were critical for a seamless transition from the competition app. That is why we had to go back and forth with you. It’s unfortunately not possible to speed up the migration if the data isn’t right.

I would love to personally jump in and see how I can help ensure you have a smooth move from WooCommerce and address any other doubts you may have. Skincare is one of the niches of Appstle, and we have hundreds of skincare category merchants who are very happy with us. I would love to jump on a call to ensure that you are one of them. Please reach out to me at


We have made improvements in our UI/UX and made it easier and more intuitive for merchants to update settings. Just look at our more recent reviews! We would like you to give us another try and let us know what you think of our new onboarding flow.

15 mars 2023

It's been extremely frustrating working with Appstle as our subscription management app. We've been trying to fix all issues and talk to the developers, but things don't improve, they don't really take their time to understand what we are asking, and what is not asking and work towards answering or fixing them.

Sometimes they answer by saying they don't have a certain feature and in fact, they do, their customer service just doesn't know it. The only reason we haven't left Appstle is that every time we change a subscription app it affects OUR customers' experience and we don't want to cause another friction with them until we find a better app/solution.

I would NOT recommend purchasing/adding this app to your Shopify store, and if you have one to recommend to us, please do, we'd really appreciate it.

Ortaliza Urban Farms
11 mois d’utilisation de l’application
Appstle Inc. a répondu 15 mars 2023

Dear Merchant,

This is the co-founder and CTO of Appstle. I sincerely apologize for failing to meet your expectations. I have sent you a detailed email. Hopefully, we can address all your requirements by end of the week.

Looking forward to connecting.

15 mai 2023

What a nightmare!!!! We installed this app, and noticed a MAJOR DROP in sales only to find out that it had broken our entire /cart page!!! No one was able to checkout until we caught the problem! Whether or not someone had purchased a subscription, they were not allowed to checkout - it would take them to the /cart page where a loading icon would just rotate for hours on end. As a quick fix, we had to put up a pop-up cart that would allow for checkouts. Not only was this the worst experience we've ever had with an app, but all their instructions on how to setup the subscription were wrong. Support would tell me to do things and test orders that didn't end up working the way we wanted them to. Those test orders also went towards our monthly limit!! Not only did we not have a cart page active, terrible support, and a major headache, we had to pay for it all!!

Thompson Ferrier
7 jours d’utilisation de l’application
Appstle Inc. a répondu 15 mai 2023

Dear Merchant,

I am the CTO of Appstle. I am sorry you had less than stellar experience with us. The cart widget doesn't work out of the box for all themes. That's why we have a note in the portal to reach out in case it doesn't work. All the other issues are already taken care of. There was a high surge of merchant chats at that point of time, hence it took us some time to reply.

Modifié le 23 avril 2023

Appstle is not user friendly at all and has very little direction to set up a recurring subscription. I followed the tutorial that was sent to me by support and it still charged my customers everyday for three days after they subscribed to my monthly subscription. I highly do not recommend

6 mois d’utilisation de l’application
Appstle Inc. a répondu 24 avril 2023

Dear Merchant,

I am the CTO of Appstle. I am sorry you had less than stellar experience with us. I have personally checked your store subscriptions. You had set the recurring order frequency for them as 1 day. By the time you changed the frequency to 1 Month, 3 subscription orders were already placed by your customers. Hence, the system place recurring orders for those subscriptions.

I can confirm that you now have the right setting and the issue shouldn't be happening anymore. However, I will be more than happy to get on a call and explain the flow to you. Please reach out to me at

2 juin 2023

It has some flaws that made it impossible for us to use it. First, it right away shows in the live version before you finished to set it up. But much worse, some things can not be translated to German and it keeps showing a page loading sign on the product page after the app was installed.

6 jours d’utilisation de l’application
Appstle Inc. a répondu 2 juin 2023

Dear Merchant,
We are sorry you had less than a stellar experience with our store. We do support publishing widget on non-published themes. However, it’s not the default setup option as most merchants find it hard to follow. We also support widget on products in draft or unpublished stage. This way, widget won’t be visible to others.

Also, could you let us know what label is not translatable? We have stores with various languages using our app. We also reached out to you 2 days back asking if you need any help. Please give us a try again. Our support team is available 24X7 and can be reached out via our chat widget.