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  • ELIMINATE FRAUD & CHARGEBACKS. Automatically flag, hold, or cancel fraudulent orders prior to fulfillment.
  • INCREASE SALES. Get insurance for both domestic and international orders. 100% chargeback protection.
  • IMPROVE EFFICIENCY. Tools to speed up or automate your order review process. Fully customize your fraud checks that can grow with your specific business needs

Everything you need to protect your store

Subuno is a fraud prevention platform that helps merchants reduce fraud, prevent chargebacks and increase order acceptance. Come see why over 1,000 businesses including many of the top brands on Shopify have partnered with Subuno to help them fight fraud and chargebacks.

Designed and built by industry veterans, Subuno complements and adds an additional layer of protection without having to change your workflow or existing fulfillment processes.

New to fraud prevention? No problem! Use our best practice fraud prevention checks and work with one of our fraud experts to help you get setup.

What sets Subuno apart


Subuno is the most customizable fraud prevention platform on Shopify that gives you access to over 20 of the industry leading fraud prevention and order validation tools. The entire system can be tailored to your specific needs and customized to how you want your orders screened. You don’t need to change your current workflow at all or “train” the system. Start protecting your store from day 1.


Our fraud prevention experts will work with you to make sure Subuno is doing exactly what you want. Have any questions? Speak to one of our customer service reps within the app or give us a call. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If we cannot help you solve your fraud problem or increase order acceptance within 30 days, we will provide a full refund.


Keep your existing workflow and have Subuno hold suspicious orders. Or automatically cancel them prior to triggering fulfillment. Subuno works with many of the top fulfillment apps including but not limited to the following apps: Fetchapp, Fullfillrite, Merchify (Amplifier), Sendowl, Shipwire, and Shopify Digital Downloads.


Combine different tools and data to get the best coverage. You can save time and money while streamlining your review process for quicker, informed decisions. Seek insurance coverage only for those risky transactions that you want extra assurance.

Top benefits merchants experience

  • Increase sales and order acceptance

  • Reduce review time and labor

  • Reduce customer friction and delays

  • Automate fraud prevention

  • Works with most fulfillment apps

Just a few of our features

*100% Chargeback Protection - Increase sales and ship orders with peace of mind with our insurance services.

*Risk Scoring - Flag fraudulent and suspicious orders automatically with various risk assessment scores so you can focus on your business and only pay attention to the bad orders.

*Rules Engine - Create simple and compound business rules in seconds. Customize your fraud checks to fit exactly what you want it to do. Have 100% control of your fraud prevention strategy- Subuno is not just an one size fits all black box solution that you have no control over. Start immediately with our best practice template rules with flexibility to grow.

*Manual Review Dashboard - Spend less time reviewing orders or confirming orders with customers/banks with the help of 20+ one-click fraud and order validation tools. No more copying and pasting order information across multiple sites. Get access to proprietary information not available through public online searches.

Start protect your store now!

To start protecting your store, click on the “install app” button in the top right. This will automatically create a new 30-day trial account. Our fraud experts will personally follow up shortly after to see if you need assistance in customizing the fraud checks to fit your business. For more information, please visit our website at www.subuno.com.

Technologies available within Subuno

Subuno offers over 20+ tools that complements Shopify’s current risk assessment analysis. You can use these tools automatically or customize them specific for your store.

  • Smart AVS filtering

  • Allow/Block lists

  • Velocity or frequency filters

  • Risk scoring

  • Identity based scoring

  • IP geolocation

  • Proxy (spoofed IP) detection

  • Device tracking

  • BIN validation

  • Machine learning

  • Data linkages

  • Name/Phone/Address validation

  • High risk and known fraud shipping addresses

  • Suspect email domain flag

  • Cross merchant protection

  • and many more....

Subuno reviews (21)


After I switched from Yahoo Store (client for 15 years) to Shopify, my store jurifax.com has been victim of a huge fraud on August 17, 2015. The crooks stole almost all my digital products. BTW I recently made a video on YouTube about it, in French language (keywords "Fraude contre Jurifax").

Right after this fraud, I tried to find a solution in order to increase the security of the shopping cart. I then discovered Subuno app. The team behind this outstanding app helped me to set up the app and establish strong security settings.

In brief:
1) This app is absolutely fantastic.
2) The support for this app is unmatched, thanks to Ed, Katie and their team
3) My site jurifax.com has never been victim of any other fraud since August 17, 2015...

Vincent Allard, Attorney
President of Jurifax


Not only has this app been a great addition to our store (it has really helped us cut down on user fraud) but the support I get from their team is magnificent! Thorough, courteous, professional and, above all, patient! KUDOS


If Fraud Prevention is on your radar then seriously consider this app. Prior to this app we had a number of fraud issues and like any small business fraud can really hurt. Both in terms of money and reputation. This app has helped us manage this and now not only prevent fraud, but also provides a level of oversight to highlight transactions that may be fraudulent. This has given us some assurance when making decisions whether to accept or reject certain transactions. The app does what it says. Definitely recommended.


This is a great app! Subuno made pinpointing fraudulent order a breeze and helped us save time and money. I must also mention that the level of support is simply outsanding. The Subuno team was always one step ahead to tweak filters and configurations to match our business needs. Well done!


This is great app. It have saved us thousands of hours that we used to take reviewing good and bad orders that we used to do manually.


As a seller of digital goods, I find that Subuno is very useful for preventing unauthorized or fraudulent transactions through even PayPal. It integrates multiple fraud prevention services in addition to its own capabilities. I use it for every transaction made.


Thanks, I have just implemented Subuno to my site and it works a treat.

Thank you.


This is an essential tool for online markets, the amount of detailed information you receive is incredible! We would be losing thousands of dollars from fraudulent orders, and this app has helped us to reduce fraud to almost ZERO!! I love this app and would recommend this to any online application that accepts credit card orders.


It's a great app. I use it since some days and I already can see all my game sales statistic. At the moment I use the free plan but I guess I will sign up for the pro version.

I have to check the detected risky payments by hand.
The success rate of people trying to pay with hacked accounts of got lower. If there is a risky order I will ask the person for idcard.


I was having a stream of fraudulent orders and none of my filters were working. I started using Subuno and with the help of their team, they very quickly informed me why I was getting these orders and how to stop them. I am now almost 4 weeks in without getting any more orders. Very helpful team.

From $19.00 / month

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30 days

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