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Redigerat 21 januari 2021

Developer finally provided a great workaround to view amount due on each invoice from the home screen, hoping for quick native implementation, for now we will bookmark the special url.
The "Due" status still overrides the "Partial" status tag...maybe add a new tag that says "Partial Due"???
Clean, simple app but very basic for the cost. Can't search/filter by customer. A simple filter by customer function would be helpful. You can sort by customer/contact however we have almost 3000 customers and lots of scrolling to find the right one. If Sufio made a couple changes to their view/filter it could be awesome. Why not implement a search or filter box to find the customer???
These are simply features to implement. Not many viewing/sorting improvements seen in almost 2yrs.
Software by subscription should come with continuous improvements....not here ***in response to the Sufio reply below.....the "partial paid" status only functions until the invoice becomes "due". At that point that tag/status is lost and each invoice must be opened to check the actual status.***

Rusty Dog Coffee
Mer än ett år användning av appen
Sufio svarade 8 oktober 2020

Thank you for taking your time writing this review. We appreciate your honest feedback, which raised a concern on our end.

Although we like you think of our app as clean and simple, we are deeply saddened by the fact your overall experience with us is rather negative.

Kindly note Sufio actually supports your invoices' different statuses, such as: created/ sent/ due/ paid (including "partial") as well as various filtering options by which you can easily track your invoices based on a particular category, for instance: paid x not-paid/ Shopify order status/ etc.

You're right that search by customer is not available yet, however we've opened up a conversation around this feature, which we would love to implement sometime in the future. Apologies it's been causing you inconvenience in the meantime.

We constantly keep improving our services so we assure our users' satisfaction and meeting your business needs. As such there recently have been various new implementations like bulk sending of invoices/ bulk printing of delivery notes, to name a few.

We take our customers' suggestions very seriously and so please be sure our Development Team are already aware of your feedback. We would like to offer you a call consultation in which we'd be happy to find out how we can help you have as-seamless-as-possible experience with us to ensure your smooth running of our app to achieve perfect invoices on your end! We'd sent you a private email and are looking forward to hearing back from you.


8 juni 2019

I used Sufio for almost a year and found the support team very helpful, it was a great invoicing App but the the product lacked simple editing ability after an invoice has been paid like changing the billing address at the customers request, load times were also very slow when dealing with high numbers of invoices and can be a little buggy. I have since switched to Order printer pro and find it much better

Mushroom Catering
10 månader användning av appen
Sufio svarade 7 augusti 2019

Hi John, thanks for your review. Sorry to hear that you felt Sufio wasn't right for you.

I couldn't find a support ticket from you asking about editing paid invoices, but just to clarify, you certainly can edit them and change the billing address (although not the shipping address... yet) by opening them up in Sufio and clicking Edit > Edit Client.

5 augusti 2017

The app is okay if you only have 1-2 orders to fulfill a day, but the load time is simply way too slow to use, and it is missing certain important things such as customer notes, and a breakdown of item in such things as kits. Support is really good and I will use this app in the future once the bugs have been worked out. James.

Lit Cosmetics
Ungefär 2 månader användning av appen
Sufio svarade 12 augusti 2019

Hi there,
Since your review was posted we have significantly upgraded our infrastructure to ensure timeouts like this no longer happen.
We also have a new version of Sufio, which can bring over order notes and metafields from your orders onto the invoices.

We hope you'll consider giving it another try!

Redigerat 15 augusti 2018

Lovely invoices but beware of the VAT exemption claims - they aren't technically correct

The EU VAT rules state that you can only deduct the VAT if the company provides a valid VAT number AND that the goods are being shipped outside of the country where the order is shipped from...

We are a UK company so EU businesses outside of the UK, with a valid VAT number, can order VAT free ONLY if the order is shipped outside of the UK. Unfortunately we receive a lot of orders from Ireland with valid VAT numbers but they get the order shipped to Northern Ireland (to save on shipping costs) which is in UK - therefore, technically, we can't deduct the VAT as we have to give HMRC proof that the goods have left the UK

Sufio are aware of this but their hands are tied because they can't get access to the address which is part of Shopify's checkout process - a closed system. Sadly the issue of a decent EU VAT exemption system for Shopify remains unsolved.

I have asked Jan to update their website with the full information - whilst their system will validate VAT numbers it will just mark that customer as VAT exempt, regardless of where the order is shipped to.

29 dagar användning av appen