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19 december 2022

We had so many issues with Sumtrackr adding inventory randomly. It messed up our entire inventory of over 2000 products. We reached out and sent screen shots of the randomly added inventory when no one was even on the back end of shopify working and the response we got consistently was that it was something we were doing.

Texas Transfers and Designs
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Sumtracker heeft geantwoord 10 januari 2023

Hi Melissa,

This is a case of big mis-understanding that has happened between us. We shared the important points to know while using Sumtracker. They were not intended to show that you are not following them. We wanted to notify you of the best practices.

We can still prove that Sumtrackr did not mess up the inventory. We have the exact inventory history log in Sumtracker as well as in Shopify. Using these I could see that Sumtracker was updating the inventory as expected.

I requested to get on a call so I could show you what exactly happened. Since you did not schedule any call, I explained in the mail what had happened. You again mistook it that we are blaming you. While it was not the case. Despite our repeated attempts, you did not get on a call so we could explain our case. And if we explained the facts in the mail, you took it as an attempt to blame you. While it was surely not so. I request you to please read our messages again.

Inspite of being on the right side, we apologised many times to show empathy towards your experience. We have also issued the full refund for all the payments that you've made for Sumtrackr.

Our customers are highly precious for us. Your review breaks our team heart, especially because we left no stone unturned in being in communication with you and trying to show you how Sumtrackr was working. However, as we can see it did not work out.

Despite your review, we will continue to work hard on our product and focus on the delight of our customers. We wish you all the best for your endeavours.

Sumtrackr team

Bewerkt 24 mei 2023

What's clear from developer's response is that they have zero interest in fixing their app or discovering what went wrong. He's gotten into a barrage of denials. Ask yourself if something goes wrong do you want debugging or griping?

Terrible app, completely f's up your inventory across multiple channels, specifically Etsy. Confuses different shops, pulls products out of archive on Shopify(!), makes stuff active on one Etsy shop when it should be assoc. with another. If you're trying to sync Shopify with Etsy then good luck - over 40 listings are newly renewed across two Etsy shops.
What's hilarious about this is that I got two orders on Etsy during the debacle and, yup, you guessed it - inventory didn't update.

And these reviews saying "team is responsive?" Fake. Not sure why Shopify is leaving this app up.

So the issue with "getting a call" or "getting help" is that the app is gone from my shop. I don't need "help" and no amount of speaking on the phone will fix the issues. And, why would I invite a call where the developer is calling me a liar and saying that my entire review is a lie in emails? Yah, right.

App developers need to understand the Etsy platform in order to manage inventory there. In no circumstances should listings be moved from de-active to active without confirmation. In no circumstances should listings be duplicated across Etsy shops - Etsy is very clear about this. Duplicate listing is cause for shop closure - all shops assoc. with same IP. Seriously? Why risk it?

Note: edited for succinctness

Red Beauty Textiles
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Sumtracker heeft geantwoord 22 mei 2023

Hey there,

First and foremost I feel sorry for the bad experience you had with our app. I am sure there are things which we can improve.

However the strong language you have used in unwarranted for.

You installed our app yesterday night 11pm (my local time). You gave us a 1 star rating review with abuses today at 1am (my local time). Which is just 2 hours after you had installed the app.

Then you sent us an abusive support ticket today at 2am (my local time). I got up and first thing I do is reply you at 6:30am (my local time). I responded in 4.5 hours.

I asked you to come for a call so that I can resolve your concerns. You refused to come for a call.

UPDATE: I had to mention the timestamps because the reviewer posted that we replied to her support ticket in 48 hours! On catching red handed, she had to edit her review and remove this line.

UPDATE: We ran tests to find out what caused the issue raised in the review. We found out that there is a bug in the Etsy API which is sending incorrect results. This has been reported to the Etsy team. We have also updated our system to discard the incorrect data.

To clarify,
1. Sumtracker does not sync draft or archived products. We have a help page clearly mentioning that. We only sync active products.
2. Sumtracker will make an inactive Etsy listing, active only if you have available inventory for the product. Which is the logical step to do. This can be confirmed from the 200 plus Etsy sellers who use Sumtracker.
3. Sumtracker cannot create products on any platform. I challenge you to demonstrate that Sumtracker has created duplicate listings on your store.

Software systems are complicated and we cannot control if there is an issue in an external system which is unexpected. We have extensively tested our system and implemented additional checks for unexpected behaviours. I hope the reviewer can see the effort we have put in.

Sumtracker Team