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24. maaliskuu 2023

I found this app while searching for a dropshipping app. Finding the product that I want was quite easy for me, especially best selling items, you can easily find winning products on the dashboard. Also I got a quick respond when I asked a question. I will continue working with this app

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17. maaliskuu 2023

I am new to Shopify and this program seems real deal to me. Recommended to anyone who is after winning programs. Tumbs UP!

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14. maaliskuu 2023

Good company to work with, customer support is very good, and they listen. My Support person YJ Chen is very proactive.

Sovelluksen käyttöaika: 3 päivää
11. maaliskuu 2023

I have been working with Sup for some time, and at first I was just trying because they are free to use. After some orders I found out that this app is not costing at all!
Frankly speaking, I spend my money only on products and shipping, not even a cent for their services. Unlike some other apps, this app does not charge you for listing or store management functions, and there is no hidden fees.
Though not all my orders went smoothly, my agent Welyn was always there helping me to solve the problems. They have a good refund policy, and I’m happy with Sup.
Really recommend. Thank you!

Sovelluksen käyttöaika: 3 päivää
10. maaliskuu 2023

Amazing Customer Service, I really liked their customer support services!
Fast Shipping which accurate Information!

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6. maaliskuu 2023

Nice app! I can find any product I want on Aliexpress, and even cheaper! It’s good to use with no charge, but I really need more scanning times!
It’s nice talking to Tina on their chat tool, as she told me I can have more times when I have more orders. Soooo good I don’t need to spend any money to have an agent work for my orders!

Sovelluksen käyttöaika: Noin 6 tuntia
27. helmikuu 2023

Have just moved to Sup, because my previous app sucks and ruined one of my stores. I tried most of their functions, and so far so good.
I also took some test orders and the shipping is working just fine.
One thing I like about it is that their agents never ask you for good comments.
Decided to settle down for a while and try to work with them.

Sovelluksen käyttöaika: 6 päivää
21. helmikuu 2023

Support is efficient and fast, currently in the middle of launching my first shop they bring me a lot of help, I recommend!

Sovelluksen käyttöaika: 5 päivää
14. helmikuu 2023

Glad to have migrated to Sup Dropshipping. Noticed that Sup Dropshipping has made further improvements in the app to ease my work in many ways. Supplier optimizer is also a very helpful feature. Very quick response to my queries and very detailed in resolving my queries. For me, I give 5 stars.

Sovelluksen käyttöaika: 4 päivää
Muokattu 11. helmikuu 2023

The experience was great, Pretty good for dropshipping, easy to use, got everything you need ! Recommend to use for either beginners or pros !

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