Super Reports ‑ Data Export

Super Reports ‑ Data Export

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Easily customize any data reports - Scheduled export reports

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Pre-defined Reports

Track critical metrics of your store. Make reports on products, orders, sales, inventory, customer and finance in seconds.

Build Your Custom Reports

Super Reports provides all metrics and dimensions to build your informative custom reports by some clicks.

Schedule Automate Reports

Save your time by sending scheduled reports automatically in pdf, excel, or csv via email hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

有關 Super Reports ‑ Data Export

The Super Reports application aims to provide a convenient solution for tracking key metrics and managing store performance. The app currently has more than 50 e-commerce must have reports template, 500 fields shopify data, you don't miss any valuable information. In addition, the automatic data synchronization feature in real time allows you to create customized reports with the desired metrics and schedule automatic emailing of the reports to your personal email or to your colleagues. professional, superior,...

Install and use the Super Reports app now and feel the difference with a powerful assistant to help you track and manage your store, automatically exporting to your email or drive. Goodbye notebook, goodbye manual excel sheet, …

Key features of Super Reports

  • Schedule reports to automatically export to email or your drive hourly, daily, weekly or monthly
  • Tracking orders and pending items
  • Tracking inventory levels and create additional warnings for most low-end products
  • Identify the products with the most / least profitability
  • Tracking best selling products and suppliers
  • Detailed tracking of sales by point of sale, by product, ...
  • Tracking shipping rates and taxes from overview to details of orders


  • Quickly grasp the important information of the store
  • Easily export reports to the format you want. Such as CSV, excel, pdf or Google Drive
  • Save your time because Super Reports optimizes data load times
  • Quickly snatch market trends and make timely decisions to increase sales

Type of reports

  • Sales Reports

Total sales reports - Sales by channel reports - Sales by product reports - Sales by discount reports - Sales by POS reports - Sales by country reports.

  • Inventory & Products reports

Inventory values reports - Total products by collections reports - Total products by vendor reports - Total products by type reports.

  • Orders & Customers reports

Order details reports - Order pending fulfillment reports - First-time customers reports - Returning customers reports - Customer by location reports.

  • Transaction reports

Transaction details reports - Succeeded transactions reports - Failed transaction reports - Pending transactions reports - Payment gateway reports.

  • Tax and shipping reports

The application works in a completely AUTOMATIC way, automatically updating data continuously from your store and processing data to include in real-time reports, automatically sending email notifications of important store indicators. makes management and tracking work much simpler.

Trust and security policy

Don’t worry about information leakage, as we commit to keep all your store information private as if it is ours, and we do not use it for any commercial purposes



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每月 $8

  • For stores currently on the Basic Shopify plan


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  • For stores currently on the Shopify plan


每月 $28

  • For stores currently on the Advanced Shopify plan


每月 $48

  • For stores currently on the Shopify Plus plan

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** 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

4.7 5 顆星


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the app is not worth 10$ a month . If I wanted a paid app I could have installed a paid app in the first place. Shopify is garbage for allowing this practice.



Thank you for your kind and honest comments. We know we still have many shortcomings, so we will always try to improve to give the customers a better experience.

Network Clothing Closet

We use this app to generate custom reports that make our EOM reporting a lot simpler. They even worked with us on a discounted rate since we're a nonprofit organization. Overall a very useful app!



Thank you so much for this great review. We really appreciate your business and helping to share the word about Super Reports!

Ferris Wheel Press Retail

Super helpful to be able to create custom reports based on the shop's data! I've been using the reports for sales, fulfilment, and insurance needs. The reports can be exported as a csv, excel, or pdf, which is very flexible for us. Each team gets their own file type that best fits their work! I also love the automated scheduled report where you get an email on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to whoever needs these reports. I highly recommend this app!



Thank you so much for your sincere review. We really appreciate you being a customer and helping to share the word about us.
We will share this with the our team to let them know to keep up the amazing work.