Super Variant Title

Super Variant Title

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Change a Product Title based on its Variant Name, SKU and more

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Update Title Based on Variants

Add variant title, SKU, product options or any relevant information to a product title. It helps customer to visualize the variant selected.

Per product configuration

You're able to set up a general title rule for all products. However if you think some products need different titles we got you covered.

Store design improvement

With different page titles for each variant a store shows a better design and let the product page way more clear to customers.

Om Super Variant Title

Super Variant Title allows you to change a product title based on the variant selected. Your customers will then have a better understanding of the product selected. It can avoid confusion and lead to more products being added to cart.

Made it to be simple

Super Variant Title is very straight forward. There is one input where you enter a rule that will apply to all product variants. Or you can go through the list of products and select the one you want to configure. We also added clear instructions and examples of how to do it to make it even simpler.

Add one rule to all products

With Super Variant Title you'll be able to create a single rule that will apply to all product variants of your shop.

There is a single input that we call general rule and in there you can add Product Title, Variant Name, SKU, Vendor and other variant options as you wish. That rule will apply to all of your product variants without any other effort.

Add a customized rule to a product

Super Variant Title gives you the option to add specific rules to a product variant. You are able to navigate through your list of products, select any of them and add a different rule for its variants. You can also remove a rule and have it back to original.

That feature gives you more power and control over what you want to show to your clients.

Integrate easily

Super Variant Title supports all of the modern themes out of the box. If that's not your case we can manage to include it in our script very quickly.

We are happy to help

In case you need help don't hesitate to contact us at any time.



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Basic Plan


  • Able to set up a single rule for all product variants

Premium Plan


  • Able to set up a single rule for all product variants
  • Able to set up specific rules for each product variant

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