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Likes/Wishlist ‑ SuperFav

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Privacy Focused. Product Likes Counter. Personalized WishList.

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Influence & Personalize

Influence and personalize content for your customers. With featured and favorites, showcase top products and let customers pick favorites.

Engage & Build

Engage and build an active community. Build social proof and trust by engaging customers.

Retain & Convert

Retain and convert your audience. Get customers to return to your store to buy their favorite products.

Sobre Likes/Wishlist ‑ SuperFav

What is SuperFav?

  • Create an active, engaged, decisive customer base, with our super slick, super fast, SuperFav app. With SuperFav, getting customers to like your products is as easy as pushing a button, literally. Add SuperFav now and watch your customers engage with, comment on, and like your products and boost your sales and conversions!

Social Proof

  • Customer engagement and Social Proof influences customer behavior and enables quicker decisions. A website with an active community builds store reputation also influencing purchase decisions. With SuperFav, understand your customers better by getting instant, real-time information about trending/new products that are more likely to be in demand.

Product Discovery

  • Add an easily accessible SuperFav button to your store to increase product visibility, showcase top products while also building product rep.

Personalized Favorites

  • With SuperFav, customers will be able to create SuperFav Lists instantly. Increase CLV and customer retention with SuperFav Lists.


  • No cookies. No Logins. Anonymous fav lists. Our privacy-focused design doesn’t ask for names, or logins, and ensures all customer data is stored anonymously.

ROI: Boost sales and conversions

  • Providing social proof not only influences customer behavior, but also enables them to take quicker decisions. And with increased engagement, social proof, personalization and our privacy-focused design, build store and product reputation, retain customers and boost sales and conversions.


  • SuperFav Button: Add a superFav button to your website and allow customers to like products, quickly.
  • Featured Products: Showcase your best products in easy-to-use UX accessible on all pages on your website.
  • Personalized Favorite Lists: Allow customers to create and add favorites to a list all with a click of a button.
  • Private: Cookie-less, login-free, completely anonymous.
  • SuperFav = Super Fast + Super Convenient + Instant Likes = Happy Customers
  • Performant: Quick load times, optimized load sizes, for all themes
  • Instant UX — infinite, smooth scrolling UX to view all products instantly.
  • Seamless Integration. Get it up and running on your website in seconds. Zero hassle integration.


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