Dynamic SMS Marketing and Sales for Brands and Retailers

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1-to-1 Communication

Communicate 1-to-1 or 1-to-many. SuperPhone enables you to build personal relationships with individual messaging capabilities.

High Volume SMS Broadcasts

Time sensitive High Volume broadcasts with an industry leading 10,000 SMS per second delivery rate via local phone numbers worldwide.

Detailed Targeting

Choose and combine from over 52+ filters, including geo targeting, product purchases, revenue generated and custom tagging.

Om SuperPhone

Improve ROI on Marketing & Drive Engagement

With significantly higher Open- and Click-Through rates, text message marketing interconnected with email marketing is a viable solution to increase visibility and engagement. SuperPhone enables you to reach customers where they are and where they prefer to communicate.

Integrated with Shopify

In addition to strong open API platform integration capabilities, SuperPhone comes pre-built with a certified integration with Shopify, allowing personalized messaging via SMS at scale powered by your Shopify data.

Built for High Volume SMS Marketing

With rates of 10,000 SMS delivered per second, SuperPhone is a great choice for time sensitive messaging. Deliver your messages over local, toll-free or short code phone numbers with confidence and transparency.

International Capabilities

Go global with your messaging! SuperPhone is supported in 150+ countries. Unlock the freedom to send and receive SMS messages to and from billions worldwide.

Effective Automation for Sales Professionals

Commission-based sales professionals already communicate via SMS with their clientele. Our built-in automations improve employee productivity and streamline communication at scale. Geo Targeting, Scheduled Messaging and Keyword Responses minimizes repetitive tasks with automated workflows.

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  • SAP,
  • SuperPhone API,
  • API,
  • 2000+ Apps w/ Zapier





* Minimum charge. Overages: $0.10 p/subscriber, $0.01 p/message [International and MMS rates may vary]

  • Ideal if you have 100 Subscribers & Send 1,000 Messages
  • Instant Setup
  • Basic Insights



* Minimum charge. Overages: $0.08 p/subscriber, $0.01 p/message [International and MMS rates may vary]

  • Ideal if you have 550 Subscribers & Send 5,500 Messages
  • Instant Setup
  • Basic Insights

High Volume


* Minimum charge. Overages: $0.01 p/subscriber, $0.01 p/message [International and MMS rates may vary]

  • Ideal if you have 4,500+ Subscribers & Send 45,000+ Messages
  • Dedicated Support
  • Advanced Analytics

* Alla avgifter debiteras i USD.
** Återkommande avgifter, inklusive månads- eller användningsbaserade avgifter, debiteras var 30:e dag.

5.0 av 5 stjärnor

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Fit Beast

I love using this app. It is super easy and it allows my customers to stay connected with me! Highly recommend!

Vivid Reign

i...LOVE...SuperPhone!!! Been a user since it first started and I can say I've witnessed how this company revolutionized networking in 2020-forever now that I see other competitors joining the "text-your-community" craze (*cough* pun intended)... aside from the awesome tech behind this app, the customer service is A1 !! Always a pleasure using SuperPhone for my business