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Memberships by Supple

Memberships by Supple

Developed by SuppleApps

29 reviews
Price: $24.00 – $99.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Manage Members on Auto-pilot: Automatically promote customers to chosen memberships on various events and notify them
  • Auto-apply Discounts in Shopping Cart: Motivate customers to purchase more with membership discounts
  • Built-in Subscriptions: Sell memberships with recurrent monthly or annual subscriptions

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Manage Members on Auto-pilot

Setup as many memberships as you need, free or paid (one-time or recurring subscriptions).

Choose when to automatically promote customers to various memberships. Some examples:

  • based on creating an account: promote all visitors which create a Customer Account to Starter Membership

  • based on how many times they order: promote customers which make 2 orders to Bronze Membership

  • based on how much they spend: promote customers which reach $300 lifetime spending to Gold Membership

  • based on what they buy: promote customers which buy a Membership Product on your shop to VIP Membership (one-time payment)

  • require a paid Subscription: have a paid VIP membership, which requires an monthly or yearly recurrent Subscription

Automatically notify customers by email when they are promoted to memberships.

Auto-apply Discounts in Shopping Cart

Motivate your site visitors to become Members by offering discounts on their purchases.

You can start as simple as:

  • 2% discount for all customers which create an account on your shop (Bronze level)

  • 5% lifetime discount for all customers which spend over $200 (Silver level)

  • and so on...

With included automated notifications, you won't have to manually tag or send a single email to handle new customers.

Volume Discounts

Show customers how much they still have to spend to get even bigger discounts.

Tip: Offer visitors a 2% discount just for creating a Customer Account. This way customers see immediate benefits from having a Membership, and then will want more.

Setup Membership Subscriptions

With built-in subscription management, it's easy to setup paid memberships which could...

  • provide a store-wide discount only to members, while showing the rest how much they could save

  • grant access to certain parts of your shop, e.g. Downloads or Courses (requires a custom setup)

  • have a Subscription Box, shipped monthly or quarterly to members according to their custom profile choices

  • grant a number of Credits or Downloads per month, which customers could use to get a part of your goods

  • and so on...

We made sure the purchase experience is seamless for your customers. They never leave your shop.

Members can add new credit cards or cancel subscription from My Account section on your shop. If members cancel mid-term, membership is still valid until end of their current payment period.

Click here to learn how to setup Membership Subscriptions

Shopify POS seamless integration

To start using Membership on POS

  • add an existing customer to POS cart

  • choose Apply Membeship Discounts or Use Membership Benefits from cart menu

Loyalty Program

Offer multiple rewards to your customers, such as Points, Twinkles, Trail Miles, or how you want to name these Benefits.

Customers get increased benefits on various triggers. Some examples:

  • Create a Customer Account and get 100 Points

  • For every $1 spent, get 2 Points

  • Refer a friend and get 500 Points when they place their first order

  • (need more? let us know)

Automatically notify customers by email when their benefits increase.

To enable customers spend Loyalty Points, you can either set a points-cash exchange rate, or map collections of products to points, e.g. any Shirt is 10,000 points, any Belt is 5,000 points etc. There are no discount codes.

When placing an order with Points, all cart contents need to be covered by Points -- one cannot combine points and $$ purchases in the same order.
It's not possible to partially pay with credits and the rest with $$, those would have to be separate orders. Shipping for Points purchases must also be free.

Special memberships? We have special benefits!

Are you running a special membership, where customers get other benefits besides Points? For example:

  • A brewery club offers 2 Growlers and 4 Pints for free every month for members. Customers order in the brewery's pub on Shopify POS and benefits are deducted automatically, without swiping a credit card.

  • A subscription membership offers downloadable products, and issues each month 5 Downloads to subscribers.

Purchasing with Points bypasses regular Shopify checkout, and creates an order linked to the current signed in customer. From cart, the customer is redirected to a page on your shop that you choose.

To get started:

  • Define a list of benefits for each membership. Most shops have a single one, but you could also say Razors, Blades, Downloads etc.

  • Use Benefit Triggers to define how benefits increse on various actions. For example, when purchasing the "300 Points" product, increase Points with 300.

  • Finally, Map Products to Benefits to let customers make purchases without money (e.g. any product in Blades collection has a 1 Blade value).

Custom functionality available on demand

Need custom functionality for your wholesalers or members? For example...

  • member profile, where customers can save & edit their own custom data (example)

  • show some pages, collections or products only to members

  • display some navigation menu items only to some members

  • hide prices for customers which aren't signed in

We can fulfill your needs with custom theme coding.
Tell us more at support@suppleApps.com and get a quote for our development services.

The Ultimate Guide on how to run a Membership Site

Comparison between Membership and Wholesale apps


  • Up to 1,000 members: $24 /month

  • Up to 5,000 members: $49 /month

  • Unlimited members: $99 /month

All pricing plans include all features


How can I test a membership subscription?

  1. Please make a real payment and then refund from your Stripe dashboard.

Memberships by Supple reviews (29)


The app is great and they were extremely helpful (and patient) in answering all my questions. I had a custom order and the turnover was very fast. I definitely recommend this app.


This app was just what I was looking for a discount membership and referral program that engages the customer and once set up requires little effort on my part.

Customer service is spot on. The were willing to answer all of my questions and I am sure it was a late hour on their end (much appreciated). I even received a initial phone call to put me at ease.

I look forward to the additional tools that will be built into the application in the near future!


The Supple team has been very helpful with answering all my questions and helping me implement the items needed. Thank you!


The app and support is top notch. We wanted to create a loyal community of VIPs on our site and this app made that possible. The app has paid for itself after only 1 hour. Five Stars.



A great app that can help take your store to the next level! The team was so incredibly helpful. We had them install the app for us, and also had some additional questions. Their team installed the entire app for us in less than 24 hours, answered all our questions, and even helped us tweak a few things to make it exactly like we wanted. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a membership


Awesome app. We're primarily using the auto-tag feature but its the perfect app if you need a simple membership program to set up quickly and not over-complicate things.


Great customer service. This app does exactly want we want it to do on our site


This app was the only one we've tried (and we've tried them all), that worked the way a membership app should. We didn't want all of our discounts showing on Facebook, Google Shopping etc. and this was the only one we found that didn't publicly show our member discounts. The thinking behind the app design is super solid and we're now a huge fan of Supple Apps! Beyond the app itself, the support is top notch and they went well above and beyond to make sure the app worked the way we wanted it to - they were super fast and responsive and truly happy to help us out! I can't recommend this team enough!


Highly Recommend SuppleApp and this app also

Amazing customer service...

thanks so much for all your help..

love your work


Superb membership management app for your shopify store and excellent and personal support. Must have app.

$24.00 – $99.00 / month

  • Up to 1,000 members: $24 /month

  • Up to 5,000 members: $49 /month

  • Unlimited members: $99 /month

7 days

Support & Sales

+4 072-627-4872
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