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Wholesale Club by Supple

by Supple Apps

The easiest way to offer wholesale pricing on Shopify.

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Lim Siang Huat e-Store

We sourced all the wholesales price shopify apps and found only this app MAY meet our needs. What we need is customers can view their own special price for certain products when they login. So we install this app and pay additional USD 99 for installation of Custom prices. After installation, there were some layout and alignments issue but anyway support team tried the best to fix them. Then during testing,there are always some issues happend...sync issue, display of custom price not stable,etc. We spent a few months and wrote emails to them. I must say their customer support Declan is helpful,although the issues are not solved. At the end, their developer said we must uninstall BOLD app because the code of BOLD app is conflict with theirs. They suggest we install their another app Ultimate Special Offers to have the functions as Bold. We read the comments of Ultimate Special Offers. It looks like not stable as well. So, after paid a few month subscription fee and installation fee, we decided to give up.

Grasshopper's Mermaid

Initially we were working with a 3rd party to create our website. The girl didn't completely get everything set up correctly and it took me about 6 months to realize that. When I reached out to the guys at Wholesale Club they were SO helpful. They don't have phone access, so they can't walk you through anything that way, but they do send you video tutorials and very in-depth emails to walk you through how to set some things up yourself if you're not working with a tech person - and you're not one yourself...which I'm not. Without the man who helped me I would have been completely LOST. I am thankful for their great customer service and quick response time. I will be reaching out if I have any issues in the future knowing that it will be quickly resolved. These guys are great!

Rose Grasshopper's Mermaid

Burnt Whiskey Beard Co. U.S.

You guys were the best, very responsive and friendly when troubleshooting compatibility with another app. Thank you thank you.

Relicate LLC

Great app and more importantly, customer service is AMAZING. Look no further for a wholesale pricing app. Thanks guys!

www.WShop.ro by WorldClass | proteine , suplimente nutritive culturism , accesorii fitness

Problems encountered :

  • (1) Website load speed decreased after implementation
  • (2) It only works if you look in the shopping basket. Example : If you have a normal price on your website for 200 euro, the client will only find out what his price is, when he goes to the basket. If you have for example 1000 products.. the client must add each product to the basket in order to find out it's price!!!


Our buyer clients so far have called it easy to use, intuitive, and are excited about the new option.

4/5 because we had some early road bumps with set up but were pleasantly surprised how quickly Emily resolved (where Kara the first day or two was unable to help) and gave us some concern.

We ran into somehow the monthly subscription not starting so that paused features but didn't say why, if you have been on the demo and it's not live - check that out. It sounds silly but there was no alert even when the theme was published so we ran around in circles for a bit wondering why our test account wasn't showing the discounts.

Now we have it all going like clockwork. We've only installed a week ago, so far working well - will try to update good/bad over time once clients have more time to use it. I'm hopeful that now that we're live the speedy response time during business hours continues if anything comes up.

A lot of apps have step by steps for turning on various features and understanding functionality. Supple Wholesale Club doesn't have anything like that but with they will explain it to you over email with a bit of patience.

The group is based out of Canada on PT so if you're east coast early morning give it a little bit of time.


We rely heavily on this app for our dealers to purchase our products on our site at discounted prices. It's important for us to use this app because our products have so many variants as it is, we can't use other discount apps as it will easily double or triple our variant count to work. No thank you. That's a nightmare if you integrate with a third party inventory and shipping platform, such as StitchLabs or Ordoro.


I had a vision in my head of exactly how I wanted the appearance and function of my dealer pricing workflow to work, and this helped me get there quickly and easily. I have all the flexibility and options I need and the integration is perfect. I am very satisfied and would recommend this app over any of the other options out there (I tried a few of them as well).

Have had great experience with the support team so far as well. All my issues were handled quickly, courteously and effectively.

Eo Tools

UPDATE: The customer service is horrible. I really have no idea how well this app could work because I can't get someone to help me to get it working. Everything could be solved with a phone call or chat option but the company refuses to do that. When they do finally respond via email, they give vague, unhelpful answers with vague, unhelpful videos. This is turning into a very expensive joke.

The app itself seems to be really good so far. I think that eventually it will do everything that I need it to do. I believe that this is the only wholesale app that offers this many features, including net terms. The customer support, however, has been mediocre at best. There is no phone support nor is there chat support. Your only option for support is through email. At times, they respond quickly to emails. Most of the time though you are looking at not receiving a response until the next day. This is very frustrating when you are trying to run a business and support your own customers. Depending on which person you get to respond to your emails, the answers to your questions can be very vague, not very detailed and leave you asking even more questions. If you're lucky enough to get the right tech, you're questions can be answered thoroughly right away. In my experience so far it's been a crap shoot as to whether I'm going to get my problems taken care of in a reasonable amount of time or if I'm going to have to wait 24 hours and then still have to figure things out. This is the only app that I could find that offers all the functions that I need. If I could have found an alternative I definitely would have taken it. I'm big on customer service and technical support and Supple just doesn't do the job very well.

Ejuices Co

thank you for the support, we were having some issues but our questions got answered and we are good to go now

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