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Wholesale Pricing by Supple

Wholesale Pricing by Supple

Developed by Supple Apps

230 reviews
Price: $24.00 – $49.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Wholesale discounts → Offer custom discounts on selected collections and products with multiple pricing levels and minimums
  • Members-only pricing → Discounts show ONLY to signed-in, tagged customers—e.g. wholesalers, premium, gold members
  • Clean and easy to use → Compatible with inventory apps and doesn't create duplicate product variant issues like other apps

★★★★★ "This app is a must for selling wholesale. It's easy to set up and makes shopping for our wholesale clients a breeze." — Zenned Out

Shopify's #1 wholesale pricing app

Wholesale Pricing by Supple is the easiest way to offer wholesale pricing in your Shopify store. Discounts are customizable and show ONLY to signed-in, tagged customers.

You can easily create multiple discount rates with the highest level of flexibility and specificity, right down to the product variant. Unlike other apps, we do NOT create variant or duplicate products, keeping things clean, simple, and easy to manage.

We also offer the ability to create "net" payment terms for select customers!

★★★★★ "Fantastic app. It streamlined how we can offer both retail and wholesale in our main Shopify store. Support was quick and helpful. We've been using this app for over 6 months and are thrilled." — Penny Paper Co.

Group customers into tiers

Wholesale Pricing lets you create and edit multiple tiers of pricing in one screen (see screenshot) to reward and incentivize your most valuable "VIP" customers.

★★★★★ "Clean, simple, and easy to use. For stores with multiple variants, or if you want product-specific pricing, I highly recommend this app." — Munster

Encourage VIP customers to spend more

Push your best customers to become even better! Wholesale Pricing allows you to show customers how much more they need to spend in order to get a better discount.

"Net" payment options

With net payment options, you can let select customers create an unpaid order directly from their cart. These customers will be required to pay you back within a set timeframe (e.g. Net30 payment would require them to pay you within 30 days). Note that the app does not collect net payments or send reminders—you will also have to follow up to collect payment.

No duplicate variants = less work for you!

Unlike other wholesale apps, Wholesale Pricing by Supple does NOT create duplicate products or variants. This means less work for you when it comes to managing inventory and fulfilling orders, and no need to worry about discounted variants from third-party shops (e.g. Google, Facebook) appearing to customers who aren't eligible for wholesale pricing.

Compatible with inventory apps

Wholesale Pricing by Supple is fully compatible with Shopify Sales Channels and 3rd-party inventory management apps.

One-time setup for your Shopify store

In order to give you all the functionality you need (e.g. importing CSV files for prices, "net" payment terms, advanced minimums, volume discounts, etc.) we'll configure the app after you've purchased to make sure it's working perfectly in your store.

We offer the following one-time setup fees:

  • Setting up first Shopify theme: FREE

  • Setting up additional Shopify themes: $25/theme

  • Custom prices for each product and variant, bulk import: $99 (one-time fee)

  • Net15/Net30 payment terms: $99 (one-time fee)

  • Advanced minimums (i.e. MOQs per product per collection): $99 (one-time fee)

  • Volume discounts: $99 (one-time fee)

  • Quick Order form: $40 (one-time fee)
  • World-class customer support

    When you purchase Wholesale Pricing, you are also purchasing the best support available! Once the app is set up, our merchant success team will be here to answer all your questions.

    Check out the Wholesale Pricing demo store


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    Wholesale Pricing by Supple reviews

    230 reviews
    1. 5 stars (212 reviews)
    2. 4 stars (3 reviews)
    3. 3 stars (2 reviews)
    4. 2 stars (4 reviews)
    5. 1 star (9 reviews)

    I was always happy with Supple. Been their customer for years now.
    But lately there is no support, period. Emails get answered late or don't get answered at all. At the moment we have 3 issues, where 2 of them are really serious (settings are being changed without us actually changing something and functionalities are not working while they promise it should).
    At the moment we are seeking another app of our wholesale discounts.

    It's painfull for all the effort we gave.


    The app functions very well- I'd like to say that it is definitely optimized for stores that wholesale multiple items, so if that is you, this is the app!

    The developers/ support are very friendly and respond in a timely manner. 5/5 stars, definitely worth giving them a shot


    It's an amazing app and the support from the team was a great. We have also used net30 and volume discounts functionality and it's working great.


    These people are amazing. They answer their emails super fast, take care of their customers. Thanks!

    Mike Wiesel


    A very well structured app. Marius' responses are really fast - really pleased with the app and the support.

    UPDATE: March 2018 - another great response from Supple on a tricky technical issue I encountered that I was unsure about. Speedy response, super polite at every step and a 100% perfect solution in the end. Thanks to all the team at Supple.


    If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. Luc and the entire Supple team have been incredibly amazing to work with. Their customer response time is quick and their approach thorough. They helped us with some very unique issues and had everything running in time for an important customer announcement that we needed to send. Despite our persistent requests, they were always friendly and patient, willing to get us exactly to where we needed to be. I would recommend any app by Supple and have even transferred over several of mine just to be able to work with this team. Far exceeded my expectations and the service of any other wholesale app; the frustration they saved is worth the extra cost for implementation if you have an unique needs at all.


    The quality of communication is subpar and the response time is completely unacceptable for the amount the app developer charges.

    UPDATE: Yes, the service is really ONE STAR quality. Poor communication, not detail oriented…I could go on. It's very disappointing…


    So far so good! Installation was a breeze and support to customize the quick order form was fast and friendly.


    Have been working with Wholesale by Supple since July 2017. This app works great and their support team kicks butt! I totally recommend this app. I'm a real customer. www.Charm14.com


    Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It's been a huge headache dealing with clients being overcharged or not being able to use the shopping cart. I wouldn't have switched from Big Commerce to Shopify if I would have known that customer groups aren't supported with a basic package. Doesn't seem like a premium service to ask for.

    $24.00 – $49.00 / month

    $24/mo: Up to 300 wholesale orders
    $49/mo: UNLIMITED wholesale orders

    7 days

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