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Support Tickets Plus

Support Tickets Plus

Developed by Jonathan Garber

5 reviews
Price: Custom Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Fully Integrated Admin & Customer Controls - You & your customers stay in the Shop every step.
  • A clean & simple interface makes STP easy to use for you and your customers.
  • Admin controls feature customizable e-mail alerts, shipping label generation, reports & more

Support Tickets Plus Returns & Exchanges

STP is a fully integrated system for managing customer support issues. Support Tickets, Exchanges & Returns are all managed right from your Shopify Admin. You and your customers never leave your Shop to manage their Support Tickets.

What about the customers?

STP has plenty of features for your customers. STP was designed to ensure a smooth and trouble free customer experience.

STP Simple but Effective!!

By keeping the customer front end short and sweet, STP allows customers from all walks of life to easily request a ticket for their order. The best part is Tickets are interchangable. So if a customer requests a Support Ticket but actually needs an RMA then you can simply add items to their Ticket and use it as an RMA.

Where do they go?

STP uses what shopify calls a proxy url to allow customers direct access to Support Tickets Plus right in your Shop. We use "/apps/support" as the url. So for example if your shop address is "myshop.com" then customers find support at "myshop.com/apps/support". From this page they can request tickets for their orders.

You can also use a little snippet of code on any page in your Shop to give the customers a way to go to their existing Ticket or create a new one. This makes the front end highly customizable for you and your customers.

Customers need records!

Customers always have access to their Tickets right in your Shop. They can review files, shipping labels, comments, ticket history & even post messages to you right from their Ticket.

Ok but what can I do as an Admin?

The admin controls are where STP really shines. STP provides a large selection of tools and options to manage support tickets, returns, or exchanges.

What about my looks?

Because STP is integrated into your Shop it will use your current shops theme and style to blend in. This gives you full control over how STP looks in your site. All the elements of the STP Pages have their own div classes so you can easily control them. If you are not familiar with CSS/Stylesheets you may want to contact your web designer to assist you in styling the elements of STP.

What about my user accounts?

STP will work with or without user accounts enabled. Customers who have no account can create one if you have accounts enabled or retrieve their order using an easy to use "Order Retrieval Tool"

What about all these e-mails?

STP has a completely customizable e-mail system. Using our WYSIWYG Editor You can build templates for every alert sent to your customers. Each alert can have a totally unique name, e-mail address, subject and content. You can even CC or BCC each alert to multiple addresses.

What about all these Tickets?

STP allows you full control over your Shop's Tickets. You choose when to open or close each Ticket & can manage your Tickets statuses, comments, files, shipping labels, refunds & more.

Admins need records too...

STP provides you the ability to generate a PDF for downloading of each Ticket in your Shop. So you can always pull a copy of the Ticket and save it to your backups.

and reports!

STP provides a report generator that you can use to search your Tickets by certain criteria or simply pull a report of all your Tickets. You can even search between ranges of dates. Reports can be saved as a PDF, XLS ( Excel ) Spreadsheet, or viewed on page.

So what now?

Give Support Tickets Plus a try today. Each monthly package has a one week free trial. So go ahead and install STP today. I think you will find it to be a great asset for your Shop & Customers.

Support Tickets Plus reviews

5 reviews
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Jonathan was of great help when we needed him. Fast replies and very professional Had the app for nearly 1.5 years now.


We wanted to try this out, and saw there was a trial period. We were immediately surprised to see an $800 charge on our account. Turns out, somehow we wound up with a lifetime membership despite choosing the trial period. We decided to try out the app anyway, and found it didn't suit our needs. Within a couple days we asked for a refund stating two things: That the app didn't suit our needs, and that we were charged incorrectly anyway.

We got messages back basically insisting that we signed up for the lifetime membership, even though we did not. Instead of acknowledging that somehow maybe there was an error, it was insinuated that we were blind and not paying attention with several "how could you miss it" type of accusations.

Even still... No matter what we signed up for, the fact is that after a couple days we realized the app was clunky and our customers didn't enjoy it. We didn't want it. And we were refused a refund because it was "our fault" for selecting a package (which we did not select) and there are apparently no refunds for that particular package, which is really convenient.

So we paid $800 for an app that we are not using and we cannot get our money back. Jonathan told us he doesn't have the money and spoke to us as though we are stupid, advising us to categorize it as a loss and "contact our CPA" for help, as though I don't know how to do bookkeeping. That is not the point. We do well over $1M on our shopify site annually and work with tons of different apps and developers and this is by far the most I've ever been charged for an app and also by far the most condescending treatment I've experienced. If someone on my site doesn't like what I have delivered, I refund them or do whatever I can to try and make it right. Hence the need for an app like this. My goal was to keep customer communication fluid and easy. I guess I need to keep looking. And yes, I will categorize it as a LOSS.


Phenomenal yet simple ticket program. We love it so much on our retail website we have added it to our wholesale website and are already using it. GREAT APP AND GREAT VALUE!


We tried it with 25 tickets and LOVED it. It has eliminated our need to reprint invoices with corrections and walk updated invoices to our shipping department. We upgraded to the Lifetime version to get unlimited tickets because this app has already proven invaluable to our organization! Thanks for making such a simple yet effective application!



This has been an awesome addition to our store. The admin controls are built right into the shop so admins/staff can just login and go right to the tickets. They have all kinds of options for managing each ticket.

Customer controls are also built right into the shop. Customers can access and manage all their tickets without ever leaving the site. Customers also don't require accounts to pull up their orders and create tickets. Which is an added bonus because for our type of products some customers prefer not to create an account & this still works for them.

We are also able to pull up reports for our tickets. I can search by dates for all tickets with skus for returns or exchanges amongst other options and create a PDF report of the results or just view them on the page. This helps track what products are returned or exchanged the most. Also helps to determine what products we sell require the most support or have the most issues.

Definitely a useful tool for products and sales management.

Give it a try they offer a free trial so you can test tickets and see how the system works.


STP offers a lifetime package at a one-time fee of $800.00 - This provides you with unlimited use and access to STP for as long as STP is online and in service.
Got any other Packages?
We sure do. By limiting the amount of tickets you can have open at one time, STP can offer many different packages at different price points.But don't worry because you choose when to open and close tickets. So you have control over your package limit & you can also upgrade to a higher package or downgrade to a lower package at any time.
5 Tickets - $15.00
10 Tickets - $30.00
15 Tickets - $45.00
20 Tickets - $60.00
25 Tickets - $75.00
Each Monthly Package has a Free Trial

7 days

Support & Sales

Jonathan Garber
1 (540) 208-1838
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