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15 februari 2021

cannot change the colour of the icon, and integration is complicated, I don't see my path how to add my into my page

En dag användning av appen
Corner: Referrals, Upsell & Rewards svarade 16 februari 2021

Hi 👋,

I'm Arun, CEO at SupportCorner. I wanted to say thank you for your critique 😊 While positive feedback makes us happy, it's the critical reviews like yours that help us grow!

You are right!

We need more colors for the icon pack for the category icons and we could have done a much better job at communicating how to set up a link to the FAQ pages in your theme's footer section.

Sometimes after spending so much time on developing an app, it's harder to see it from fresh eyes, the curse of knowledge if you will. Thank you for pointing this out! 🤝

My co-founder Jovis, has reached out to you via chat and email to help resolve your immediate questions.

And we are adding more icon-packs (with more colors) and even more header image/theme options for the help center very soon!

That plus the custom CSS option that's also launching soon will give you complete control over how the help center pages look and feel on your store.

We will also be adding a better Howto's on adding the link to the help center your theme (and in the meantime my team will set it up for you on your store) 😇

Once again, thank you so much! I really appreciate you taking the time to give us suggestions to improve. And also, my sincere apologies. Because it must have been frustrating to you 🙏

I hope we can make it right by you as soon as possible.