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  • Makes your customer support process simpler, faster and more personal
  • Displays Shopify customer and order details alongside customer emails
  • Helps you build lasting relationships with customers

Personalized Customer Support

You know the value of the human touch. You already know how important it is for your customer communication to stay personal and honest. Then why is it so hard to find a help desk that understands this? This is where Enchant comes in. Unlike a traditional help desk, Enchant is completely invisible to your customers. They see no ticket numbers and have nothing to log in to. At the same time, your'll have everything you need to deliver fast, efficient and personalized customer support.

Our mission is to help businesses build an army of happy customers.

Why Enchant

  • Easy to use: It's super easy to pick up and get going. Your team will need minimal training.

  • You personality shines: Your emails look like normal emails. There are no scary ticket numbers. There is nothing to log in to. To your customers, it's just email

  • Your workflow: Enchant is designed to fit your workflow. Multiple teams responsible for different kinds of customer requests? Multiple levels of support? Multiple email addresses? Not a problem. Build as many support queues as you need. Organize your team your way.

  • Works with Shopify: Integration with Shopify comes out of the box. This means that when you look at a customer request, you'll see their Shopify customer profile and recent orders along side the request. No more jumping back and forth between tabs!

Enchant reviews

9 reviews
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This is an awesome app! This is what my site was missing. It's easy to configure and set up to include your own folders and tags. Customer service is super quick to respond. Definitely a keeper!


Fantastic app, works exactly as described. Installing was easy. Well worth it.


If you need centralized customer service (not just email) enchant is what you need. It shows the order on the left so you know right away if they are a customer or not. Never a problem, always reliable. Over the years I have used many helpdesks for my companies, desk.com and zendesk are simply too much (money and features). All you need is Enchant.


Useless app. Wanted integration, creating more pain to work with additional app. Its not enchant but disgruntlement.


Impressed with this app! Ticket tracking and resolving customer issues has never been easier. The option to add staff and marking the ticket you choose to work on makes the work flow very easily. My favourite is reporting! You can see your average response time and resolution rate. Did I mention its free?


I hope the app developers will forgive my not realising that I did not leave a review yet!

This is easily one of the most useful apps we have, the support team is very responsive and helpful, and the program itself is powerful

the integration is great, you can click on the left side bar to go to the customer profile or recent orders, every few seconds saves lots of time in the long run

what it does: this manages your untidy emails from multiple email accounts and properly manages multiple users/departments with permissions for viewing

keep track of your issues with tags, colour coded, the reporting is more to show how efficient you are in replying to issues but it does show you issues by department, and by top 10 tags, by time period

so for example i can say we had 150 extra shipping tags 3 months ago, 25 last month, 10 this month, 2 this week, after installing an app to handle custom shipping rates.

we are only now using it the correct way and highly regret not doing so from the beginning

my advice, do NOT try to get by with just one user account with this app - get one account per person, set up the departments, correctly set your email forwarding and signatures, at $9 a month to start per person it is substantially cheaper than their competitor

they continually add new features which, most of them we do not need... but, i'm confident in the future we will need some of them.

If you find that you like the app please support them in full you won't regret it, the reporting will be mostly useless if you do not set up the app in the correct way at the beginning


Before I gave SupportFu a shot, I've used a whole host of helpdesk/ticket support systems ranging from free to ultra-expensive, including Zendesk and Reamaze to name but a few.

I can quite honestly say, this is by far the best, straight forward approach to a ticketing support system I have come across, at a price that cannot be beaten.

SupportFu is now one of the few 'must have' apps I would launch any eCommerce website with. I highly recommend ALL Shopify shop owners to give this is a shot!


SupportFu is one of those apps that is in the must have category. Our business could not run with out it. SupportFu essentially allows us to manage the end to end customer service journey through an easy to use interface (and mobile / tablet friendly) by giving us complete flexibility to categorise and communicate. Integration and setup takes 5 minutes.



Excellent, I have been trying all the Help Desk type of services to find one that would work the way I wanted it to. I use and like Olark Chat because it is the only chat that also has live monitoring and cart viewing. and although I found other help desks that would connect with Olark I just ran into to many problems that should have been simple to set up but took hours with no resolutions to the problems,
SupportFu setup was flawless maybe 20 min and not only did it connect with Olark it also connected to my Gmail and to Wufoo Form builder so I could have different forms all syncing with SupportFu for attention. Add the fact my customers Shopify order are listed with the support request is a real bonus and time saver. Support was very quick to respond and fix for me on the one issue I had.

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