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Developed by Codelance, LLC

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  • Dynamically price your products based on demand to maximize revenue
  • Get set up in seconds, no credit card required to get started
  • Full analytics to gain powerful insights into your pricing

What is Suurge?

When demand for a product is high, price goes up. When demand drops, price drops. It’s called dynamic pricing and markets have worked this way for ever. So why hasn’t technology and the digital age caught up? The short answer is, it has. The technology powering these pricing superpowers has just been locked up in big companies like Uber and Amazon, until now.

Suurge allows you to dynamically price your products in real time, based on demand. When demand is high for your products, we raise the price to an optimal level to capture the most value. When demand is low for your products, we help you discover the optimal price to maximize sales. It’s like having your own team of data scientists working full time to optimize your pricing.

How does it work?

It’s simple. For each product, you set a minimum price. From there, we calculate an ideal price, in real-time based on demand. The price will go up and down as demand does, but never below the minimum price you set. We determine the price and demand by tracking a number of unique data points like “how quickly are people buying an item” and “how much web traffic is each item getting”.

Why Suurge?

Never before has been this simple and low risk to dynamically price your products. Giants of the tech industry have spent millions of dollars to develop this technology, which is why they keep it proprietary. We’ve made a breakthrough that allows us to offer this same pricing ability at a massively lower cost, making it available to entrepreneurs who never had access before.

Easy set up

Integrate your Shopify store and begin to dynamically price your products in under two minutes. It’s really that simple.


Our dashboard shows you how your prices have changed over time, which customers bought at which price point, and much more.

Still have questions?

  • What does Suurge do?

    Suurge is a simple way to dynamically price your products. Dynamic Pricing is when businesses set flexible prices for products or service based on current market demands. You experience dynamic pricing every time you book a flight, buy something from Amazon, or catch an Uber. Now you can have that same pricing super power in your Shopify store.

    Based on how much demand (and sales) your product has, we change the price of your items in real time to match demand. Our goal is to accurately match the demand of your product with a the ideal price point - which means maximizing revenue for while still maintaining a price that keeps customers buying and coming back for more.

  • How does Suurging work (what’s driving the price)?

    Suurge determines price by how quickly your customers are buying. We are looking at things like the quantity of an item you have left in stock, how quickly that item is selling, and make determination on the supply and demand of your product. Based on that determination, we change the price of your items with anywhere from a 15%-35% price increase to find the perfect price point.

  • When does a price change start and stop?

    A price change will not be triggered until there is a minimum of three orders of a product within a 24 hour time frame. On the fourth order of a product, and every order from there on, we will trigger price increase based on how quickly orders are happening.

    The price will automatically decrease back to it’s original price point if there has not been a purchase in 24 hours. This is enough time to determine demand for an product has slowed to a degree that would warrant a price drop. Of you course, you can manually reset the price at anytime through our app.

  • Is there a minimum / maximum amount by which the price will change?

    The minimum price of your product will never go below the original price you set on Shopify. The price will dynamically move up and down, but never below this threshold. You also have the option to set a maximum price, anywhere up to 200 % of your original price. This can be a useful feature to set a cap on the amount you want to charge your customers on any given product.

  • Why does Suurge list my variants instead of products?

    Suurge currently processes your products by variants since they can have their own pricing and quantity. Since these are separate you will see all of your variants listed rather than products.

  • My products are hidden, but still show up in Suurge?

    Since your products are hidden, there is no expectation that they will be purchased, so Suurge will continue to show you those products to manage them separately from within the app.

  • What is required for a product to start pricing dynamically?

    Generally you will want to make sure the product has quantity/inventory set, has a non zero initial price, and has been marked active in the Suurge admin.

Suurge reviews

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This app is awesome! I was skeptical at first but it works perfectly and increased revenue well over 100% on the first couple products I tested it with. I was mostly worried my customers wouldn’t like the prices changing, but surprisingly, conversion rates actually increased as prices went up and there have been zero complaints or returns.

I also spent a ton of time figuring out the perfect price for my products before I launched my store and thought I had them down perfectly. I was dead wrong and was clearly leaving a ton of money on the table by underpricing my products. I’m now in the process of integrating Suurge into all my products, a highly recommended app and free to use!

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