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Swap Photo Editor

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Edit your photos, add stickers, remove backgrounds and more!

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Free editor

Now includes the old Shopify photo editor, plus much more! Crop and resize any photo! Some paid features also included.

Erase logos & backgrounds

Remove watermarks, solid colours, gradients, and complicated backgrounds from your photos quickly & perfectly!

Super fast interface

Select multiple photos and edit them all in one click! Over 600,000 Photos swapped to date by thousands of users!

À propos de Swap Photo Editor

Easily Edit your Photos!

Swap Photo Editor is the go-to Shopify app for merchants looking to edit their photos quickly!

  • Remove backgrounds
  • Remove logos and watermarks
  • Add text
  • Resize and Crop photos
  • Compress images

Select multiple photos and edit them all in one click!

Perfect for:

  • Dropshippers
  • Oberlo users
  • Dropified users
  • Ali Express users

Simply install and try for FREE with no commitments.

Beginner & Advanced Photo Editing Tools

Easily crop edges, enhance colors, add text and logos, and more using the built-in Swap Photo Editor or the simple Adobe Photo Editor.

Photoshop-like Photo Editing

Professional users can use the built-in photopea editor for expert photo editing.

Resize, Crop, & Compress your Photos

Simply modify the resolution and aspect ratio of any photo!

Remove Backgrounds in one click

Use the remove background pro feature to remove complex backgrounds for a small fee (20 cents per photo). This is the best remove background tool available anywhere.

Remove Watermarks and Logos

Remove watermarks, logos, and text from hundreds of dropshipping images in minutes!

Search & Replace Images with Higher-Quality Versions

Find high quality versions of any photo using our Search Web button. It lets you replace your photo with a different version in seconds!

Swap Images from Any URL

Use any Search URL (such as a Shopify store, Amazon, Ebay, website, or image link) to simply list their images and let you swap them into your shop.

Rename Photos and Add Alt-Texts

You can rename individual photos or multiple

Try it for FREE

Our Editor tool is 100% FREE for single photos. Test out our advanced membership features with 15 free trial swap credits.

Live Chat Support

We offer live chat support within the app for any technical questions or issues.

  • Works with products, collections, articles, and asset photos.
  • Transfers alt-texts to the new photos
  • Transfers variants to the new photos
  • Drag photos to change positions and move between products

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Free Trial

Installation gratuite

20 cents per photo for remove background pro service

  • Free Photo Editor Tool
  • Remove Logos
  • Remove Backgrounds
  • Get 15 free trial member swaps
  • Get $1 free trial remove background pro credits

Monthly Membership

$9.99 par mois

20 cents per photo for remove background pro service

  • Unlimited Usage
  • Edit All Photos
  • Remove Logos
  • Remove Backgrounds
  • Center & Crop Photos
  • Edit Filenames & Alt Texts
  • Adobe Editor Included

* Tous les frais sont facturés en USD.
** Les frais récurrents, y compris les frais mensuels ou les frais d'utilisation, sont facturés tous les 30 jours.

4.4 de 5 étoiles

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Lifestyle Travel Trading

I used this app today after installing. It is not easy as stated but very slow and time consuming. It already put several of the images with a white cut out so I had to reload the images in Shopify. Also the remove watermark did not work on most images, some I could change over but it also removed the name on a face mask and not the watermark. So basically I have now got to go locate those images again and reupload. Waste of time and energy and I would definilty not pay for this app.


Swap Photo Editor has impressed me very much and after quick trial I have deceided to go without any doubght for the yearly membersihip (20USD/year). I mainly need it for multipal picture resizing -> it works super easy. But this app can do even more. For instance It will mark oversized pictures which should be compressed and by one click you can very easyly speed up your store. There are lots of other functions which is possible to use making your pictures accoding to your need. This app is great value for money. I highly recommend it.

Decor 4 Homes

I used the app to resize thousands of photos that had been uploaded to my page using too large of a size and compression apps simply weren't doing enough to get the sizes down. The app is pretty easy to use and definitely gets the job done. It would be nice if it were easier to track the status of resizing - it tells you how many you've chosen, but not how many have been resized. So the only way to find out is to swap and see the count - which if you've done a large number of products, is never all of the ones you chose. Notwithstanding, amazing app!