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19. december 2023

They are probably the worst service out there that is quick to take your money but not provide the support for the services. I cancelled this service back in July and they keep on charging me. Charge me again and you will get a lawsuit!

6 måneder bruger appen
26. marts 2024

Despite its free mode, this app's customer service is very slow, and there's a bug with the bar placement that hasn't been fixed for over a month since I reported it (Yotpo case #03219533). My detailed emails about the bug have been ignored, and my case was unjustly closed. It's disappointing how such a service aims to attract paying customers when responses take 3-5 business days, feeling outdated. I'm unsatisfied with the service, hoping for better alternatives.

31. maj 2023

Unfortunately the app automatically changed the settings in the points to dollar ratio (after they were set by us) resulting in customer rewards doubling and putting our business in jeopardy.

Meraki Lashes and Beauty
4 måneder bruger appen
Yotpo - L&R svarede 28. november 2023

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us — we hear you and we apologize for the inconvenience. We would never automatically change any settings in the points to dollar ratio or to any settings of your account. Our team has tried contacting you to offer assistance, but we have not heard back. We encourage you to reach out to our team so that we can help.

4. maj 2020

For well over a year now, when my customers redeem their rewards and the system makes them a coupon code, it is already expired! This has been ongoing since YOTPO acquired SWELL and their support has been an absolute joke. I’ve contacted them multiple times and they do not give a clear answer or solve the issue, nor is English their first language. Extremely disappointed that YOTPO acquired this app.

Mere end 6 år bruger appen
Redigeret 30. oktober 2020

My app quit working, i can't get in and neither can my customers. This has been going on for days. I got one response from support and then haven't heard anything. Please let me know why this isn't working!!!!! love swell rewards, it's easy to use and my customers are loving it.

Ropes And Rhinestones
Cirka 6 år bruger appen
Yotpo - L&R svarede 10. november 2020

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review.
We completely understand your frustration. Your feedback is incredibly important to us and our support system has already reached out to you in hopes of fixing this issue. We apologize for this inconvenience and please reach out to us if there are any lingering issues.

25. juni 2018

Avoid this application by all means!!!!!!

Never use this service and it has cost us a lot to fix all the problems. Rewards system works for our business, and our customers check their rewards very frequently and it was all good until one customer reported missing points, it turns out that for that particular customer, Swell did not automatically give points and we had to manually add points to her. It was a VIP customer and we get requests to manually add points very often and that requires lots of time, and it DECREASED our customer satisfaction by a huge chunk, and we see less and less orders because our VIP customers are not happy about having to email us to get their points added. Swell charges you a fee once you reach certain subscribers, and bigger problems will happen then.

I reached out to their support team and they do not respond to you until one week later, when all of our customers are officially pissed off. the only reply from them is that I need to contact Shopify, that it is Shopify's problem in sending them orders, but it only happens to random orders, meaning that Swell does not work fully compatibly with Shopify, so this system should not be used by any business, just to save some troubles.

The response I get from Shopify is that I need to contact Swell, as Swell is the developer and they need to sort out the problems with Shopify.

Then Swell just does not care about our business, and our customers are not getting points, and we as a business piss off our customers by not able to give them points automatically as promised. This Swell rewards is a huge joke!

We are moving to a new reward application that actually works, so bye Swell!

Næsten 5 år bruger appen
4. marts 2019

Not getting any support. Made sevral request, Shopify has also sent you a CC and still no reply. Do we need to migrate to another Vendor?

The Abbey Collections
Mere end 4 år bruger appen
Redigeret 17. juli 2020

07-17-2020 Well I really don’t like to do this, but the lack of communication and action in regards to your coding issue leaves me no alternative but to write this and lower your rating. Service is POOR AT BEST!

The base app works well. Simple setup.

The Abbey Collection
Mere end 4 år bruger appen
Redigeret 14. juni 2017

The support was great until you're actually a paying customer. Then it dropped off and all but disappeared. Swell never worked on the POS. Support wasn't helpful. Then I downgraded to the free account, my shop qualifies, but I'm still locked out with the app demanding payment and once again support hasn't helped.

Sprout Soup
Cirka 4 år bruger appen
Redigeret 11. oktober 2018

Very unhappy, upgraded only to be told it will cost me $150 to get the upgrades installed on my site. Is this a joke? im paying you and you want more money to make sure its installed? NOT HAPPY

Pierced N Proud
Cirka 3 år bruger appen