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9 de outubro de 2018

The support is absolutely not responsive. The app is buggy, the setting is not user-friendly.

1. Follow @ Instagram can be completed multiple times. I have many buyers just earn many points and just get rewards with the points, which cause a loss in business. The support never get back to me although 3 days passed, I have to manually adjust the points for all the customers

2. Refer a friend doesn't work although "fraud prevention" has been disabled.

3 meses usando o app
Data de edição: 26 de outubro de 2019

Never really tried the app because when I asked customer support if I have to pay a small percentage to the app each time the app makes a profit or on all sales including those that are not generated by Swell, my question was ignored, and instead Kerby Mcedonn, (the customer support staff), answered extremely vaguely. My assumption is that if you install this app and move to a paid plan, they will charge you up to 0.35 cents per order, regardless of whether Swell generates the sale or not. For big stores this can become a problem, eg 0.35 x 100(sales a day) = 35USD x 30 Days = ~1000USD a month not including their monthly fee. I recommend using Smile.io or Zinrelo.

Aproximadamente 1 mês usando o app
Data de edição: 9 de fevereiro de 2019

I had to cancel my subscription for Swell before even launching the app due solely to the lack of customer service from Swell, which was recently acquired by Yotpo.

After many hours configuring the app on my own, I contacted support with three final (and uncomplicated) questions. After more than two weeks, two additional follow-up e-mails to support, and additional e-mails to a sales rep, I have still not received a single response from Swell's support team.

Even worse, the sales rep suggested that I pay more to receive better service on the premium enterprise plan. I paid approximately $300/month for the gold plan, which is the highest self-service tier.

I also investigated Yotpo, as I was looking for a product review app to integrate with Swell rewards. After following up multiple times with a sales rep for help and information, I was quoted about $8K/year.

It would be absurd to pay this company anything, let alone $11K+/year, for this level of service. There are plenty of other options for both rewards and review apps.

Estados Unidos
Aproximadamente 2 meses usando o app
Data de edição: 28 de novembro de 2017

Works, and thats all, not very good for us, hard to say why.

visit www.casemiroarts.com

Casemiro Arts
3 meses usando o app
Data de edição: 31 de julho de 2016

Apparently they changed their pricing without even changing it on their site. What was once $9 a month is now $29 a month. completely overpriced!! Got a huge bill for an app that doesnt even do as much as the rest. When I contacted regarding the pricing issue and asked for a refund due to no clear statement of price change on the website, their excuse was "we wrote a blog about it" Worst customer service ever. absolutely upset

Your Connection Destination
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4 meses usando o app
Data de edição: 12 de fevereiro de 2019

The app isn't rendering icons correctly since we launched it, the "refer a friend" option doesn't even show up. we have been reaching out to support to no avail, and are extremely disappointed in the service. We upgraded, thinking that the free version was glitchy on purpose, because we had launched it via our newsletter (because it initially appeared to be working correctly), and were worried about our customers experience. We want a refund for the upgrade and to discontinue using this app. Shopify should not be encouraging faulty plug-ins/apps to their customers. We have spend a lot of time setting up to no success, and it's very upsetting that there is NO SUPPORT!

PRESTIDGE beaute' Active Organics
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Aproximadamente 1 mês usando o app
13 de julho de 2019

Not been able to use this app.
Waste of time and money!
I installed this app for the VIP section, less than 30 days ago, but couldn't customise the settings.
There are no instructions to guide you on the sizes of the Hero images.
Support is lacking!!!
For $249 you would expect more but no.. the search continues for another app with VIP that is not a waste of time or money.

Anita Grant
Reino Unido
27 dias usando o app
27 de setembro de 2020

We shortlisted this app along with another one in terms of what we needed. We paid for the first month despite having no Free Trial because it seemed to have more customizable options to do what we wanted. Their dashboard is raw, no attention to design or UI, however it was appealing due to the amount of available filters and choices.
However after 1 week of trying to set this up the way we wanted, we ended up uninstalling entirely. Money is not a problem, if things work well. Things didn't work while we followed their instructions (guides) to the letter. Their server requests were returning Error 500.. And the Support is HORRIBLE, practically never online on the live chat and they take days to reply to a ticket. The only timely thing about their support is their automated emails when they ask "How did you find our support?". No money is worth the trouble of waiting and waiting (48-72hrs - while you're paying!), not even getting a confirmation that someone opened your email and they're working on a solution for you. No clue how this company has such a high rating with such a lousy support.

Sanity Cares
6 dias usando o app
18 de fevereiro de 2019

Using with Shopify POS work 1/3 times and now stop work, contact by email and chat but no one reply.

26 dias usando o app
Data de edição: 3 de março de 2019

I have had problems from the beginning with BOTH SWELL AND YOTPO. WE are now three weeks in and they still CANT get it right. To make matters worse. they are trying to charge me and I haven't even reached a full 30 days yet. we are on day 17.

This is CRAZYYYYY. I am looking for other options at this point. support is HORRIBLE, INCONSISTENT, AND FRUSTRATING!!!

the tech support is horrible because it takes FOREVER to get problems resolved. To my understanding- they outsource for their tech support. MAJOR problem. I bought into the whole "YOTPO SWELL" thing because they are the same company and I have NOT been able to get anything working as they advertised.
EXTREMELY disappointing so far. Hoping these two companies get it together and fix ALL of my issues that I have requested help for or I will be going to another company and requesting a FULL REFUND

you guys need to get it together! too many different reps handling the same account and not everyone is trained the same. One rep helped me with one issue and then the next rep messed up what the previous rep did. he sends me emails and I respond REPEATEDLY yet he ACTS like he is not seeing me emails. THIS IS THE WORST EVERRRRR!!!!!!!

Heightened Hemp
Estados Unidos
21 dias usando o app