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13 de março de 2019

Incredibly slow support (2+ days for a reply) that simply linked me to articles that were incredibly dense and hard to understand. Complicated UI, and lacking the functionality needed.

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6 de março de 2019

THIS COMPANY IS AWFUL AT RESPONDING TO QUESTIONS IN A TIMELY MANNER to questions about the app. That would be ok if their tutorials and instructions for the app were informative. This is my 5th time contacting the company since installing the app last November. I still have not heard back after trying again and it has been over 6 days. Looking for a new rewards app now.

StinkyDog Beads
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4 de março de 2019

Not getting any support. Made sevral request, Shopify has also sent you a CC and still no reply. Do we need to migrate to another Vendor?

The Abbey Collections
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Data de edição: 3 de março de 2019

I have had problems from the beginning with BOTH SWELL AND YOTPO. WE are now three weeks in and they still CANT get it right. To make matters worse. they are trying to charge me and I haven't even reached a full 30 days yet. we are on day 17.

This is CRAZYYYYY. I am looking for other options at this point. support is HORRIBLE, INCONSISTENT, AND FRUSTRATING!!!

the tech support is horrible because it takes FOREVER to get problems resolved. To my understanding- they outsource for their tech support. MAJOR problem. I bought into the whole "YOTPO SWELL" thing because they are the same company and I have NOT been able to get anything working as they advertised.
EXTREMELY disappointing so far. Hoping these two companies get it together and fix ALL of my issues that I have requested help for or I will be going to another company and requesting a FULL REFUND

you guys need to get it together! too many different reps handling the same account and not everyone is trained the same. One rep helped me with one issue and then the next rep messed up what the previous rep did. he sends me emails and I respond REPEATEDLY yet he ACTS like he is not seeing me emails. THIS IS THE WORST EVERRRRR!!!!!!!

Heightened Hemp
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18 de fevereiro de 2019

Using with Shopify POS work 1/3 times and now stop work, contact by email and chat but no one reply.

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Data de edição: 12 de fevereiro de 2019

The app isn't rendering icons correctly since we launched it, the "refer a friend" option doesn't even show up. we have been reaching out to support to no avail, and are extremely disappointed in the service. We upgraded, thinking that the free version was glitchy on purpose, because we had launched it via our newsletter (because it initially appeared to be working correctly), and were worried about our customers experience. We want a refund for the upgrade and to discontinue using this app. Shopify should not be encouraging faulty plug-ins/apps to their customers. We have spend a lot of time setting up to no success, and it's very upsetting that there is NO SUPPORT!

PRESTIDGE beaute' Active Organics
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Data de edição: 9 de fevereiro de 2019

I had to cancel my subscription for Swell before even launching the app due solely to the lack of customer service from Swell, which was recently acquired by Yotpo.

After many hours configuring the app on my own, I contacted support with three final (and uncomplicated) questions. After more than two weeks, two additional follow-up e-mails to support, and additional e-mails to a sales rep, I have still not received a single response from Swell's support team.

Even worse, the sales rep suggested that I pay more to receive better service on the premium enterprise plan. I paid approximately $300/month for the gold plan, which is the highest self-service tier.

I also investigated Yotpo, as I was looking for a product review app to integrate with Swell rewards. After following up multiple times with a sales rep for help and information, I was quoted about $8K/year.

It would be absurd to pay this company anything, let alone $11K+/year, for this level of service. There are plenty of other options for both rewards and review apps.

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17 de janeiro de 2019

The potential for this app looked amazing. But the support for installation and setup is non-existing. The campaigns we have created are not showing the pop-up. I wrote to ask Swell for support but just got a screen shot back saying everthings looks okay - even though in the screen shot the campains for reward is not the same as the ones I have created. I have started a support chat but seems there are no real persons there - just an email saying we have created a ticket for you. and then no reply to that for days.

Hope the installation issues will be solved and the app proves to do some of the fancy stuff they so highly claim they can do.

Moonchild Yoga Wear
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Data de edição: 21 de novembro de 2018


We signed with Swell in early May on their premier Platinum plan. Overall we have had a very negative experience and have repeatedly found bugs in their platform that have had negative financial ramifications for us.

One of the main things that attracted us to Swell was the more customized program design they offered. This process was OK although small delays did sneak in when we needed to pick up on relatively small (but important!) design elements. Overall the our impression was a 'good enough' approach, which to us seemed counter to the stated aim of driving as much traffic as possible to the rewards page. Their developers also struggled with Shopify theme code management outside of Shopify (we use Github). The soft launch of our program was late July.

Soon after launch we found a couple of serious bugs in their platform that has significantly dented our confidence in it’s reliability. One issue (awarding points for the purchase of gift cards and purchases using gift cards) was promptly resolved. However we have been waiting more than three months for the resolution of a bug affecting the treatment of refunds. We also complained about the slow speed to load a customer’s point balance but was told this was expected behavior. The Swell team have been slow to respond to emails. I am still waiting for a response to an email I sent 9 days ago to our dedicated ‘Client Success Manager’ for example.

Aromatics International
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Data de edição: 9 de novembro de 2018

POOR support
I rate 1 star for now.
I have been contacting the support many times, but no response even with the Gold Plan.

Bit'z Kids
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