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Data de edição: 19 de outubro de 2018

Unbelievably, the pricing structure is programmed to include Point-of-Sale sales when determining your tier. So not only is Swell structuring what they charge you based on orders that they have absolutely nothing to do with whatsoever (offline sales), but they then want to claim a surcharge per sale for each of those offline sales when your total net number of sales exceeds a certain number (depending on your tier, its 200 for the $29/month plan). As though they deserve payment for your offline sales. Utterly absurd. Swell should be ashamed of themselves. There's plenty of competition in this space to avoid this underhanded approach, even if doing so purely on principle.

I believe this is the first negative review I've taken the time to write about any app.

Ladyloved - Sublime Skincare for Natural Beauty
Estados Unidos
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Data de edição: 10 de outubro de 2018

Paying $630.00 USD a month but receive zero support. Asking for help on some simple issue but was not willing to help, keep pushing us away. Feel like a fool to sign a year contract. Be careful.

Tempo gasto no app: 12 meses
9 de outubro de 2018

The support is absolutely not responsive. The app is buggy, the setting is not user-friendly.

1. Follow @ Instagram can be completed multiple times. I have many buyers just earn many points and just get rewards with the points, which cause a loss in business. The support never get back to me although 3 days passed, I have to manually adjust the points for all the customers

2. Refer a friend doesn't work although "fraud prevention" has been disabled.

Tempo gasto no app: 3 meses
1 de outubro de 2018

This app has become so frustrating for us. We use the Shopify POS app for our brick and mortar store and there is no way for us to redeem points or even look up points through this app. It worked on the iPad app but not the android tablet we now use. We have to go into a browser and do everything manually. People are too impatient to wait for this. This is an expensive product to not function properly.

Cocoon Apothecary Canada
Tempo gasto no app: Quase 3 anos
Data de edição: 23 de setembro de 2018

Added this under the assumption it was a free app, very limited usage making it pointless unless you upgrade which for a business starting out is not feasible. have now uninstalled and will continue my search.

Rustic Urban Co
Tempo gasto no app: 23 minutos
24 de julho de 2018

Going on day 74 and I STILL am not running at full steam. I was promised a 6-week implementation and have two sites. One just launched (week 9_ and we now have about a load of pissed off customers because points are not working right. Great thing is, its Tuesday and I haven't heard from them since last Thursday... My second site is still not launched and I have been given 5 delayed dates, the last being last Friday. Great thing is, it never launched and I didn't even get a call, and its Tuesday and I have not hard anything... So frustrated right now, wish i would have gone with a different tool.

Bella Nova Fashion
Estados Unidos
Tempo gasto no app: 10 meses
25 de junho de 2018

Avoid this application by all means!!!!!!

Never use this service and it has cost us a lot to fix all the problems. Rewards system works for our business, and our customers check their rewards very frequently and it was all good until one customer reported missing points, it turns out that for that particular customer, Swell did not automatically give points and we had to manually add points to her. It was a VIP customer and we get requests to manually add points very often and that requires lots of time, and it DECREASED our customer satisfaction by a huge chunk, and we see less and less orders because our VIP customers are not happy about having to email us to get their points added. Swell charges you a fee once you reach certain subscribers, and bigger problems will happen then.

I reached out to their support team and they do not respond to you until one week later, when all of our customers are officially pissed off. the only reply from them is that I need to contact Shopify, that it is Shopify's problem in sending them orders, but it only happens to random orders, meaning that Swell does not work fully compatibly with Shopify, so this system should not be used by any business, just to save some troubles.

The response I get from Shopify is that I need to contact Swell, as Swell is the developer and they need to sort out the problems with Shopify.

Then Swell just does not care about our business, and our customers are not getting points, and we as a business piss off our customers by not able to give them points automatically as promised. This Swell rewards is a huge joke!

We are moving to a new reward application that actually works, so bye Swell!

Tempo gasto no app: Quase 5 anos
Data de edição: 8 de março de 2019

I hate giving bad reviews but they don’t I still confidence. Highly expensive. Customers keep getting massive amounts of free points, system is badly flawed. Terrible communication after a year we are moving providers....... terrible service. We have given them opportunity after opportunity to resolve issues and communicate with us but no joy. I’m an old school kind of
guy and refuse point blank to pay someone hundreds of dollars a month for a knackered broken product. I can lose money for free I don’t need to pay someone to lose me money. People are redeeming points and then getting those points back because of a glitch, no matter how many times we try and communicate these guys don’t get back to us quick enough. By quick enough I expect a reply within 48 hrs not over a week later.

I will never use swell rewards again and I am now setting up an account with a different provider and going to cancel swell over the next couple of weeks.

One thing they won’t tell you is that there is no confirmation of a page being shared or a ‘follow or like’ Facebook and twitter etc won’t allow it anymore but swell won’t tell you that. If I had a mind to I could rip the arse out of any shop that has swell rewards, it is totally unsafe for any shop owner and sorry to say I am throwing them in the bin.

Reino Unido
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12 de fevereiro de 2018

It simply did not work. Every time I tried to edit the rewards page, it kept telling me I had to upgrade. Same with a pop up about the rewards program. AND it said there would be a tab shown for the rewards program on my site. Nope.. nothing. I will not be using this app. Very disappointed.

Dog Collar Fancy
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Data de edição: 28 de novembro de 2017

Works, and thats all, not very good for us, hard to say why.

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Casemiro Arts
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