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3. Oktober 2023

I was looking for the six or seven star to note the Swipecart more the other but there are only five. I want to thank Swipecart and say: 1. A great team for customer services always here to help you and they never told you no or cannot. 2. A simple and easy app builder, very easy to add products from your store Shopify. 3. A fantastic design, with many chooses and different things that can make your app the best one. 4. Affordable prices, not very expensive regarding the services offered. I am so happy to recommend Swipecart to everyone in everywhere. Close your eyes and go ahead. IT IS FANTASTIC.

3 monate mit der App
Bearbeitet am 20. Juni 2023

It s my pleasure to recommend swipercart to anyone looking for the best app builder at affordable price. It is easy to install and I really appreciate the customer service, the guy I am talking to Whatsapp Himanshu. they were able to help me from resizing/making some banners and logo, I know they did a lot of work for people like me who have less knowledge in IT. Talking to bad bad review I saw above. Me too i was on my way leaving them cse I shouldn't understand why I need to pay while app showing is free. I Praise Lord I Ve been contacted via WhatsApp and receive more explanation and it's make sense to pay one time set up cause the app has most things I was looking for however I asked one thing hope the will do that. Thank you guys at swipercard and keep up the good work.
5 monate mit der App
3. Mai 2023

So we have been searching for an App Builder to help us integrate to our Shopify backend, found multiple options and some are really good also. We took a lot of time reviewing the options and we were lucky enough to take that much time, as Swipecart was released during our investigation.

I can say that we are fortunate to be one of the adopters of their lifetime Enterprise offer. The team went beyond normal customization to help us adapt the app to our region and tricky customer base.

Thanks to all the team that helped us achieve our goal and I am sure this will only be the start for a long fruitful journey for both of us.

For other customers who are reading this, these are the highlights:
1. The portal is very rich and easy to use, the builder UI functionality is systematic and simple.
2. The ever growing list of integrations and plugis.
3. List of unique features that are specific to them, for example "Swipe Mode" and "Translation" sheet
And I am sure you will find other things interesting which could be helpful for your type of work and process.

Lilii ليلي
10 monate mit der App
10. Oktober 2023

Swipecart has been very helpful. We were able to connect our website and seamlessly transit to app both on google and ios platform. The customer service was good too. Thanks to Krishna!!!

Oke Arin Markethub
3 monate mit der App
4. Mai 2023

We have been using mobile apps for our coffee and tea business for over three years and recently started to look for a new partner for our mobile app and are super happy that we found Swipecart. The team at Swipecart especially Himanshu and Krishna have been super helpful on getting us onboarded and all the features that we had hoped and dreamed off.
Our new mobile app which now went live a few weeks ago is getting awesome reviews from our customers and makes it easy for them to discover and order products from our store right from the mobile app. Swipecart has all the integrations we wanted and needed (like Recharge, Klaviyo, Return Prime, and and getting the app out was fast and with the support from the team easy to do.
We were able to give our customers a similar look and feel as in our web store and greet them with a familiar branding now in their mobile app.
We are so happy to have discovered Swipecart and feel it is the best solution for us and better than what we could ask for.
We would recommend it anytime to anyone.

Tico Coffee Roasters
Vereinigte Staaten
3 monate mit der App
24. September 2023

I want to express my utmost satisfaction with the exceptional support team. The application is remarkably user-friendly, and I wholeheartedly recommend its usage without any reservations. It has truly exceeded my expectations, and I give it my highest recommendation.

ZMC Shop
7 monate mit der App
2. Mai 2023

Swipecart was a great choice for my business. I am able to show a good product page with all the information to my customers. The product checkout is also smooth. They have beautiful plugins that make our life easier.

American Built Pro
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3 monate mit der App
8. Mai 2023

Swipecart can create a customized mobile app for your online store in just a few clicks. The App is a user-friendly platform you can design and publish an app that perfectly reflects your brand and engages your customers. Boost your conversions and increase customer loyalty with Swipecart. The developer team is working faster than expected. Try Swipecart today!

Vereinigte Staaten
9 monate mit der App
7. Juni 2023

I reviewed all app builders before choosing rentech , other were way too expensive for the similar features. I am using this since 2 months now and am satisfied with the app performance. However there are still some features which are necessary but missing on swipecart. They are open for suggestions the team informed me they are working on them and will soon be rolled out. Overall happy with swipecart.

Etwa 2 monate mit der App
7. Mai 2023

I just had a rundown of my mobile app built using Swipecart. It is AMAZING! I love it :) I am extremely pleased with my decision of choosing this company. The user experience is very smooth and the onboarding team made the work easier. Looking forward to seeing the results.

Brixton Shoes
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3 monate mit der App