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True to its words, Swipecart is an easy-to-use application. I wanted to build a mobile app for my store. Swipecart's team helped me build the app within a short period of time. I am in love with the UI and am looking forward to more interesting updates from them.

Fashioninsta Official

the integrations available on Swipecart are impressive. One thing that sets Swipecart apart from others is their willingness to make customizations and create new integrations for us. Because of this, Swipecart is our top pick.

Golden Grove

Swipecart has some of the best design elements. We are able to display discounts and flash sales, which we could not find with most app builders. The integrations provided on Swipecart are great and the fact that they are willing to do customisations and new integrations makes them our only choice.

Dazzling Deals

Swipecart was the best app builder among the app builders we looked at. Swipecart also integrates with all the apps that we use. The number of widgets and the customer support is great.

Stellar style1

We love using swipecart for our store. The user segmentation and automation features are awesome.....!

Nourish Nest

Swipecart's design tool is better than everything else we have seen. We love their plugins and integrations as well. It also comes in at a much competitive price

Mart Vibe

UPDATE: Rentech is aware that their response is untrue. I attempted to contact them through six email addresses for different people I have talked to throughout the process of developing the app. They have responded to all issues right up until the app stopped working at 120 days. They also ignored a request from their payment provider to get in touch with me, and at that point I initiated a chargeback. THEN they started answering the emails I sent.

They are aware that when we tested it, the app worked, and that it then stopped working just a few weeks later and never came back for more than one or two days at a time.

They also are aware that the site layout did not change until two weeks after the app stopped working. They claim the app is working now, but it still is not -- to them "it sent a push notification" means "working", even if the notification brings the user to a broken page. It IS sending push notifications again, that's true.

They are scammers, pure and simple. They'll say anything to get your money, and once they have it they stop working and stop resolving problems.

ORIGINAL REVIEW: Rentech assured us that Swipecart's mobile app would have the functions we needed for our site and app for an additional payment of $2000, but four months later it has not worked for more than a week at a time. Once we passed 120 days from the payment, they stopped responding to all requests, I'm assuming because that's the limitation on credit card chargebacks.

The app is out there on app stores, broken and useless, and I cannot get a response from the developer.

Rentech Digital 已回覆 2023年3月20日

Dear customer,
We have looked at your case and it seems that the registered email address on our system which is also which is registered with shopify was different then your own email. For email communication we have Jira Service Desk which generates tickets automatically. Since the email on our system was different your emails were never registered as tickets on our system. We also have live chat and phone support. We do not see any attempt to communicate from your end. The reason the functionality broke was because it was a custom implementation and we had created a layout on swipecart that was not supposed to change. The knowledge was transferred from our end to the project lead on your end, who we don't see anymore on email thread. Someone without the knowledge of this requirement changed the layout which broke the functionality. The app was functional and was tested by three different people from your end, each of whom approved it and after which payment was processed. For the current payment we can see the refund issues already and the functionality was fixed after your emails.
We apologize for any inconvenience.


Swipecart is a fantastic app that's very user-friendly. The interface is intuitive and well-organized, and there are plenty of customization options to choose from. I'm delighted to have this revenue-generating app in my Shopify store, and it's made my life a lot easier. Highly recommend!


I appreciate Swipecart for the nitro boost they have given to our business. Throughout my experience, I did not find any constraints from development to deployment.

Trendy Treasure

Swipecart is not at all complex to understand, everything is well organized and there are lots of customization options available. I am happy that now I have an amazing revenue-generating app..!

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