Digital Gift Wrap for your Physical Products & Gift Cards

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Customer Experiences

Allow your customers to easily give the same great experience of in-person gift giving with the same instant convenience of online shopping.

Increase Conversion Rate

Create a more memorable shopping experience and improve checkout conversions on gift purchases.

Neutralize Long Delivery Times

Shoppers can get their messages delivered on-time while your physical products are still being shipped. Perfect for those last-minute gifts.

有關 Swipewrap

Welcome to the World of Digital Gifting

Swipewrap provides your shoppers, who are buying your products/services as gifts, with the ability to easily give their friends and loved ones the same great experience of an in-person gift, but with the same instant convenience as online shopping.

Virtual Interactive Unwrapping

  • By swiping your smartphone, you unwrap a 3D virtual gift box by untying the ribbon and ripping off the digital wrapping paper
  • Open the 3D virtual gift box to reveal a personally written card
  • Once the message has been read, you will be presented with a digital facsimile of the gift that has been wrapped
  • Works on PC, MAC, iPhone, Android, and any modern web browser

Personalization Experience

  • Shoppers select from available digital wrapping paper options
  • Shoppers write custom card messages

Increase Conversion Rate

  • The fun, engaging experience of personalizing a digital gift wrap and writing a card adds a sense of meaningfulness and emotional attachment into the buying process and hence increases the likelihood of converting prospective sales of gifts into checkouts.
  • We have found that customers often wish to purchase products just to be able to send a swipewrap.

Drop shipping and Delivery times

  • Neutralize potentially long delivery times by delivering a fun and exciting facsimile instantly anywhere in the world

Last Minute Gifts

  • Perfect for those last-minute gifts enabling the message to be delivered on-time

Digital Gift Cards

  • Make your shop gift cards more memorable and more fun to send with swipewrap

One Click Install

  • Simply install, enable, and you're done!
  • Intuitive dashboard for configuring your integration

How it Works

  • You set your price for shoppers to purchase swipewraps in your shop
  • Our storefront plugin technology determines when shoppers are shopping for gifts
  • Shoppers pay the amount that you set to add swipewrap to their purchases
  • You collect money from each swipewrap sold
  • We charge your shop per swipewrap that you sell
  • The more swipewraps you sell, the more revenue you generate
  • See pricing section to see how we charge

Big Plans for the Future

We have some great exciting additional features in the works for you!


  • Gift cards

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  • 1-858-790-2079
  • support@swipewrap.com


Charge per swipewrap sold. Click "See all pricing options".

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NFTs Framed

I wanted an app that would increase my customer engagement and boost loyalty by providing a unique gift giving experience. Swipewrap works great and integrated seamlessly with my store. The team at Swipewrap was super helpful when I had a question and I would highly recommend this app!