Swiss Post Label Printer

Swiss Post Label Printer


Create shipping labels for your Swiss Post parcels & letters

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Save time

Generate your Swiss Post labels directly from the order view. Simply print and stick it on the parcel.

Always up-to-date customers

When generating a label the tracking number is automatically retrieved from Swiss Post and saved with the order.

No copy-paste – No mistakes

Remember the time when you copy-pasted the customer's information into the Swiss Post system? This time is over.

Swiss Post Label Printer 정보

Directly create & print your Swiss Post shipping labels

Finally, you are able to print your Swiss Post shipping labels directly in your shop backend. Save time and money – there is no need for copy-pasting addresses or tracking numbers anymore. Your labels are generated in just two clicks!

Your benefits at a glance

  • Generate Swiss Post labels for your parcels and letters
  • Automatically transfer your shipments via API to Swiss Post
  • Get your tracking numbers immediately and automatically saved to the customer's order
  • Comfortably print your labels with your A4 or label printer
  • Save a lot of time with your fulfillment

Easy configuration

Install the app, enter your Swiss Post credentials and map your (custom) shipping methods with the services that Swiss Post offers. That's it. You can now generate the labels in your shop's backend.

Directly connected to Swiss Post

Our app is connected to Swiss Post and submits all shipments via API. The app will hand over your customer's address and desired shipping service(s) to Swiss Post in order for your shipment to be registered correctly. This is how all the big shops in Switzerland operate! Nice side effect: The app immediately receives the tracking number and writes it into the order.

No need to copy-paste tracking numbers, addresses, etc... into the Swiss Post website or into a Word file (if you used to work in that way...).

Comfortable printing

Print your shipping labels in the size you need. You can choose between:

  • 1 Label on DIN A6 (perfect for printing directly on a label printer)
  • 1 Label on DIN A7 (perfect for printing directly on a label printer)
  • 4-A6 Labels on DIN A4 (perfect for A4 label paper)
  • 8-A7 Labels on DIN A4 (perfect for printing directly on a label printer)

Even more comfortable shipping

Using our app to ship your parcels makes the shipment process comfortable: Just put the labels on the shipping boxes and bring them to the next Swiss Post counter. No need to wait or even pay directly. This is all done via the web service. Basically, you can just "drop off" your shipping boxes and leave.

Swiss Post APIs required

Our app talks to Swiss Post via their APIs. Depending on if you want to send parcels and/or letters, you will need a Digital Commerce API account as well as a Webstamp login. If you don't have these accounts yet, make sure to register yours today for free and start using our app as soon you get the login from Swiss Post. Start saving time to ship more products (or focus on selling more ;))


  • Digital Commerce API,
  • Webstamp

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  • Up to 5 labels per month



  • Up to 50 labels per month



  • Up to 200 labels per month



  • Up to 500 Labels per month

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Cette application est géniale !! On économise beaucoup de temps et le service client est super. Merci beaucoup pour toutes vos applications.


Super App und schneller sympathischer Support. Ich hoffe, dass bald weitere Features kommen (A-Post Plus und internationaler Versand).

개발자 회신

2021년 2월 2일

Danke für dein Feedback, freut uns sehr!! A-Post Plus kannst du bereits mit der App nutzen, du musst dafür nur die Frankierlizenz A-Post Plus für den Webservice Barcode von der Post aktivieren lassen.

Liebe Grüsse

Schneller, unkomplizierter Service. Probleme werden per Mail kurzfristig gelöst. gerne wieder. vielen Dank!