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10 de septiembre de 2020

Disappointed with this app. The free option is great, but once you go over the limit it immediately disables on your shop, so even people who made wishlists in the past can not access them anymore. It would be nice if it would allow the wishlists to remain able to be seen. I have not made revenue with the app in the couple of days I have had it; however it is already disabled on my shop so I don't necessarily want to pay to upgrade yet (and probably won't).

Homeschool Style Co.
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20 de marzo de 2021

Items are automatically deleted from customer's lists over time. We've had many customers complain about coming back to reference their lists, only to find out they didn't have one anymore. The developer was not helpful when we pointed out that this was an issue. "I can understand how the customers would be frustrated when their list goes missing and I would suggest to share it with the customers so they are aware of it."

Bitters & Bottles
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9 de octubre de 2019

I dont understand all the great reviews for this app. It lacks very basic customization capabilities. I can't edit the copy in my pop ups without writing the developers. I can't connect my Klaviyo without sending API info to the app's developers. I cant preview the emails my customers will see. These are very basic things that should be possible in an app without having to write a support ticket and wait for a developer.

The Wrap Life
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Swym Corporation respondió 9 de octubre de 2019

Thank you for your candid review, we appreciate hearing from you. Our teamis constantly working on adding features to the app and is shipping new capabilities virtually every week and that includes customization capabilities to help store admins manage the Wishlist module without having to talk to us. That said, the varied set of capabilities and UI customization the app supports make it challenging to expose all of those interfaces via the Dashboard while yet keeping the user experience simple and intuitive. We prioritize features based on customer feedback and both the features you requested - the ability to edit copy for the Wishlist UI and the ability to manage your Klaviyo config in self-serve fashion are on our product roadmap and should get addressed in the near future. We'll be sure to get back in touch and update you once this is addressed.

Fecha de modificación: 13 de junio de 2023

Update: I've changed my review to two stars. Half of the reason we pay for this app is because of the back-in-stock emails that we can send to customers with specific products in their wish lists. Unfortunately, the emails only go out to people who have added products to their wish-lists within the last 30 days. (It used to only be 15 days, but they changed it to 30 after I contacted them.) Unfortunately, back-in-stock emails should be going out to 100% of the people who have the items wish-listed. That's the entire point of back-in-stock emails. I have been told that this is not a possibility "as it would disturb our app design properties." This is a bit silly. They shouldn't be offering to "send email alerts for low-stock, restock and price drops of wishlisted items" as an app feature if they can't actually deliver the emails to all of the folks who have the items wish-listed.

I would also like to mention that I have been actively attempting to get to the bottom of this issue for MONTHS. My emails go unanswered until I reach out over their chat and then my email shave ben lost or the person who was helping me is no longer with the company. It's been an absolute mess working with these folks.

I no longer think that this app is in any way worth $50 per month.

The Clay Impress
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Fecha de modificación: 29 de junio de 2018

It's okay but not great, you can only share the wishlist by e-mail meaning there's no way customers can provide an easy to access link on their social medias etc. This is the main way in which wishlists are used in 2018. But support is helpful & the wishlist does seamlessly work in my shop

Reino Unido
9 meses usando la aplicación
15 de febrero de 2022

It easy to set up and seems to work well for beginners.. It is, however, very frustrating that we have minimal customization abilities. We had to upgrade to $100 a month just to get the button color changed on the notification emails - but I had to be in contact with their support to do that, there's no CSS or anything. They are willing to customize them for you, but that's not too great for well-established businesses who want and need those capabilities without having to get customer service to do everything. Also, can't change who the tests get sent to, so if you work on the site/app but aren't the "owner," you don't have access to that. While our customer service person was nice and professional and did what he could to help (which is appreciated!), something that could have taken me 2-3 hours took me weeks of back and forth. We, unfortunately, won't be using this app much longer since giving our customers robust wishlist capabilities is a big feature we wanted for our site.

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6 meses usando la aplicación
Swym Corporation respondió 16 de febrero de 2022

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. We are happy to hear that the initial setup and the experience with our support person were positive but we are also disappointed that you are uninstalling the app because it won’t work for you.

We agree it’s frustrating to have to rely on our support team to make the seemingly simple customization changes that you were looking to make. We provide some basic customization options today but we can clearly do more. And we are making that a priority. Over the next few releases, we are working on a plan to launch multiple enhancements that’ll give you more control over the UI experience that the app supports and enable you to customize the app as you see fit.

If you wouldn’t mind, we would be grateful for the opportunity to jump on a call and understand the gaps that are prompting you to move to a different app. The level of visibility into the app metrics and engagement data that we provide is something that many of the 20,000+ merchants that currently use our app give us very favorable feedback on, including some very large Shopify Plus brands. If we could get some time with you to understand your requirements better and see how we can help, we would really appreciate that. Our team has already reached out to you to set up the discussion, and we look forward to hearing from you.

10 de septiembre de 2021

Had a developer install this on our store. The only thing that looks nice is the heart icon. It's not intuitive, pretty, easily customizable, or easy to integrate with Klaviyo. Hoping to get help from them and I have emailed a few times. We upgraded because I thought it would become customizable. Not at all. Also, I asked for help with the mobile button, but no help and had to figure out the code on my own. Now likely have to hire a design to make it look ok before it ruins our store's look if no one else answers. Would love some help. Thanks.

It's Juliet
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Swym Corporation respondió 10 de septiembre de 2021

Thank you for taking the time to leave us your review. Our Wishlist Plus app is completely customizable. We should be able to guide you to match the appearance of the app with that of your theme. Also, our Integration with Klaviyo is mostly automated.

Our support team can certainly help you to get the app customized on your store and help to validate the Integration with Klaviyo. We have already emailed you with our observations and next steps. You can reply to our email and we would be happy to help you further!

Fecha de modificación: 12 de marzo de 2020

Changing my original review from a 5 star to a 2 star. It wasn't made clear that with the free version it's actually only a 100 review limit per store, not per customer, it was very misleading, and not much use at all.

Before I realised this, I'd spent loads of time working with Wishlist+ trying to customise the 'Add to Favourites' button, but wouldn't have bothered wasting my time if I'd have been informed that the App apparently gets disabled once the quota is reached and you don't upgrade to a paid for plan.

The customer service team have been friendly and helpful, but the breakdown of the prices is really not clear. Really disappointing.

Reino Unido
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Fecha de modificación: 29 de septiembre de 2021

Good options to customize but it's a buggy app. Does not show up on my paid theme. Customer service is slow, it takes several days to reply to each email sent.

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