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This app used to work well, now the team does not care and they make huge mistakes, like changing you fullfillment centers when no one asked them because they don't know how to use their own software. They also DO NOT CARE about their customers and they don't take responsability for their mistakes. Their app has not worked really well for months now - we finally decided to stop using it and continue with MANUAL updates as it is less time than using these guys - DO NOT RECOMMEND unless you want Nightmares. They also refused to refund when their own members of staff made mistakes.

Developer reply

December 1, 2020

Dear Aequem,

I apologize on behalf of everyone at Syncee.

We always aim to deliver a great experience, and we are gutted when we don’t meet expectations. As you can see in other reviews, we are known for taking ownership and caring deeply about our users. We can’t fix the past, but you have my commitment to solving your issue.

According to previous conversations, in Syncee, there are flexible setup options to update products’ specific fields. Although two of my colleagues asked you to provide the exact setups you wish to use, they never received any answer. We’d be more than glad to know how and what you want, and the support team would happily set it up for you.

Don’t forget; we’re here for you. You may reach us anytime at or via our in-app chat. Until then, please accept my sincerest apologies on behalf of everyone on the team.

Best regards,
The Syncee Team

Darkest Hour Apparel

UPDATE: response to you... Actually NO my CSV file IS CORRECT If you look at my site now its PERFECT just the way it was supposed to be. YOU were not doing it correct.. IN FACT there are MANY items we didn't even have showing in my store.. Second... its 2:43am go figure you are responding to me now... almost 3am Pacific Standard time.. so yes that's true yet again... you strung me along to keep taking money from me KNOWING you couldn't do the job that I and my new team did in 20 minutes. It wasn't hard. It was so easy it made me very pissed that you couldn't get it right. I looked back at when we started together and its actually be since Jan 2020 so its been almost a year that I have been dealing with this from your company. YOU FAILED ME. You could just own up to it and admit you and your team couldn't do it correctly. I want my money back. You know you couldn't do the job correctly. I have photos proving that I emailed you guys multiple times telling you that your dropship vendors are not responding and NOTHING was done about it. I have been VERY patient but now im done. Im done being nice.. you can be a good business person by admitting that you have struggled with this for almost a year and admit your wrong doing. Instead you made me believe that my file was bad and kept having me check in with you weekly to get this fixed non stop. It was a botched job and you know it. FOR THAT and for the money I shlepped out to your company you owe me a damn apology if not my money back. Hell id consider removing this review. I have 300+ emails with my constant issues, PAGES and PAGES of chat threads of my issues. How can you even come here and pretend to the world otherwise. Unreal ........ People watch out... I hate to leave this review but I had one of the worst experiences I have EVER had in my life with ANY company with this company. FIRST- If you live in the US this company will really be hard to deal with because they are not in the US so their times that they can help you are VERY late at night . I have been up till 3am countless nights waiting for them to help me through the issues and because of the time difference it was VERY inconvenient. SECOND- while they did try their best to help me on what I thought was a hard task because this has been literally MONTHS of dealing with issues it turns out it wasn't difficult at all in fact once I figured it out how to do it yesterday it took me no kidding 20 minutes what took them FREAKING MONTHS and they STILL didn't get it right. I ended up cancelling my subscription and now im doing it myself. INSANE ... I am so beyond pissed that I wasted 9 months with this company messing up my product feeds etc.. THIRD - we have shoes in the store that have the word " hidden heel" in the title because that is the style of shoes. This app would HIDE my freaking shoes that had any word "hidden" in the title. They tried to blame my vendor turns out NOPE it wasn't the csv file or my vendor is was them. I have a new company now and they laughed at the ridiculous amount of crap this company has put me through and let me warn you now... THIS IS NOT the company you want messing with your store. My feeds are so screwed up I had to deleted over 8000 shoes in my store and now im fixing everything with my new company. The reps were nice and I know they meant well but the lack of knowledge of simple CSV file uploading is not there. FOURTH- I tried several of their dropshippers ALSO a ton of problems with them too. They either charge WAY more for shipping than what is listed in the account OR they dont answer when we have orders. I wrote Syneee about these issues and they said " we will contact them for you" Know one ever got back to me so I refunded 10 orders because of these issues. I don't think they screen their vendors. So with that being said... good luck Syncee.. You stole me of my sanity for 9 months, "Stole" my money and ruined my store.

Developer reply

November 21, 2020

Dear Kristen,

Let me reply to your points one by one because I feel your claims do not cover reality.

FIRST, our support team is working 03:00 AM - 05:30 PM EST (UTC -5) from Monday to Friday every working day. As you know we always try to reply to any question via chat or email in the shortest time, or if you want we can call you and talk on the phone.

SECOND, we spend many hours, days to fix your CSV, because the structure of the CSV was not correct. We tried to explain to you, but somehow you did not understand it could not be used to upload or update your products. If you opened it in an editor you received the structural error message immediately. We work with various file structures every day from all over the world, we can fix most of them in a few minutes, so we do have the knowledge to help also for you!

THIRD, we have set up your task in many ways, because you could not explain exactly how you want to upload your products to your store, there was no feedback from you for any of these setups. In Syncee there are flexible setup options to create products, but you have to make it clear what you want, and of course, the supplier data should contain what you want. We have many satisfied users who use Syncee without any issue.

FOURTH, all our listed suppliers are checked before they listed in our marketplace. But we always suggest to build up direct and long term connection with the suppliers. In Syncee you can find the contact details of all of our suppliers so you can contact them any time in any issues, so you do not have to wait for the reply. This is how trading works in the offline and online world for many years!

Of course, if you want to give us a new try, you know we are always here to help you!

CEO of Syncee

House of Matilda

Worst app Ive ever used. Products disappear of the site, customer service is awful. Do not install this app, biggest waste of hours and money.

Developer reply

October 29, 2020

We would like to clear your comment. We want to emphasize that we were in contact daily with each other. Moreover, we tried to call you by phone several times without an answer. We received your emails all the time, and immediately we answered as soon as possible, as our office is open only on weekdays from 3:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (US Central Time). As you can see in other reviews, we are known for taking ownership and caring deeply about our users.

The company is criminal, why do I say that? quite simply, if you have created a catalog and bought a plan and download products, you cannot stop it even if you set the catalog to inactive. the download continues and you can't click the delete button, then i uninstalled the app and reinstalled it again, and look, my purchased plan in the amount of 79 dollars is gone.
This is clearly fraud and we will now notify shopify and the police Translated with (free version)

Developer reply

October 5, 2020

Dear Taric,

As we discussed today this is the normal behavior of the Shopify billing system. If you uninstall an app your subscription will be automatically canceled. If you would like to use the app again, you have to subscribe to a plan again. There are only 2 options if you subscribe to a plan again and ask a refund from the Shopify billing team or ask our support to activate your subscription manually for the month that you have already paid. This is exactly what we have done for you today, so you can use Syncee for the period what you have paid.

Of course, our support team is always here to help you!

CEO and Founder of Syncee

Cards, Collectibles and Gadgets - CCG, LLC

When I first downloaded this app I was impressed but the cold reality of issues was yet to surface. This app has no way of integrating or monitoring shipping costs and no way to combine the costs in an easy manner. You will literally have to monitor each product with your team or by yourself. I have had to cancel over 3k worth of sales due to issues with this integration app. I would encourage you to read these reviews and HEED the warnings. or you will find out as I did, the hard way. The response listed below by the team does not apply and further confirms my review. You must add a fixed price. Well that is an issue because pricing from their suppliers could drastically change. Adding an extra $50 fixed may make sense for an RC vehicle but it would not make sense for a TV in which shipping could range $100 or a toothbrush $5??? If you see the response that is all you need to know.

Developer reply

September 19, 2020

Thank you for your review.
The solution for your request is in the "catalog pricing" tab where you can add a percentage and/or a fixed amount, depends on your supplier.
We sent you an email, if you can reply on the email, or sent us a new message, we are more than happy to help you resolve the issue.
Our support is available on weekdays between 9:00 am to 11:30 pm in UTC +2:00 and free of charge for every user.

La casa de los frikis

Por un error en su aplicacion, y por un servicio tecnico o atencion al cliente que no entiende el problema hemos estado 3 meses pagando una app que teniendo un limite de 5000 articulos y en la web 0 marcaba que habia 4600 en uso y para ellos era normal.

No nos han dado solucion hasta que se a borrado la aplicacion y se les a dicho que borraran todo dato de usuario entonces es cuando de repente lo han arreglado

Developer reply

September 9, 2020

Thank you for your review. Our team has solved the problem and set everything for you in your Syncee account. We have sent you several emails previously, could you please check them and give us feedback? Our customer support service is here and happy to help you.


I really think this app needs to make it more like dropshipping apps. Why do we have to pay the app plus wait for approvals that doesn’t get approved. Then the customer service will act as if they will help. Once you give that 5 start they don’t know what else to say more of didn’t I tell you it worked like that. I don’t think I will be moving forward with this app. App isn’t easy, but it takes so much questioning in order to understand.

Update! 7/17/2020:


When talking to the customer service he will seem very nice but will force 5 star. Don’t worry about getting all your money back at all because he will make it hard even if you use the app for a few days and it haven’t even been a month. I had downgraded on this service and uninstalled and still got charged in my Shopify bill. I had to do all the reaching out and they don’t update their suppliers in time. Def-Shop was a supplier I really wanted to use and when I reached out def-shop said they didn’t know what was this app and don’t do dropshipping. I had to reach out to customer service to give them the heads up and customer service will act like that isn’t true but I have proof. Then that’s when the app developer wants to update their supplier. Too many suppliers don’t even respond and the ones that don’t respond is the high quality ones. The only excuse I get from the app developer is because your store is not open. There is a request form where you can put in you website password to give to supplier. So I don’t see how that is a difference anyways.

Developer reply

June 23, 2020

Thank you for your review. Please note, it is up to the suppliers, who are listed in our Marketplace, which retailers they accept to upload their products. Your online store is not open yet. For suppliers it can be key to see your online presence so they can check if they would like to approve you or not. We have suppliers in our system with quality products from all over the world. Moreover, not all suppliers in our system requires initial approval. You can also contact companies directly via email or phone if you would like to get a feedback in a shorter period of time.

Cristal Attraction

Does not worth the costs. The updatin methode is not effective and you have to pay as much as you have products,more products more paying. Every time we update the variants Syncee seperate them again which made me lose a lot of time. Recomanden only for peopel who do not no how to upload products directly from the supliers. ....

Developer reply

June 11, 2020

Sorry to hear you have issues with Syncee, our support if free of charge for every user. We have checked and saw you have not reported an issue for us. We have just sent you an email. We would like to resolve your issue, pls check and reply back to us!


The idea is great, but everything else is a disaster... Before juming with this app, take higly in consideration few things:

-searching items is a mess, the navigation on the plateform looks from the 00's and it's very very time consuming

-most of the suppliers doesn't get stock or very are with very low stock, which make it impossible to scale on the long run

-there are many suppliers that will ask you to pay for selling their inventory

-there is no indication about shipping pricing on items, so you'll probably get some surprises when you will make sales

Developer reply

May 5, 2020

Thank you for your words and thoughts about our application. I would just like to mention some details about our app regarding your review.

Our platform's design has just changed to a quite modern look. As for the structure of it: we provide several advanced filters in the product search. Please note, we are constantly updating our app always reviewing our clients' needs so we can provide a more and more user-friendly platform.

As for the suppliers' product stock, it depends on them how many products they have in stock, it varies from supplier to supplier, they can have thousands or hundreds as well. They keep updating their stock data, and our app keeps updating it in our retailers' store so you can always provide up-to-date data to your customers.

If you do not wish to see the products which are out of stock you can set it in the product search at the Stock status field.

Indeed, there are suppliers who require a unique subscription in their end too. This is the way they are doing their own business. They ask for it because they do not want to provide their products for free. What Syncee does is that we upload and keep updating the products data into your online store. Please note, most of our suppliers do not require a subscription in their end.

Syncee doesn't manage shipping. You can always ask about details of the shipping from the suppliers so you can set everything about it in your end.

In case of any questions please feel free to ask our support team as we are always here to assist you with your queries.


So time-consuming. When someone orders off you then you have to order off their website. Wasted hours on this when I discovered that you have to order off the suppliers website.

Developer reply

May 5, 2020

Thank you for your words about our application. Please let me mention some information about our app regarding what you have written.

We do not mention on any of our platforms that Syncee manages automata order synchronization (however our developers have started to work on it). We only show order information as a notification now.

We work with real, local suppliers who are from all around the world with quality products. This is how real dropshipping works. If you receive an order, you can just go to the certain supplier's website and give your customer's details to order the items. Some suppliers even require a registration on their website.

Please note, our support team is always here and ready to help in a short time if you have a question about how our app works, how you can manage orders or in any topics.

We are here for our clients and to provide them a user-friendly platform while always working on making it better and better.