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44 reviews
December 19, 2022

Decided to cancel my subscription and delete the app. A lot of suppliers have high prices, shipping prices, zero customers service, slow to no response. I gave up. I joined in hope of finding good suppliers but all of them are shitty except for one but I am not paying monthly fees to only use ONE good suppliers. Syncee customers is awesome but when something goes wrong between the business owner and supplier, their answer is "contact the supplier" as if its not their problem. Even Doba does a MUCH better job of handling this type of situations than Syncee. Not worth the $67/month even with coupon.

Harts Lifestyle
United States
Time spent using app: 4 months
Syncee replied December 20, 2022

We are sorry to read your review. There are almost a thousand suppliers available on Syncee Marketplace from all over the world with their unique product prices, shipping prices, and conditions. We noticed that the last time you reached out to us was 2 months ago with regard to our solution. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime if you are in need of help in finding suitable suppliers and products for your business. It's important to know that Syncee is a bridge between retailers and suppliers, and we are responsible for the automated product data uploads, updates, and order data synchronization. When it comes to questions about orders or shipping, it's the supplier who you can contact directly as it's them who are responsible for the orders and shipping. We are always here and happy to help in using Syncee so please do not hesitate to contact us whenever you have a question. We are happy to guide you to the solution.

November 23, 2022

They started great, once they reach certain popularity they change their own rules. They beginning letting low sales stores to upload 25 products for Free, now they cancelled, you have to pay a membership in order to upload any products. They are overrated and that's why In the next 4-6 months they'll see a huge decline over this app.

United States
Time spent using app: Over 1 year
Syncee replied November 24, 2022

We appreciate your feedback, thank you for sharing your thoughts. We always strive to offer the best quality service, and we take pride in offering one of the biggest dropshipping product selections on the market from trusted suppliers worldwide. There are several features available in Syncee that help online store owners level up their business, and our solutions are continuously evolving to best meet merchants' needs. If anytime you have a question about our application, please kindly send us a message via email or chat. We are always here for you!

July 5, 2022

I'll put a star on it because it's mandatory. I do not recommend at all to this company, after supposedly sending orders a month and 12 days ask me to confirm the address, when the address is correct, the customers waiting for orders and I claimed in the end I have had to repay those customers and the customer losses for not complying with the shipment and if we talk about the order tracking number they give it to you and they bring to their web which customers already realize and let you buy it. I pay the fee every month and I haven't been paid back yet, don't be cheated on, don't RECOMMEND YOUR DINER.

Time spent using app: About 2 months
Syncee replied July 5, 2022

We are sorry to read about the experience you had with your supplier. It seems like there has been a misunderstanding between you and your supplier partner. As Syncee is not involved in the trading process, you have to manage every refund-related process with your supplier. If you want an order to be refunded, it is the supplier with whom you have to discuss it. Syncee is a platform where you can find products to sell and suppliers to work with, and our system provides you useful features such as keeping the product data up-to-date in your online store daily, automatically. As you can see, our team is always here and ready to help you. If you want to review a supplier on Syncee Marketplace, you can do so in your Syncee account. If you have any questions about how every process works within Syncee, and with suppliers, please contact us, we are here for you.

Edited April 18, 2022

Very bad application, providers that do not meet the delivery time. We do not recommend it. On March 27 we made a test order and we still don't have the tracking number.
Your suppliers are so bad that they still don't answer me and they don't give me the tracking number. Today is April 18.

United States
Time spent using app: 10 days
Syncee replied April 4, 2022

We are sorry to read about your experience with your supplier. As you had an issue with an order at your supplier and not with how Syncee works and the service and solutions we provide, please consider rather rating your supplier on the Syncee Marketplace where this feature is available. Furthermore, we kindly recommend you to talk about the question in matter with your supplier partner. We hope you can find a solution together soon.

Edited February 19, 2022

First of all I really feel sorry for whoever wrote a positive review. Guys! This app itself is dropshipping to dropshippers. Most of their products are aliexpress products stored in the US and more. The most annoying part is they increase the price too much so imagine how much a retail dropshipper would sell their items for. I wish there was add pictures feature here so I can actually show you the insane price difference between them an Aliexpress, literally double the price on some products. They even blocked search by image tools so you can't compare prices but I have own ways. Just choose one of their branded products and search for it on Aliexpress or the internet in general and see what I mean. My advice is if you find any ' supplier' platform that doesn't allow search by image chrome Ali tools just avoid it. Thank me later!

Time spent using app: 8 days
Syncee replied February 21, 2022

We are sorry to read your review. Please let us highlight some very important details. There are suppliers available on the Syncee Marketplace from all over the world. From the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Poland, France, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Austria, Brazil, just to mention a few from the long list of countries. There are small local manufacturers listed just as suppliers known worldwide and all in between. It is not Syncee who decides the listed products' prices. The suppliers set the prices. Syncee offers the technical part so retails and suppliers can connect. There are dropship/wholesale prices of the suppliers in Syncee, and the suggested retail price by the supplier is also shown. The suggested retail price (which is just a recommendation as its name says) is usually the same as the supplier has its in own retail store if they have one. We would like to kindly ask you not to write misleading information about our service! If you have a problem with a supplier, please kindly send us an email or text us via our in-app chat. We are here to help you!

Edited February 17, 2022

Last night I asked syncee for help regarding Shopho.Co (Shopho, in syncee) a supplier of theirs that resulted in me losing tons of business, they asked me to delete my review here first, since the team can only help me post that. Their team is great, no doubt! The only trouble is Syncees inventory management, lack of vetting of suppliers, sometimes payment trouble and resolution if a supplier harasses or insults you! I had to cancel an order of 15 products due to inventory issues between syncee and the supplier. While syncee shows 11 products, the supplier claims the product was discontinued sometime back. Initially I had trouble paying for my order, syncee helped, I managed to pay. Post paying for my order, I reached out to the supplier (Shopho) over WhatsApp who told me that the product is out of stock and has been for ages. I asking for a refund, the supplier said “haha” and I had to raise a dispute over PayPal. After this the supplier resorted to harassing me over WhatsApp and name calling. I had reported this to syncee, they are ok with such behaviour and do not ban such suppliers from their platform. They don’t even have a policy in place for such behaviour. It’s a shame that such suppliers will only bring their business down considerably. Syncee is full of glitches that result in loss of business. They don’t have a vetting process for suppliers, they don’t display authentic numbers of products available with the supplier and somehow let the supplier cancel after payment goes through. The supplier said he didn’t feel like dealing with my order - resulting in a big loss of clients. Ps; when I asked ShopHo for my money back I got a “haha” and the following day this person hurled abused over WhatsApp! Incredibly unprofessional!
Time spent using app: 14 days
Syncee replied February 16, 2022

We are deeply sorry you had such an experience with your supplier. Please let us highlight that we did our best to help you with any questions or issues you had. Please note that while we do keep our users' best interest at heart, we provide the technical link between the suppliers and retailers. We synchronize the product data directly from the supplier, and the products in question were in stock at the supplier. Thus, the issue was NOT with Syncee's inventory management.

Furthermore, we do not take part in the trading process, nor the communication between the interested parties as it is your responsibility to communicate any issues in a civilized manner without any type of disrespectful expressions to the others. We at Syncee stand by our policies that the communication should be handled with respect and we do ask everyone to do so as well. We have sent an email to the supplier and you in which we asked for the communication be polite and relevant.

Also, we do have a serious vetting process for suppliers, and we are not okay with disrespectful behaviour.

Regarding our further decisions, we will keep your concerns in mind. Once again, we apologise for the issue you had with your supplier.

November 9, 2021

We used this app for a few months to import/update couple of thousands of products into our stores. The concept is great but the app is just not fully tested and ready. A major draw back was that we constantly ran into bugs that led to incorrect data on the store. Also, the app does not give you a meaningful report on the tasks it ran. There was no way to filter for the products that failed the import job. We had to browse a long list of products page by page. We had to redo most of the jobs with other apps. All of this was brought to the attention of their customer service. They fixed some of the bugs but overall we found we could not trust the app what so ever. Also their billing method is very unusual, we had to contact them several times to make correction on the number of products they were billing us for.

TripleClamp Moto Canada
Time spent using app: 11 months
Syncee replied November 10, 2021

We are sorry to read your review. We would like to highlight the information that the product datafeed file of your supplier had issues with the structure of it. This caused the synching issue. Our developers have fixed the file so it can work properly for you, even if it wouldn't have been our job to do but the supplier's. Such a process, to fix it, takes a few days that's why we were asking for your patience. We sent a message to you on the 5th of November in which we told you we have finished working on the custom development needed to correct the file as it did have issues. However, we haven't received a feedback from you yet. Could you please check the correspondence and give us a feedback? We are always here to help you.

August 26, 2021

Tried to use the app as a supplier, I scheduled a demo, changed my schedule, and even before we had the call they just decided to ban my account and cancel the demo (we have over 2K different unique products in the US)

United States
Time spent using app: About 2 hours
Syncee replied August 26, 2021

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused and we are happy to discuss this at length with you as we always aim to improve our service based on reviews. However, there are certain criteria at Syncee that must be followed in order to become a supplier, and we always carefully review potential suppliers’ information. We believe that there is no reason for an uncalled for review as we have communicated to you why we are unable to list you.

We apologise again, please do contact us if necessary.

August 13, 2021

SYNCEE makes the client believe that the app is free and when you cancel the subscription they want to be charging you $ 79 to be able to uninstall it, 3 months have passed they still have not reimbursed me the $ 79 that they stole from me, they are THIEVES

United States
Time spent using app: 4 months
May 27, 2021

Free... uhu for 25 products oke to pay some but not 80 bucks a month. Other apps are like 10-20 bucks a month
Time spent using app: 15 minutes
Syncee replied May 27, 2021

We are remorseful to hear that you came to this conclusion 15 minutes after installing our application while my colleague offered her assistance in the in-app chat.

If you were to change your mind, we would be more, than happy to assist you with any questions, but keep in mind that our application is a paid one as stated on our site.

The idea behind the 25 free products is to help you set up your tasks and try out our application.

You could use our DataFeed Manager feature during this free period or you could choose one of our plans starting from 19USD any time.

Should you need any help, we will be here awaiting your contact at or via the in-app chat.