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I really think this app needs to make it more like dropshipping apps. Why do we have to pay the app plus wait for approvals that doesn’t get approved. Then the customer service will act as if they will help. Once you give that 5 start they don’t know what else to say more of didn’t I tell you it worked like that. I don’t think I will be moving forward with this app. App isn’t easy, but it takes so much questioning in order to understand.

Update! 7/17/2020:


When talking to the customer service he will seem very nice but will force 5 star. Don’t worry about getting all your money back at all because he will make it hard even if you use the app for a few days and it haven’t even been a month. I had downgraded on this service and uninstalled and still got charged in my Shopify bill. I had to do all the reaching out and they don’t update their suppliers in time. Def-Shop was a supplier I really wanted to use and when I reached out def-shop said they didn’t know what was this app and don’t do dropshipping. I had to reach out to customer service to give them the heads up and customer service will act like that isn’t true but I have proof. Then that’s when the app developer wants to update their supplier. Too many suppliers don’t even respond and the ones that don’t respond is the high quality ones. The only excuse I get from the app developer is because your store is not open. There is a request form where you can put in you website password to give to supplier. So I don’t see how that is a difference anyways.

Developer reply

June 23, 2020

Thank you for your review. Please note, it is up to the suppliers, who are listed in our Marketplace, which retailers they accept to upload their products. Your online store is not open yet. For suppliers it can be key to see your online presence so they can check if they would like to approve you or not. We have suppliers in our system with quality products from all over the world. Moreover, not all suppliers in our system requires initial approval. You can also contact companies directly via email or phone if you would like to get a feedback in a shorter period of time.

Cristal Attraction

Does not worth the costs. The updatin methode is not effective and you have to pay as much as you have products,more products more paying. Every time we update the variants Syncee seperate them again which made me lose a lot of time. Recomanden only for peopel who do not no how to upload products directly from the supliers. ....

Developer reply

June 11, 2020

Sorry to hear you have issues with Syncee, our support if free of charge for every user. We have checked and saw you have not reported an issue for us. We have just sent you an email. We would like to resolve your issue, pls check and reply back to us!


The idea is great, but everything else is a disaster... Before juming with this app, take higly in consideration few things:

-searching items is a mess, the navigation on the plateform looks from the 00's and it's very very time consuming

-most of the suppliers doesn't get stock or very are with very low stock, which make it impossible to scale on the long run

-there are many suppliers that will ask you to pay for selling their inventory

-there is no indication about shipping pricing on items, so you'll probably get some surprises when you will make sales

Developer reply

May 5, 2020

Thank you for your words and thoughts about our application. I would just like to mention some details about our app regarding your review.

Our platform's design has just changed to a quite modern look. As for the structure of it: we provide several advanced filters in the product search. Please note, we are constantly updating our app always reviewing our clients' needs so we can provide a more and more user-friendly platform.

As for the suppliers' product stock, it depends on them how many products they have in stock, it varies from supplier to supplier, they can have thousands or hundreds as well. They keep updating their stock data, and our app keeps updating it in our retailers' store so you can always provide up-to-date data to your customers.

If you do not wish to see the products which are out of stock you can set it in the product search at the Stock status field.

Indeed, there are suppliers who require a unique subscription in their end too. This is the way they are doing their own business. They ask for it because they do not want to provide their products for free. What Syncee does is that we upload and keep updating the products data into your online store. Please note, most of our suppliers do not require a subscription in their end.

Syncee doesn't manage shipping. You can always ask about details of the shipping from the suppliers so you can set everything about it in your end.

In case of any questions please feel free to ask our support team as we are always here to assist you with your queries.


So time-consuming. When someone orders off you then you have to order off their website. Wasted hours on this when I discovered that you have to order off the suppliers website.

Developer reply

May 5, 2020

Thank you for your words about our application. Please let me mention some information about our app regarding what you have written.

We do not mention on any of our platforms that Syncee manages automata order synchronization (however our developers have started to work on it). We only show order information as a notification now.

We work with real, local suppliers who are from all around the world with quality products. This is how real dropshipping works. If you receive an order, you can just go to the certain supplier's website and give your customer's details to order the items. Some suppliers even require a registration on their website.

Please note, our support team is always here and ready to help in a short time if you have a question about how our app works, how you can manage orders or in any topics.

We are here for our clients and to provide them a user-friendly platform while always working on making it better and better.


The creators of this app do not follow up on what their customers need. They are unsure which company they load on their app actual is dropshipping. I contact some of the companies which they listed in their app, and they don't dropship. In this app, I sent an approvable request, and none of the company replied. When I contact the company directly, they said they are having a hard time getting into the app. And my 14 days trial is over. Until they change the way they manage their app, it is not worth spending money.

Developer reply

March 26, 2020

Thank you for your review. We released the new version of our application in these days that you can already access! Please check it, we hope you will like it. In case of any questions, we are here to help. Regarding the suppliers it is not up to our application how fast the suppliers reply to retailers, but we are always ready to help with this too, try to get a faster response. We have contacted you to help with your questions, but we haven't received a feedback yet. Please check your messages so we can make things be smooth for you.


Je ne parviens même pas à uploader un seul article ou alors je n' ai pas laissé assez longtemps,j' ai attendu 15 minutes pour un seul article mais sans résultat. J' ai alors stoppé le téléchargement. troooooop long ou ne fonctionne pas.

Developer reply

December 19, 2019

Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to see you were not satisfied with our app. I would like to kindly inform you that when you contacted us about the problem, we were out of office at the weekend. However, on Monday we sent you help and reply as soon as we saw your message. We can help you in the product management, and uploading items into your store with the correct settings, smoothly. Please, if you still would like to manage products of suppliers with Syncee, feel free to contact us. We are here to help!

If you like paying for literally nothing at all, then this is the app for you. Its says it has suppliers feeds ready, what they dont tell you is they use basic feeds, brings in the products in junk format, automatically pulls in new products from the feed - so you will end up with junk store full of garbage because of the way it brings them in from the feed. They make it sound very good, but the reality is....its absolute junk! They take the money straight away, I would suggest this is because they like to rob you before you realise what a pile of dog poo this is. Bring in products with just one image, even though the wholesaler has mulitpule images available, but only in paid feed - they dont make this clear at all. It updates products overwriting previous edits etc. Its a scam and I am suprised Shopify dont manage these apps better, stopping companies like this charging money for something that doesnt work and is NOT what is described by the app sellers at all. Avoid at all costs, unless you like wasting money or ending up with a store that imports junk files and messes up your site everytime new products are ran. Limited to ONLY ONE AUTOMATIC RUN per day, so good luck calling your customers to tell them they just brought something that actually went out of stock hours ago! You can run manual updates several times a day with some plans, so if your doing it manually, just import the update feed from the supplier and dont give these robbing sods your money! SCAM!

Developer reply

September 20, 2019

Thank you so much for your feedback. I would like to kindly share some details regarding your concern. We are using product feed files from suppliers at the integration, we use the data that the supplier's file includes. However, we have another feature beside the in-app supplier catalog: we can work with any supplier's product data if there is a feed file from them we can use. Also, the products that can be found in the supplier's webstore are not necessarily in the feed file we are using. You also mentioned the automatic updates, runs. We didn't receive any questions regarding whether we can do more updates for you. Please send us a message if you did. We can, of course, manage more updates per day for retailers, but it is not in the packages by default. We are sorry to see that you were not satisfied while using our app. Please, anytime you will have a question about our service, feel free to contact us, we are always ready and happy to help our clients.


I added Syncee to help me manage product CSV upload to my Shopify product library.

Despite what was advertised, I am surprised to find numerous missing features from the app.

It is only able to update a small subset of fields out of the universe of fields are available to be updated via Shopify API.

Developer also cite performance/load issues as the underlying reason of the additional restriction on the fields that can be updated via Syncee.

This is an app that could be so much better if the developer put in the effort to fully realize what it is advertise to do.

Developer reply

July 22, 2019

Thank you for the feedback, as I mentioned earlier we can update just the those fields that the Shopify API allow us, and until the Shopify not change the restriction on the field that we can manage. If you want to upload/update all of the field which is possible with the Shopify API, it will take more time because we have to check the field first and then update and if you set 10 fields to update we have to do it with all of the fields.
If your file contain in one column different option names, we can upload the products with a specific name as you requested earlier, for this just need to create more tasks to multiple option names. ( one task, on option name )
If you need any help, just let us know and we will help you to solve your problem.
Our developers working continuously on the new features to make Syncee better as soon as possible.


DONOT BUY OR INSTALL THIS THING, this app is not recommended at all, fist of all they will take your money,just by installing the app and even if you need support from them,they will not reply you just killing time to charge you and its costumer service is disgusting, I advice every one to stay away from them this is just to rip you. off, addiding product to your store will cause glitch and slow down all the process, its just glitter gimmick to take your money no more, it's easy to get 5 stars fake review anyone can try it and end up with the same result which is non professional support and software is just cannot do what they promise you, even their product prices are higher than market ,you can directly contact these supplier and add products no need for all these head ache and middle man to charge you extra for a service that you will not get, I don't know how shopify allow this happen in their platform.
I already contacted you and you denied shopify email to refund me and now you are blaming shopify for the charge, I think this is something shopify must have a clear policy and answer as this is totally not good for shopify as a respectful company and platform.

Developer reply

June 6, 2019

Please note that we do not charge our customers for installing Syncee.

Our app is free to install, we have 14 days free trial and even after the free trial is expired, it still remains free to use.

Shopify charges for using this app only after a user subscribes to any of our plans.

We have free support from 09.00 until 17.30 (GMT+2).

Are you having any issues? Please contact us and we're here to help!

Thank you.


Sadly this add is full of bugs and needs lots of lots of improvements and is very very expensive. Other apps give you full access to all inventory or suppliers for under $29 and this app is overpriced.

I spent 4hrs exploring, adding, editing, fixing and testing each area of the app and found lots of missing features and bugs. especially this add ONLY let you import the products NOTHING else, the app does not add vendor/supplier products automatically and this causes all other product to be mixed, you can not edit*delete a single product one by one inside this app. When you add products it says you have your products but they do not show up in the app, when a product is added and the product does not have any variant/inventory(0) it counts as there was product and this is bad because you have a paid package that is limited by imported products. also, it does not let you change collections for every single product when you import the products they just go to Shopify, that means after that you still have to go and find every single product and add to their collection/category because it does not let you do it when importing the product. I am very unsatisfied with the bugs, features, expensive prices and the worst thing is the waste of my time exploring an app that at the end did not work. Soi just uninstalled this app.

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